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June 5, 2007: Spanish Practices Season 6, Episode 10

Man what a season Cant the final season just start next week Or cant we just fast-forward to March 2008 right now Leave Christmas in just for the heck of itAgain The Shield threw me for a loop I was expecting either Shane or a member of the Mackey family to bite the big one and none of them did I was expecting Vic to get his job back but not by exposing the Mexican mob and I certainly didnt expect him to walk out of his hearing As Ive said before the twists and turns are what make this show so great We start off with a bang right where last week left off with Vic and Aceveda doing a dance I loved what happened between the two of them in this episode Vic tries to blackmail Aceveda by showing him the picture Then David turns around and sends a lawyer to tell Vic hes being sued and will lose everything Then Vic goes back to Pazuela and gets the memory card which forces Acevedas hand But instead of just trying to get his job back Vic teams up with Aceveda t read more

May 29, 2007: Recoil Season 6, Episode 9

I know its probably bad to start off a blog about this weeks episode by saying I cant wait for next weeks But its true The last time I remember anticipating a finale as much as this one it was the final episode of Cheers And this is just a season finale I mean jeez my heart My poor tired heart I know my heart cant wait until 1105 pmET next week for it to be over It gets a workout each week and Im sure the ticker is a little exhausted at this point Then again we get to wait nine months for more so its bittersweet Anyway where were we Right we had another heck of an episode leading up to the finale Everything looked kind of calm at the beginning but in true Shield fashion it all hit the fan by the end of the hour Lets talk San Marcos first We finally have some closure on the whole situation Vics goal was to solve the murder case before he got pushed out so he had five days to figure it out which of course he did in one That contractor guy gave read more

May 22, 2007: The Math of the Wrath Season 6, Episode 8

With only three episodes left in this season this week we get our setup episode for the final two Dialogue-heavy and bloodshed-light we get some more insight into Shane and the Armenians and find out that Hernan is not dead after all Shanes in the middle of this gas-station murder and is talking to the daughter of the Armenian mob boss Shanes talking to her like she doesnt know anything but clearly shes more on her game than he thinks And soon she might be in charge herself since Pop is on his deathbed Meanwhile shes paying Shane to look into some apartment robberies and he finds a nice hooker whos able to give him a little bit of intel on the people who broke into her place He gives it to her and she takes care of the problem herself She seems to have Shane wrapped around her finger now Man Shane just cant lay low for one minute and stay out of trouble can he After all this time we finally see Ronnies reaction to Shane read more

May 15, 2007: Shane Wises Up Season 6, Episode 7

All talk and no action Thats usually not our buddy Vic Mackey But last week I clearly heard him say to Shane If I see you again I will kill you Vic saw him again and Shane is still walkin and talkin as far as I can see I mean I hoped it would happen I hoped Vic would pull up to Shane and pop him one but I also knew it couldnt happen that easily Shanes no dummy we all knew that I always considered Vic to be the more cunning of the two but Shane has really upped his game this time It was hard to tell up front what Shane was going to do with his documentation The episode started off with him writing all about Terry and we saw later its Tavon the money train and everything else they did I wondered if Shane thought the only way he wouldnt get killed by Vic is if he implemented Vic for everything so I figured Shane might take the offensive on this one But that doesnt do much for him since his name is all over those items as well Hes clearly smarter than read more

May 8, 2007: Chasing Ghosts Season 6, Episode 6

There it was folks The biggest episode of The Shield so far this season Shane vs Vic man vs man dog vs dog The one-on-one confrontation weve all been anticipating this entire season has happened and my lord is Shane in trouble now The last 10 minutes developed nicely over the course of this episode starting with Shane being in a much more chipper mood I guess Mara took him back and now that he got the murder off his chest he just wants to put this in the rearview mirror Its a complete reversal of course since after Vic killed Guardo the rest of the strike team tried to put it behind them but Shane kept preventing that Thats of course the moment that Vic really puts two and two together and Ronnie starts thinking about the semiconfession that Shane told him a while back Both of them were still thrown a little off when Ronnie counted the grenades and they were all there Now the viewers all saw Shane pocket one last season but for me person read more

