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The Rock Life

A reality series following rock band Whitestarr as they pursue the rock-and-roll dream.

Premiered: August 6, 2007

Rating: TV-14

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Rockin' the Rabbit Season 1, Episode 7 Sep 3, 2007 Paid

Rainbow's ballooning ego leads to a fight with Cisco after he hogs the stage at an important industry gig at the House of Blues. Despite warnings from Stubner, the problem just gets worse when the band get an offer from Playboy: they're going to play at the launch of the Rock the Rabbit event in Las Vegas - and they're going to get their own spread in the magazine.  At a photo shoot with legendary rock photographer Mick Rock, Rainbow's ego again gets out of control.  Afterwards Rainbow plays his own music for Orbi and Damon, leading Cisco and Orbi to worry that Rainbow may be thinking of bailing out - or whether they should get rid of him first.  The trip to Vegas is a spectacle - a $25,000-a-night suite at the Palms, a concert at Rain where Misses January through December join them onstage, and a glitzy afterparty at the Playboy Club, where Dennis Hopper comes by to visit.  The party continues up in the Sky Villa suite, where Rainbow stands in a Jacuzzi overlooking the Strip and shouts "I'm King of the World!"  The next day is a letdown as the band travels back to LA - despite all the attention, they're still on the edge of getting a record deal.  Rainbow decides to take things into his own hands and takes a meeting with music publisher Steve Lindsey - to push his own music.  Finally Cisco has to confront Rainbow to decide whether or not he's going to put Whitestarr first.  Rainbow commits to Whitestarr.  At a gig at their local haunt the Malibu Inn, the band finally gets the news they've been awaiting for seven years: they have a deal with a major label - and they're going out on a major Arena Tour.

Go Big or Go Home Season 1, Episode 6 Sep 3, 2007 Paid

Rainbow is struggling with money troubles and a feeling that he doesn't really belong among the rich and tanned in Malibu.  The guys try to cheer him up by taking him surfing, but he winds up feeling like more of a fish out of water than ever.  He tells Cisco that he wants to return to his hometown - Allentown, PA - for an extended break.  "If you leave LA, you're leaving the band," Cisco warns him, but he can't persuade Rainbow - so instead the band accompanies Rainbow for his trip home, booking themselves an Allentown gig.  Rainbow is treated like a rock god by his family, friends, and pretty much all of Allentown, and Cisco worries that he's never going to come back to LA.  But when they play a kickass hometown show with all of Rainbow's family in the audience, Rainbow realizes he wants to go back and make his rock dreams come true.

The Fight for Fifth Season 1, Episode 5 Aug 27, 2007 Paid

Tony Potato's role as Whitestarr's dancer winds up costing him his day job - as a lawyer at an upscale law firm.  When he attempts to do a comedy show to prove that he's more than just a dancer, his jokes fall flat and Damon and Orbi pelt him with flour.  Tony's insecurity draws him into a feud with the band's European assistant Bart.  In front of the whole band, he accuses Bart of doing nothing - only to have Bart slickly turn the question back on him.  Goaded by Cisco, Tony and Bart wind up in a challenge to prove their worth: Tony will perform standup at a comedy club, and Bart - a self-styled filmmaker - will produce a music video for the band.  Despite his artistic euro doubletalk, Bart quickly proves himself a disaster at producing - while Tony, fearing his upcoming comedy gig, subjects Bart to a nonstop barrage of abuse until Cisco has to step in.  Tony comes around and helps salvage the video, but worries that his comedy act has to prove to the band that he can be funny without them.  On the way to the comedy gig, Tony's trial run with the band is a disaster and he enters the club bathed in flop sweat.  But he kills onstage and emerges triumphant.

Rock n' Roll Love Pickle Season 1, Episode 4 Aug 20, 2007 Paid

Everybody's having girl problems.  Cisco's breakup with Mischa makes him a target for paparazzi, while Rainbow's relationship with Danielle is shakier than ever after he moves back in with her.  Meanwhile drummer Orbi decides to end the year-long vow of celibacy he took after rehab, and accompanies Rainbow and Danielle on a disastrous double-date.  It's bassist Damon who has the simplest problem - his girl is mad at him because of his incessant farting.  The band solves the simplest problem first - by taking Damon for a colonic and then gleefully watching as he suffers.   The guys discuss girl problems with legendary rocker Bret Michaels as they prep for a gig together - but right before they take the stage to perform "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," Rainbow and Danielle have a fight and she walks out on him.  At a wild after-show party, Orbi and Cisco find themselves in a hot tub with two hot girls, and Cisco must decide whether he's ready to leave his relationship problems behind.  Meanwhile, Rainbow shows back up on Danielle's doorstep.