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Latest Episode: I Won't Be Home for Christmas

Dec 07, 2014 Season 26 Episode 9 watch on Hulu (Free)

Marge doesn't approve of Homer's Christmas spirits.

Homer VS the 18th Amendment

Mar 16, 1997 Season 8 Episode 18

A St. Patrick's Day riot leads Springfield to reinstate Prohibition. Homer becomes a notorious bootlegger known as the Beer Baron.
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Homer's Phobia

Feb 16, 1997 Season 8 Episode 15

Homer begins to suspect that Bart is gay. When a visit to a steel mill to boost Bart's manliness backfires, Homer takes his son on a camping trip to "straighten him out."
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Treehouse of Horror VII

Oct 27, 1996 Season 8 Episode 1

In this annual terror-themed trilogy, Bart and Lisa discover an evil creature living in the attic, Lisa inadvertently creates a miniature civilization, and aliens Kang and Kodos run for President of the United States.
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