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The Shield Episode: "Possible Kill Screen"

Season 7, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: Olivia joins forces with Vic and Ronnie to intercept Beltran's drug shipment; Dutch cleans up another Billings mess; and Mara creates a mess of her own when she rescues Shane from a perilous situation. Rita Denton: Frances Fisher.
Original Air Date: Nov 18, 2008
Guest Cast Paul Dillon: Cahfee Michele Hicks: Mara Francesco Quinn: Beltran Frances Fisher: Rita Denton
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Season 7, Episode 12
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Length: 48:11
Aired: 11/18/2008
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The Shield Episode Recap: "Possible Kill Screen" Season 7, Episode 12

In the ultimate penultimate episode of all time, The Shield's final act prepped itself to close out the series in it's typical, unrelenting fashion.  Double dealing, backstabbing, murder, and drugs were the order of the day in Farmington. Oh, and with a  show like this I suppose I should specify I'm talking about metaphorical backstabbing.

TV Guide says: "Olivia joins forces with the Strike Team to catch a Mexican drug king and his shipment. Meanwhile, Dutch cleans up Billings' mess, and the death of a woman associated with the Strike Team prompts an investigation by Claudette." What do the confines of the magazine and digital media products prevent TV Guide from saying?

Wow.  Where to begin?  Well, let's start with a correction that one of you is bound to note.  The Strike Team no longer exists.  Besides that, this episode also featured the return of Dani, a violent and deadly incident involving Shane and Maura, a failed sting to arrest Vic, a quid pro quo between partners, and oh yeah, Vic confessed to everything he's ever done.

If the first 9 minutes of this week's episode are in any way a glimpse at what's to come in next week's 90 minute episode then we're in for an amazing finale.  This was hands down the most intense teaser sequence in the history of the show.

I'm not so sure the economy is worse on anyone than it is on the Vendrell's.  They lost almost $100,000 in an instant.  Luckily through some connections they were able to get another $5,000.  While trying to turn that $5,000 into more at an underground gambling ring, Shane runs into two guys who insist they know him through their buddy.  Seeing one of the two is a big winner, Shane goes along with it.  He leaves with them and Maura trails.  After the three snort some extra caffeinated coke the two reveal Shane actually put away the buddy they've been referencing.  A spectacular brawl breaks out in the house.  Maura sees the commotion and runs in with Shane's gun.  At the confrontations end, the big winner of the night is shot and robbed, Maura's shoulder is dislocated and she shot an unknown female roommate by accident.

Yeah, and this is where they showed the title card.  After all that!

Back at The Barn things are anything but slow... 

With Vic gone, Dani returns to her post helping Claudette at The Barn.  Remaking how "great" she looks, it seems Dutch is happy to have her back.  

Karma has slapped Billings right in the face.  He's being countersued by the city.  He needs Dutch to sign a statement saying his injuries are real.

Claudette is anything but understanding when Dutch tells her about Billings' corner cutting a few episodes back involving a paroled pedophile who moved in on his ex's block.  All ready dealing with two crooked cops Claudette looses it.  Dutch manages to calm her and get a chance to fix it on his own.

A la Vic Mackey, Dutch is juggling a number of balls at the moment.  Besides Billings, Mackey, and Vendrell, Dutch also continues to try and help Rita, the mother of suspected teenage serial killer Llloyd.  Dutch keeps getting hang ups that appear to be from Rita.  Later in the episode she denies making any calls when Dutch pays her a visit.  Anyone who doesn't think it's Lloyd making those calls?

A frantic Corrine calls upon Dutch and Claudette who decide to stop waiting and set a sting in order to catch her ex-husband. 

Let's not forget that The Shield has broken far beyond its Farmington borders.  Vic and Aceveda continue to dance around working with ICE to bring down The Cartel.  ICE confidant Olivia Murray who had promised to back Vic, informs him that there will be no deal until he delivers The Cartel.  Fortunately a massive Cartel drug shipment is set to be moved that very night.  Unfortunately for everyone, Vic will not deliver The Cartel until his deal is cleared.

