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May 18, 2014 Season 25 Episode 22 watch on Hulu (Free)

Bart regrets betraying his best friend. SUN 8/7c

Behind the Laughter

May 21, 2000 Season 11 Episode 22

In this satire of VH1's "Behind the Music", we learn the secrets of the Simpsons' rise, fall and ultimate reconciliation with the aid of Willie Nelson.
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Feb 27, 2000 Season 11 Episode 16

Plastic surgery gives Moe the bartender a handsome new face and a whole new life as a soap opera star.
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Grift of the Magi

Dec 19, 1999 Season 11 Episode 9

In this Christmas-themed episode, the students of Springfield Elementary are unwittingly used as a focus group to test new toys. The product of their labors, a cuddly doll named Funzo, is a lot more sinister than he appears.
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Treehouse of Horror X

Oct 31, 1999 Season 11 Episode 4

In "I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did" the Simpsons fear they have killed Ned Flanders. "Desperately Xeeking Xena" satirizes superheroes of yore with "Stretch Dude" Bart and "Clobber Girl" Lisa. And "Life's a Glitch, Then You Die" depicts the upcoming horror of Y2K (remember that?).
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