The Rifleman

1958, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Millie's Brother

Apr 23, 1962 Season 4 Episode 30 watch on Hulu (Free)

Millie becomes interested in a man who claims to have known her brother during the civil war, but Lucas doesn’t believe his story.

The Hangman

May 31, 1960 Season 2 Episode 36

An ex-convict is blamed for a brutal crime despite his claims of rehabilitation.
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May 24, 1960 Season 2 Episode 35

Lucas finds himself involved in a murder when he gallantly steps to the aid of a beautiful woman.
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Meeting at Midnight

May 17, 1960 Season 2 Episode 34

Lucas helps an undercover federal agent infiltrate a gang of robbers.
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The Prodigal

Apr 26, 1960 Season 2 Episode 31

Lucas and Mark are held prisoner in their own home when a bank robbing gun man decides to hide out at their ranch.
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Sins of the Father

Apr 19, 1960 Season 2 Episode 30

A man and his son take refuge at the McCain ranch, but the father holds a secret as to why they are really on the run.
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Smoke Screen

Apr 05, 1960 Season 2 Episode 28

Lucas solves the murder of a young girl by using a half smoked cigar at the scene.
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A Time for Singing

Mar 08, 1960 Season 2 Episode 24

A town is excited with the arrival of a new preacher, but Mark uncovers that the preacher is a fake and intends to rob the bank.
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The Grasshopper

Mar 01, 1960 Season 2 Episode 23

Lucas and Mark are held at gunpoint on a train, but when a plague of grasshoppers forces the train to stop, the outlaw escapes and Lucas goes after him.
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The Horse Traders

Feb 09, 1960 Season 2 Episode 20

Lucas and Mark try to help out a friend whose been cheated in a horse trading deal.
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The Visitor

Jan 26, 1960 Season 2 Episode 18

Lucas is drawn to a young widow passing thru town on her way to claim her inheritance.
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The Surveyors

Dec 29, 1959 Season 2 Episode 14

Mark runs away from home after his father questions his story about over hearing a plot to rob the bank.
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The Baby Sitter

Dec 15, 1959 Season 2 Episode 12

A dance hall singer ask Lucas to care for her daughter in an effort to hide a baby from her bigoted father.
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The Spiked Rifle

Nov 24, 1959 Season 2 Episode 9

Mark is kidnapped as he and his father try to protect banker Hamilton’s gold.
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Nov 17, 1959 Season 2 Episode 8

Lucas and his son Mark are crossing the dessert when their wagon breaks down.
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Nov 10, 1959 Season 2 Episode 7

Brett Conway, a town character, learns that a sick couple in North Fork area is suffering from yellow fever. Knowing that Lucas found the couple, Conway threatens to inform the townspeople unless Lucas pays him off.
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Eddie's Daughter

Nov 03, 1959 Season 2 Episode 6

When two outlaws threaten Lil Halstead’s life, Lucas decides to figure out the reasons behind the threats.
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Oct 20, 1959 Season 2 Episode 4

Lucas becomes the target of a gunslinger because of a newspaper article about his prowess with a gun.
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The Blowout

Oct 13, 1959 Season 2 Episode 3

An ailing gunfighter goes down in a fire of glory in North Fork.
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The Patsy

Sep 29, 1959 Season 2 Episode 1

A group of outlaws devise a plan to get rid of Lucas so they can take over the town of North Fork.
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