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Surreal Life Ah, chemistry. I...

Surreal LifeAh, chemistry. I hated it in high school but I love it on The Surreal Life. Not every cast has worked. But if the first episode of the new season is a harbinger of drama to come, this may be the most addictive edition yet. As observed by Florence Henderson, aka Mrs. Brady, aka Dr. Flo, the cast's on-call guidance counselor (she's a real-life hypnotherapist), the house is filled with some strong personalities: Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille, who sounds like a cross between Bob Goldthwait and my super-Jewish Long Island aunt (come to think of it, he used to look like her, too, when he wore makeup back in the '80s); Playboy hottie Andrea Lowell, who insists she's not a bimbo (even though she uses made-up words like "ominent"); Tawny Kitaen, read more

Veronica Mars Oh. My. God. I can't...

Veronica MarsOh. My. God. I can't breathe. Meg's awake and pregnant? Are you kidding me? I so didn't see that coming at all. Pregnant? Wow. What an amazing episode, amazing. Even the alternate ending was surprising — I think I'm glad they went with the one that aired. It had some less disturbing implications, and one less murder for Veronica to solve. I know I love this show and gush about it, but it deserves a little bit of extra praise. Tonight alone cleverly tied in several plots about kids with the "baby, think it over" health-class assignment, Celeste's rumored pregnancy, Trina's adoption, Mary's affair with the then-vice principal that led to the prom baby, and then Meg's impending arrival. Does Duncan know about the baby? Is that why he's been having dreams about read more


Apparently having learned nothing from Nick and Jessica, former Surreal Life roomies Christopher Knight — that's Peter Brady to you and me — and America's last Top Model, Adrianne Curry, will plan their wedding in a second season of their VH1 spin-off, My Fair Brady. Maybe Kimmy and Talan can give these kids a good talking-to. read more


It appears Survivor: Palau runner-up Katie Gallagher may have invested some of her $100,000 prize money in Jack Daniel's. Gallagher was arrested Wednesday for drunken driving in her hometown of Merced, Calif., and is due back in court on Halloween. She'll be the one dressed up as a future Surreal Life contestant. read more


It appears Survivor: Palau runner-up Katie Gallagher ended up investing some of her $100,000 prize money in Jack Daniel's. Gallagher was arrested Wednesday for drunken driving in her hometown of Merced, Calif;, and is due back in court on Halloween. She'll be the one dressed up as a future Surreal Life contestant.

read more

Kathy Griffin Gets a Life

Kathy Griffin

Self-mocking comedienne and reality-TV lover Kathy Griffin has landed her own reality show. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET, on Bravo) tails the funny girl as she goes about her daily business, stopping to highlight her husband's struggle with weight loss or document her home remodeling on a shoestring. It sounds a bit dry on paper, but trust us, it is wickedly funny — so much so that couldn't wait to call the raucous redhead, who proceeded to have us in stitches. Hi! I loved the show, and I think I now have a little crush on your husband.Kathy Griffin: The producers said, "You know who's the hidden gem of the show?" I said, "He's not hidden; he is just the gem of the show. Did he end up having the gastr read more

Tammy Faye Keeps the Faith

Tammy Faye Messner

She’s been everything from a Bakker’s wife to a Surreal Life housemate, but the one thing Tammy Faye Messner refuses to be is unhappy. (And for a woman who has been spoofed since she first rocked the airwaves with her holy-roller high jinks, that’s saying a lot.) While braving her toughest battle — colon cancer that spread to a lung — Messner filmed Tammy Faye: Death Defying, a poignant, highly personal documentary with which she is now touring film What inspired you to make this film?Messner: I wanted to help people. Whether it’s AIDS or cancer, having a disease like this is a scary thing and I thought people needed to see what goes on. I wanted to take the fear away. You had a hefty number of fears yourself, right?Messner: Sure I did! I read more

Top Model's Janice Turns Surreal

When we heard Janice Dickinson was being replaced on America's Next Top Model by '60s icon Twiggy, we were devastated. Top Model without Janice? That's like Paris Hilton without Tinkerbell.

We got right on the phone with the World's First Supermodel, who says reports of her demise have been greatly exaggerated. "I quit the show, but I'm back on it," Dickinson explains. But she'll no longer be a judge. "I'll be on in a different capacity. I was hired to be the Simon Cowell of the show, and I fulfilled [that obligation]. Now I'm free to do [other] stuff and, trust me, the calls are coming in at a rapid rate. I'm a hot property."

The temperature starts rising July 10 with VH1's The Surreal Life, in which Dickinson bunks with professional reality villain Omarosa Manigault Stallworth. You know we're psyched about this!

"You better be," Janice cracks. "It's, like, the most rocking show there is. I didn't read more

Peter Brady's Perfect New Gig

Christopher Knight was hoping this would happen. Though best known as Peter from The Brady Bunch, he is actually landing legitimate acting gigs that have nothing to do with the classic 1969-74 sitcom. Case in point: Tonight, he guest-stars on the season finale of Less Than Perfect (9:30 pm/ET on ABC). And, believe it or not, there's no wink or sly reference to his Brady past (not even a mention of pork chops and applesauce). So how did this all happen? A little show called The Surreal Life. Thanks to VH1's reality celebrity mixer, the former child star finally had an opportunity to remind Hollywood he wasn't 14 anymore. "I have this age-disparity thing," the 47-year-old Knight tells "I'm constantly confronting a teenage version of myself." Luckily, read more

Go-Go's Girl Keeps It Surreal

In promos for this season of VH1's The Surreal Life, rapper Da Brat calls Go-Go's gal Jane Wiedlin — a rock-and-roll icon, thank you very much — a has-been. Say whaaat?! We were almost as upset about the insult as the wounded pixie herself. So we didn't even wait until the broadcast of the roommates' indigestible last supper to seek her out for a discussion of how aptly named Da Brat really is. Luckily, she was able to spare a moment of her stay in New Orleans (where she and the band performed this week) to discuss Life's lessons with TV Guide Online.TV Guide Online: Is it true you're calling from a Mardi Gras float?Jane Wiedlin: [Laughs] No, the parade is tomorrow. But I heard all the floats are made of papier m&#226ch&#233, and it's been pouring since we got here. I'm slightly confused about what happens when papier m&#226ch&#233 hits monsoo read more

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Premise: A number of C-list celebs move into a Hollywood mansion, where their day-to-day lives are filmed as they fend for themselves (no cars, no cell phones) and learn to get along with each other---or not. The first two seasons ran on the WB, then the show moved to VH1, where the celebrity antics grew bolder and the show became a cable hit.

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