The Supersizers Go...

  • 2008
  • TV Show
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The cuisines of various eras in British history are sampled by a restaurant critic and a comedian in this series.

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Ancient Rome Season 2, Episode 6 Jul 26, 2009 Free

Giles Coren and Sue Perkins travel back to the early days of the Roman Empire. Living in their splendid villa, Senator Giles dons a toga while Vestal Virgin Sue dresses in lose tunics and keeps the fires of Rome burning.

The 'Twenties Season 2, Episode 5 Jul 12, 2009 Free

Columnist and Restaurant Critic Giles Coren, together with writer and broadcaster Sue Perkins, goes on a journey to discover the culinary delights of the bright young things in the 1920’s.

French Revolution Season 2, Episode 4 Jul 5, 2009 Free

Giles and Sue journey back to Revolutionary France in the 1780’s to find out what King Louis 16th ate, why Marie-Antoinette was so hated and how the revolution was instrumental in creating the first restaurant and first restaurant critic!

The 'Fifties Season 2, Episode 3 Jul 19, 2009 Free

Restaurant critic Giles Coren and broadcaster Sue Perkins go back to the 1950’s, an era where we started on rations and ended by Prime Minister Harold MacMillan remarking that “we’d never had it so good.”