May 1, 2007: Haunts Season 6, Episode 5

I wish I had the time to go back to the beginning of this series and watch the whole thing from the start again Id love to see the point where Shanes life started spiraling out of control Maybe it was the money train or hitting Tavon over the head or even all the way back to the first episode when the strike team killed a cop Theres got to be a dozen other moments as well but whatever moment it is one thing is for certain Shane has no control over what happens now This whole season has been a mess for him I guess its karma coming back to bite him the butt Nothing is going right for him and in reality he deserves it all But it was a shocker to see him get beat down If that was me I would have been crying like a 10-year-old girl No wait I would have been dead But for Shane eh no big deal And the real twists came when we learned that the beating was from Tillies stepdad and when Mara found out there were condoms in his personal items not to mention w read more

April 24, 2007: The New Guy Season 6, Episode 4

A big hearty handshake well not from Shane goes out to Alex OLoughlin aka Detective Kevin Hiatt as he begins his tour of duty in Farmington Boy he has no clue what hes being thrown into This was a nice semi-setup episode to get us ready for what we saw in the preview For the first time this season chasing Lems killer wasnt No 1 on the list We saw new drama unfold and even got back to the slaughterhouse briefly while the Lem situation still stewed in the background a bit Of course thats not to say that the strike team was thinking about Lem at all Corinne brings him up with this dream of hers more on that later and a box of books that Lem bought arrives at the barn Plus the new guy is a painful reminder that the team is one short Right away Hiatt learns how Vic operates when hes told to stay down as Vic storms a house This doesnt sit well with Hiatt but butting heads with Vic is certainly not the path to go down I love the fact that Claudette is still read more

April 17, 2007: Maybe He Didn't Do It Season 6, Episode 3

He killed Lem Dont you remember his body his face You think you could just forget that huh Dont you think he deserves to die for what he didThose words screamed at Shane Vendrell by Vic Mackey helped mold a scene that had to be the most powerful one of the entire series Wow You knew Vic was going to do something harsh to Guardo if he found him but wow I mean wow I know Im saying that word a lot right now but that one word wow really sums up the boldness the intensity the determination the shock the brutality the hatred I could go on forever trying to describe the meeting of Guardo and Vic but nothing could do it justice so I choose wowThis whole season you could see the anger in Vics eyes and you could smell the revenge coming but despite everything thats happened over the previous five seasons even my eyes were wide open in shock this time around Guardo hung by a rope getting brutally beating by Vic with a monstrous metal ch read more

April 10, 2007: I Framed a Guilty Man Season 6, Episode 2

So the fact that Forest Whitaker wasnt going to be around after this episode was not a well-kept secret at all but I wasnt expecting the situation between him and Vic to go down like this I think I was somehow expecting Kavanaugh to get a surprise beating or take a bullet although then again hes too smart for that But it seems like he wasnt smart enough to realize that no one plays both sides quite like Vic Mackey Jons downfall of course was when he started planting evidence You could say his downfall was taking this case in the first place and I might agree But seriously when you think about it Vic has done so many things wrong from killing a cop through the money train that if Kavanaugh couldnt take him down based on the true facts then maybe hes just not as good as he thinks he is Vic was in his head so much that as a last-ditch effort he tried becoming him but even Dutch Boy saw through the load of crap that Kavanaugh wa read more

April 3, 2007: I Hung My Head Season 6, Episode 1

I thought of many ways to begin my first blog for The Shield and I think the best way is for you all to join me in saying two words hell yeah Honestly Ive never been this excited for a new season of a show I certainly havent watched every show in existence but of the ones I have this might be the only one without a misstep somewhere along the way So youll have to pardon me if my emotions get the best of me at points What can I say Im excited But first before we chat a moment of silence for Lem Whew It felt like an eternity between the time we saw Lem take a grenade and the start of this season didnt it Its all worth it though to see the absolute gore the unmatched anger on Vics face and to feel your eyes swelling as the show opens and closes with Johnny Cashs stark cover of Stings I Hung My Head I certainly ran the gamut of emotions with this episode I mean first how can you not feel for Lem He was extremely loyal to his crew and wasnt about t read more

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Premise: A corrupt and brutal L.A. detective runs an elite squad by his own rules in a neighborhood ravaged by drugs and gangs. Unusually gritty and graphically violent, but seldom less than riveting, 'The Shield' gets its biggest jolt from the breakout performance by Michael Chiklis as the complex and volatile Vic Mackey. The drama made Emmy history when he won for Lead Actor in a Drama in 2002, the first such win for a basic-cable series.



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