Vic goes to inform Aceveda to watch his back with ICE.  The organization can offer deals and inclusion all they want.  Mackey senses that once they have what they want nothing they say will be binding.

After their conversation, Aceveda goes to ICE to push for Vic, and therefore himself.  Aceveda's pull comes through and Olivia calls Vic to set up a meet for the papers to be signed.  Unfortunately Vic didn't fight so hard for his partner Ronnie before his conversation with Aceveda.  When Detective Gardocki tags along with Vic he doesn't find any such deal awaiting him.  Vic walks, despite though assured that Ronnie's deal could come in as short as a week with a Cartel bust.

There were 2 more significantly suspenseful sequences in this week's episode.  Julian and Tina spot Shane's red thunderbird and quickly confirm it's the car he's using to get around.  Shane spots his former co-workers and bumps into Tina in a back alley.  I really thought this was one of Tina's best scenes.  Yes, even better than when Dutch looked in the window on she and Hiatt.

The other took place after the sting operation went bust.  Vic spotted the cops watching Corrine where he was supposed to meet her and pick up $100,000 "for Maura and Shane."  Dutch thinks quick and arrests Corrine, knowing Vic is watching.  Despite standing by his corrupt partner, he won't give up his freedom to protect his ex-wife and the mother or his children.

Or will he?

Vic returns to ICE to claim his deal and get immunity for Corrine.  I'm so torn about how to feel about this.  Ultimately I like Vic less.  But, as I said, Ronnie is corrupt.  I like him.  But he's a big boy and makes his own decisions.  Corrine has been blindly led for all these years.  It's really not her fault.  She deserves protection and it's valiant of Vic to get it.  However, he's trusting ICE to come through on their promise of a deal for Ronnie.

Or is he?

Vic's deal requires him to give a recorded statement for anything he expects immunity for.  This would require revealing much of Ronnie in the process, yes?  Yes.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The second terrifically great sequence in this week's episode started when Dutch and Claudette found out they could find Vic at ICE.  At that very moment, Vic is sitting down with Olivia Murray to go over his deal.  She worked her way through each section and I fully expected Dutch and Claudette to arrest him before he could sign the paper.  They don't arrive until after his deal is in place and he's all ready halfway through his confession.  Was this the first time Vic admitted to killing Terry Crowley to someone who was not a Strike Team member?

Dutch and Claudette are not happy to find out he's received full immunity.  Claudette's rage, seen briefly earlier in the episode, comes to full tilt as she screams at Dutch for his antics with Billings and even fires her former partner.  Dutch snaps her out of it by simply saying "This isn't you."  Was this just a manifestation of her stress on the job combined with her illness?  Is it just the illness?  Lupus can cause psychosis.  Is it a new disease all together?  Whatever it is Claudette seemed appalled with herself for the way she was treating Dutch.

An injured Maura and tweaking Shane lament what has become of their lives.  His pregnant wife is a killer and there's no end to their running in sight.

I've watched random episodes of The Shield with new viewers a few times.  There's always a point when that person will say "Well, Vic can never come back from this."  And I've never agreed.  I find Vic is a swinging pendulum and if you don't like what he does this episode then just wait a few and he'll even the score.  However, I've never loathed Vic Mackey more than in the last scene of this episode.  After implication Ronnie in any number of felonies he tells Olivia Murray not to worry and says, "I'll string him along until I'm done."  Wow.  Real loyalty.

So, that's it!  There's only one episode left.  Don't forget that next week's episode is 90 minutes and is sure to leave us wrecked through the holiday season.  What do you think will happen to our characters?  Like always, will Vic coast through safely while it's those around him who suffer for his crimes?  Well, maybe he won't be so safe this time but the suffering is a lock for sure.


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In the ultimate penultimate episode of all time, The Shield's final act prepped itself to close out the series in it's typical, unrelenting fashion.  Double dealing, backstabbing, murder, and drugs were the order of the day in Farmington. Oh, and with a  show like this I suppose I should specify I'm talking about metaphorical backstabbing.

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