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Latest Episode: The World Beater

Feb 09, 1969 Season 6 Episode 20 watch on (Paid)

With a beautiful blonde by his side, the Saint mops up the mysterious events surrounding a sries of deaths among drivers at a car rally meeting.

Portrait Of Brenda

Feb 02, 1969 Season 6 Episode 19

Gurus, pop singers and disc jockeys combine to set the Saint spinning at 45rpm when he finds himself involved in a large-scale swindle involving a fake guru and a group of music-loving innocents.
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The Man Who Gambled With Life

Jan 26, 1969 Season 6 Episode 18

The Saint has led a long and adventurous life. But now he's been chosen as the subject for an experiment which entails being frozen to death and later brought back to life.
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The Ex-King Of Diamonds

Feb 05, 1969 Season 6 Episode 17

Simon finds himself mixed up with drama on the French Riviera when he meets an ex-king who cheats at cards and a beautiful young girl with an infallible system for winning at the casino tables.
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Where The Money Is

Dec 29, 1968 Season 6 Episode 14

When a film producer's daughter disappears and he suspects that she has been kidnapped, then an unusual ransom demand arrives in the form of scenes cut from a film, the man seeks Simon's help in obtaining his daughter's release.
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People Importers

Jan 15, 1969 Season 6 Episode 13

The Saint investigates a racket in which illegal immigrants are being smuggled into Britain as slave labour in various Mafia-run establishments. His involvement leads him to personal tragedy and the head of the enterprise
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The House On Dragon's Rock

Nov 24, 1968 Season 6 Episode 9

What is the secret of the mysterious rambling old house in the welsh mountains which is being used as a research laboratory?
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The Master Plan

Nov 17, 1968 Season 6 Episode 8

When he discovers a plan to turn Britain into a dumping ground for some dangerous drugs, Simon sets out to crush the diabolical drugs-smuggling organisation at its source - a small island off the Chinese coast.
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Double Take

Dec 09, 1968 Season 6 Episode 6

Which man is which? That's the problem facing Simon when a business tycoon claims he is being impersonated by a perfect double who intends to grind his business empire into obscurity.
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The Desperate Diplomat

Oct 20, 1968 Season 6 Episode 4

When diplomat Jason Douglas disappearrs with a million dollars of aid destined for an African country, Simon finds himself pleading his old friend's innocence to a less-than-interested Claude Eustace Teal.
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Legacy For The Saint

Oct 13, 1968 Season 6 Episode 3

Ed Brown is a retired gangster with a sense of humour which includes getting his four greatest enemies at one another's throats. Simon helped to put him in jail the last time and intends to repeat the favour, providing Brown allows him to live to do it.
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Invitation To Danger

Mar 12, 1969 Season 6 Episode 2

Is the cool blonde a secret agent or a crook? The Saint has to find out when a daring attempt is made to frame him.
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The Best Laid Schemes

Sep 29, 1968 Season 6 Episode 1

Who is the victim of a drowning tragedy? The Saint meets with more than he bargained for when he sets out to prove that the 'dead' man is still alive. But why would anyone wish to convince his family that he's the victim of murder?
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