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Latest Episode: Deadlock in Parma

Jan 10, 1980 Season 6 Episode 12 watch on (Subscription)

A fishing trip in Parma is interrupted when Jim agrees to cast a seemingly harmless proxy vote for his new friend, John Traynor. Before he knows it, Jim is tangled in a complex web of local power, greed and intimidation.

Just a Coupla Guys

Dec 14, 1979 Season 6 Episode 11

In a cross-country plot that takes him all the way to New Jersey, Jim comes to the aid of a mob boss who's trying to turn his life around. But two young thugs who are trying to get into the mob make his job all the more difficult.
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No Fault Affair

Nov 30, 1979 Season 6 Episode 9

Everyone's favorite prostitute, Rita Capkovic, is back -- but this time, she's been savagely beaten by her pimp. Jim offers her a place to stay while she recuperates, which doesn't sit well with his new girlfriend. Rita Moreno guest stars.
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The Hawaiian Headache

Nov 23, 1979 Season 6 Episode 8

Jim and Rocky head to Hawaii to relax on a no-strings-attached "free" vacation -- but Jim isn't off duty for long. After running into his former Army commander, he gets drawn into a high-stakes CIA operation.
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Nice Guys Finish Dead

Nov 16, 1979 Season 6 Episode 7

A Detective's Association ceremony turns sour when the keynote speaker -- a powerful senator -- turns up dead. Teaming with the ever-dashing P.I. Lance White, Jim tries to get to the bottom of the crime. Tom Selleck guest stars.
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Love Is the Word

Nov 09, 1979 Season 6 Episode 6

Blind psychologist Megan Doherty, the woman Jim helped -- and romanced -- the previous year, returns with a new problem: The man she's engaged to has been slapped with an inconvenient murder charge. Country singer Barbara Mandrell guest stars.
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Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs: Part 2

Oct 12, 1979 Season 6 Episode 3

Jim works with Kendall Warren, the woman he was hired to protect, to find the person who's been trying to kill her. But when their prime suspect turns up dead, Jim and Kendall are left wondering where to look next. Lauren Bacall guest stars.
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Paradise Cove

Sep 28, 1979 Season 6 Episode 1

In the wake of a dispute with his meddling neighbor, Jim finds himself slapped with a $35,000 damage suit and forced out of Paradise Cove. Mariette Hartley guest stars -- and earned an Emmy nomination for her efforts.
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