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The Shield Episode: "Moving Day"

Season 7, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Vic closes in on Shane, Mara and their sick young son; Claudette dismantles the Strike Team; Pezuela offers Aceveda "assistance" for his mayoral campaign; Rita Denton (Frances Fisher) comes on to Dutch; and Billings' ex-wife and daughter are fearful when a registered sex offender moves into their neighborhood.
Original Air Date: Oct 28, 2008
Guest Cast Francesco Quinn: Dias/Beltran Cooper Huckabee: Irving Heep Ronnie Gene Blevins: Marcus Frances Fisher: Rita Denton Natalie Dreyfuss: Mags Michelle Hicks: Mara Nigel Gibbs: Asst. Chief Roy Phillips Craig Patton: Det. Keefe Alberto Isaac: ER Doctor Joe Nieves Jeff Campbell: Motel Neighbor F.J. Rio: Pezuela Richard Voigts: Pharmacist No. 1 Ping Wu Paul Dillon: Chafee Autumn Chiklis: Cassidy Mackey
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Season 7, Episode 9
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The Shield Episode Recap: "Moving Day" Season 7, Episode 9

After last week's game changing episode, The Shield delivered us one of the tightest, most suspenseful episodes in the series run. The show, winding down to its Nov. 25 series finale, is anything but short on plot right now with Shane and his family on the run, a demoted Ronnie, a budding serial killer on the loose, a Mexican coup of the L.A. political landscape and a shield-less Vic Mackey.

Vic's wasted no time beginning his hunt for Shane now that he's turned in his badge. Along with Ronnie they start in Shane's apartment. In the fridge they find a forgotten antibiotic prescribed for Jackson. If that doesn't say something about this couple... After failing to gain information at a Pharmacy, Vic realizes things are a little more difficult without a badge.

Vic visits Corrine's house for their 1 pm call from Maura. Quickly she realizes Vic is there and puts Shane on the phone. Shane tells Vic he better not be there when they call back. The two also square off about how each tried to get the other killed. When they get off the phone, Vic assures Corrine he is not going after Shane and his family for revenge. Yeah, she should buy that. No sarcasm. She always believes it.

After a break from the storyline, Dutch continued his obsession with a teenager Lloyd (the absent Kyle Gallner) who he believes to be a serial killer in training. If only proof weren't needed. Under the guise of having dinner with her, Dutch is fishing for information about Lloyd from his mother Rita. When she tries to change the subject by fooling around, Dutch just can't go through with it. By the way, Frances Fisher really brought a lot to her character this week. The part had seemed somewhat underwritten and cookie cutter, I thought. Leaving Dutch's confrontations with Lloyd to the side and focusing on her relationship with Dutch was a great idea. But, let's get the teenage psycho back soon.

Ronnie's found himself powerless at The Barn now that he's at the center of their biggest case. Despite his desire for new blood, Claudette's had enough of blood and is dismantling The Strike Team. Julian is once again assigned to uniform duty with Tina. It'll be nice to see Michael Jace in his most iconic costume during the show's end. But Julian, as always, is playing things by the book. No, not The Bible. Though, he does that too. What I meant was, he'll only fill in Ronnie with the progress on finding Shane with Claudette's approval.

Vic's discovered that Shane has acquired aliases for his family. Their new names? Sean, Katie and Brian Hoover.

Finally Vic and Ronnie have their discussion about what to do with Maura, her unborn baby, and Jackson. Vic knows that if Maura is left alive she'll get caught and spill everything. He says that Jackson is too young to be a witness to anything. I couldn't tell if he really meant it or if he has plans for Jackson as well. Maybe both. Vic is able to convince himself of whatever he needs to at that moment.

While Shane and Maura wait it out in a hotel with their sick son, they fight about what to do next. Maura suggests squatting in an empty home. It seems as though they went this route when Vic busts down their hotel room door to find it empty. Actually, the "Hoovers" took their son to a hospital.

Rita shows up at The Barn and tells off Dutch. Lloyd told her everything. Well, not everything but the stuff about Dutch thinking her son is a killer. She realizes she was being used and feels incredibly stupid for falling for Detective Wagenbach.

Being the only one with the Vendrell's new names, Ronnie and Vic are able to track down where Shane and Maura are. As they flee the hospital, Vic stops them dead in their tracks, gun drawn. The police pull into the parking lot and Maura calls out for help. They get away while Vic is busted.

When word of Vic's arrest reaches Claudette she demands answers from Ronnie. With Vic gone, Ronnie should feel free to right his path. He meets Claudette halfway and explains that Shane killed Lem. He and Vic have been working on cracking it for weeks and didn't want to out their friend. Twisting the little information he is letting out, he also says Vic only wants Shane behind bars.

Rita seems to be coming around about Dutch's suspicions. After a confrontation with Lloyd she comes by Dutch's house to learn more. Ultimately she's not ready to accept Dutch's theory just yet and leaves. She denies his request to bring Lloyd to The Barn and help in getting a confession.

After continuing his push for a job working with federal agent Olivia Murray, Vic returns to Corrine's for the 10pm call from Maura. When she calls she wastes no time explaining that she knows Vic is there. And I might get flack for this but Maura is the only one actively trying to put this all to rest. She couldn't have broken it down any simpler. Not seeing each other will never bee enough for Vic. Corrine, as usual, is shocked to discover Vic lied to her about wanting revenge on Shane. When Corrine hangs up she tells Vic that they'll never be calling again. Good for Corrine! Hiding something from Vic for a change.

At the home the Vendrell's plan on squatting in, Shane asks his wife to do something for him. What more can she do? Look at where she's gotten herself because of him. Shane tells his wife to take Jackson and turn herself in. Tell them that Shane was threatening her. Say what you want about her, Maura is fiercely loyal. She declines and they break into their new home.

Oh, also...

We met Billing's ex-wife and teenage daughter. They come to The Barn with a concern about a registered sex offender who moved in on their street. It ends with Billings having a hand in planting child pornography in the man's house and having him arrested.

Dani missed another week of action at The Barn. She didn't leave the show early, right?

Aceveda's mayoral candidacy is being willingly bankrolled and run by a Mexican cartel that seems more powerful everyday. Aceveda continues to work with Olivia Murray but his trust in her is wearing thin.

Sorry I didn't cover these storylines more. The personal struggle between Vic and Shane seems far more pressing and for any long time viewer is bound to be more engaging.

It's hard to believe there are only 4 episodes of the show left. In last week's blog I told you the finale had not been screened for anyone. That's changed. James Hibbard from The Hollywood Reporter and a handful of other critics recently saw the episode. I tend to stay spoiler free with most shows I have a heavy investment in (The Shield, Lost, and, oh, they hey-day of 24) but this article seems to be very general. But, as always, read at your own discretion. Shawn Ryan screens The Shield finale

Your comments about the blog and episode are always appreciated. Did you like this episode as much as I did?

Oh, and if you want to post a spoiler please either fight that urge or give plenty of warning before the spoiler begins. Others may want to remain fresh. Yes, "others"... I'll hide my desire to remain spoiler free behind that. Oh, I'm still typing...

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After last week's game changing episode, The Shield delivered us one of the tightest, most suspenseful episodes in the series run. The show, winding down to its Nov. 25 series finale, is anything but short on plot right now with Shane and his family on the run, a demoted Ronnie, a budding serial killer on the loose, a Mexican coup of the L.A. political landscape and a shield-less Vic Mackey.
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