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Latest Episode: Yellow Badge of Cowardge

May 18, 2014 Season 25 Episode 22 watch on Fox (Free)

Bart regrets betraying his friend. SUN 8/7c

Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

Dec 17, 2007 Season 19 Episode 9

When Homer returns to an empty house after a night he can't remember, he has to figure out what happened. In his desperation to recapture his past, he explores the inner workings of his mind, and we see a day-by-day look at his entire life.
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Treehouse of Horror XVIII

Nov 04, 2007 Season 19 Episode 5

In the fantastic frightology that is Treehouse XVIII, an unwelcome alien crashes with the Simpsons in "E.T. Go Home"--and turns out to be a precursor to an invasion from space, Homer and Marge are paid assassins who nearly kill each other in "Mr. And Mrs. Simpson", but then find their marital spark has been restored, and Ned Flanders tries to frighten the fun out of Halloween in "Heck House"--when the kids laugh at his efforts, he teaches them what true terror is.
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