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Latest Episode: Covercraft

Nov 23, 2014 Season 26 Episode 8 watch on Fox (Free)

Homer forms a cover band with some of the other dads in town.

The Way We Weren't

May 09, 2004 Season 15 Episode 20

In this flashback episode, we learn that Homer aMarge met as kids--an encounter that did not end well. The memory of this meeting threatens to derail their marriage in the present, until Marge learns how much Homer has always loved her.
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Tis the Fifteenth Season

Dec 14, 2003 Season 15 Episode 7

When Homer selfishly buys himself an astrolabe for Christmas, the rest of the family is resentful. But Homer does not realize what he has done until watching "Mr. McGrew's Christmas Carol"--his first exposure ever to the timeless Dickens tale. He vows to change his ways, and becomes the nicest person in town--which leads to a rivalry with the former record-holder, Ned Flanders. Finally, with the help of TV Christmas specials through the ages, Homer learns the true meaning of the holiday, sort of.
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Treehouse of Horror XIV

Nov 02, 2003 Season 15 Episode 1

In this annual Halloween horror-fest, Homer is excited to inherit the powers of the grim reaper, until he discovers he has to kill Marge, Professor Frink reanimates the body of his father (voiced by Jerry Lewis) but then discovers his father has become a Monster, and Bart and Milhouse find a stopwatch that allows them to stop time but soon find it boring.
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