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Latest Episode: I Won't Be Home for Christmas

Dec 07, 2014 Season 26 Episode 9 watch on Hulu (Free)

Marge doesn't approve of Homer's Christmas spirits.

The Old Man and the Key

Mar 10, 2002 Season 13 Episode 13

The Simpsons are informed that Grampa has died, rush to the retirement castle, and are relieved to learn that he is alive, and beginning a romance with a new woman at the home, Zelda (Olympia Dukakis). After Grampa wrecks Homer's car, Homer refuses to ever let him drive it again, and so Grampa steals Marge's car and takes Bart with him as he pursues Zelda to Branson, Missouri, where the Simpsons see a show starring '70s comic personality Ray Jay Johnson.
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She of Little Faith

Dec 16, 2001 Season 13 Episode 6

A model rocket that Homer and Bart shoot off accidentally destroys the church, which must sell advertising to make ends meet. Lisa is so disgusted she becomes a Buddhist, with the aid of guest star Richard Gere.
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Treehouse of Horror XII

Nov 06, 2001 Season 13 Episode 1

In “Hex and the City,” a gypsy curses Homer, bringing misery to everyone he loves. In “House of Whacks,” a computer (Pierce Brosnan) takes over the Simpson house and attempts to kill Homer for Marge’s love. And in “Wiz Kids,” Bart and Lisa are students at a school for wizards, where they foil the evil Lord Montymort.
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