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The Test Season 1 episodes

You're the Father, Come Back Home Season 1, Episode 50

A paternity issue is resolved; and a 13-year relationship is on the line when the man finds out if his woman has been faithful. read more

After 20 Years, Will I Meet My Real Father Today? Season 1, Episode 49

A young woman raised by a man she thought to be her father learns whether he is her biological father or if it's another guy her mother once slept with. read more

Love Triangle With a Baby in the Middle Season 1, Episode 48

A woman wants to prove that her former best friend's boyfriend is the father of her unborn child; twin sisters are divided by jealousy. read more

My Boyfriend Moved in His Girlfriend Pt. 2 Season 1, Episode 47

Conclusion. Two women who love the same man hear from their families and a counselor. Also: A young couple discuss loyalty. read more

My Boyfriend Moved in His Girlfriend Pt. 1 Season 1, Episode 46

Part 1 of 2. A woman wants her boyfriend to choose between her and the other woman that lives with them. read more

Did You Steal Mommy's Life Insurance? Season 1, Episode 45

Four siblings say their estranged father stole their mother's insurance money after she was murdered. read more

Is Michael Lohan Cheating on Kate Major? Season 1, Episode 44

Kate Major suspects Michael Lohan is running around with other women; Patricia Krentcil, aka "Tan Mom," wants to know if her husband is cheating on her. read more

I'm Not Going to Hold Another Man's Baby Season 1, Episode 43

A man suspects his girlfriend is pregnant with another man's baby. read more

Your Child Is 50/50, Your Second Is 100 Percent Season 1, Episode 42

A couple whose relationship started out as an illicit affair now have a family together, but they both worry that the other is being unfaithful again. read more

You Stole My Daughter for 3 Years! Season 1, Episode 41

A man claims his ex-wife kept their daughter hidden from him for three years, but the mother says she was just trying to keep their child safe. read more

Is My Granddaughter a Thief? Season 1, Episode 40

A woman accuses her granddaughter of being a thief, and the younger woman counters by saying her father's alcoholism is the grandmother's fault. read more

Sex, Lies and Mysterious Hickeys Season 1, Episode 39

A couple trade accusations of infidelity; a woman claims a friend stole her camera—one that has naked photos of her. read more

I'm 7 Months Pregnant... Are You Sleeping With Men? Season 1, Episode 38

A pregnant women thinks her boyfriend is sleeping with men for money; a woman accuses her cousin of stealing her purse—and the money inside it. read more

Leave the Father of Your Unborn Child Season 1, Episode 37

Two women try to convince their pregnant sister to get out of a bad relationship. read more

You Got Another Woman Pregnant...Are You Still Cheating? Season 1, Episode 36

A mother suspects her son-in-law is once again cheating on her daughter. read more

Did My Fiancé Have Sex With My Daughter? Season 1, Episode 35

A woman wants to know if her fiancé slept with her married daughter; a man suspects his girlfriend is cheating with her coworkers. read more

I Didn't Get Her Pregnant...We Just Flirt! Season 1, Episode 34

A woman thinks her boyfriend got another woman pregnant; a woman suspects her boyfriend is cheating on her. read more

You Stole My Daughter's Heart and Her Purse Season 1, Episode 33

A woman suspects her son-in-law stole from her daughter; a woman wants to know what happened to her rent money after letting a friend move in with her. read more

Locked Up for Lies...DNA Season 1, Episode 32

A man wants to know if he is the father of a woman's two children; a woman suspects her boyfriend is cheating on her. read more

Mom, You Lied About Who My Father Is...Twice? Season 1, Episode 31

A woman finds out who her father is after being kept in the dark for 29 years; a man wants to know if his girlfriend is cheating on him. read more

Home Wrecker or Wrongly Accused? Season 1, Episode 30

January Gessert addresses the Kim Kardashian-Reggie Bush split and whether she caused it. Also: a woman tries to determine if her man is cheating on her. read more

Why Don't You Love Me? Season 1, Episode 29

A man accuses his girlfriend of lying and getting pregnant on purpose; a woman claims her sister stole her identity; a man searches for his biological father. read more

Two Families in Heroin Hell Season 1, Episode 28

Actress Kristy Swanson tries to get help for her 18-year-old niece that she claims is a heroin addict. read more

Do I Have 6, 7, 8 or 9 Possible Children? Season 1, Episode 27

A father of six children finds out whether he is also daddy to three other kids; a woman accuses her sister of sleeping with the man she had a crush on. read more

I'm 35...and I Secretly Married a High School Student Season 1, Episode 26

A husband alleges that his wife forged transcripts to re-enroll him in high school so he could play basketball and perhaps earn a college scholarship, but she denies it. read more

Jersey Shore Cast Member: Got Guido Problems? Season 1, Episode 25

Angelina Pivarnick ("Jersey Shore") sets out to determine whether her beau has been unfaithful. read more

Did You Sleep With My Best Friend? Season 1, Episode 24

A man suspects his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. read more

Is She the Preacher's Daughter? Season 1, Episode 23

A preacher tries to determine whether he has a biological daughter. read more

You Tried to Trick the Test, But You're Back! Season 1, Episode 22

An accused cheater returns to take another test. read more

I Am Not on Drugs, But You're a Racist Season 1, Episode 21

A woman sets out to prove she's not using or dealing drugs. Also: A man is accused of cheating. read more

I Tried To Leave But She Hit Me with Her Keys Season 1, Episode 20

A man sets out to prove he's no longer cheating. He also accuses his girlfriend of being unfaithful. read more

Two Babies, Three Months Apart and They Are Both Yours Season 1, Episode 19

DNA-test dramas unfold when a man denies fathering two children. read more

A Burning Love Triangle Season 1, Episode 18

A man claims his former roommate stole his ex-girlfriend and tried to light their home on fire. read more

Beauty School Buddies to DNA Disasters Season 1, Episode 17

A DNA test comes into play when a woman alleges that her former beauty-school classmate fathered her son; a woman wants to prove she's been faithful. read more

Did You Sleep With My Cousin? Season 1, Episode 16

A woman suspects her husband cheated on her with her cousin; a woman wants to know if her boyfriend is sleeping with his ex. read more

Friend or Foe? Season 1, Episode 15

A woman claims a former friend stole cash while she slept, but the accused says it was the victim's boyfriend who lifted the loot. read more

I Love My Husband and My Ex-Boyfriend Too! Season 1, Episode 14

A wife claims her husband's drug abuse and cheating destroyed the marriage, while he says she's been unfaithful and is back living with her ex. read more

I'll Prove My Ex Stole My Identity Season 1, Episode 13

A woman claims an ex-boyfriend stole her identity and bought a car. read more

Sex, Lies, and Video Games Season 1, Episode 12

A husband is caught flirting with his wife's best friend on a dating website. read more

Teen Mom Farrah, Pregnant? Season 1, Episode 11

Reality star Farrah Abraham takes a pregnancy test. read more

Trading Places? Season 1, Episode 10

A woman who pawned her engagement ring because she allegedly found shocking text messages on her fiancé's phone discusses her ordeal. read more

Too Tan to Tell Season 1, Episode 9

A mom who allegedly took her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. read more

Sex Toys Lies Exposed Part 2 Season 1, Episode 8

A guy's family claim that his girlfriend is cheating on him, but he doesn't believe them. read more

Sex Toys Lies Exposed Part 1 Season 1, Episode 7

A mom gets upset when someone gives her teen daughter a sex toy. read more

Exclusive: Lamar Odom's Alleged Mistress Breaks Her Silence Season 1, Episode 6

Lamar Odom's alleged mistress Jennifer Richardson tells her side of the story. read more

You've Been Kissing, and Now He's Telling Season 1, Episode 5

A man wants to know if his girlfriend's physical attributes are real or not; a woman wants to know why she found explicit text messages on her boyfriend's phone. read more

The Lohans Revealed Part 2 Season 1, Episode 4

Conclusion. Lindsay Lohan's parents, Michael and Dina, face off. read more

The Lohans Revealed Part 1 Season 1, Episode 3

Part 1 of 2. Lindsay Lohan's parents, Michael and Dina, face off. read more

I Got My Girl and Mistress Pregnant at the Same Time Season 1, Episode 2

A man is tested to see if he is the father of a girlfriend's baby and a mistress's. read more

Did You Burn My House Down? Season 1, Episode 1

A man is accused of burning down a house in the premiere episode of a conflict-resolution talk show. read more

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Premise: A conflict-resolution talk show that uses lie detector and DNA tests to settle disputes involving relationship and paternity issues.


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