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Sat Jul 2 6:00am
Marooned; Untamed World MTV

After their rocket goes out of control, the duo are marooned on a strange planet, where they search for food and try to avoid the Brainiac Men. Also: Ren and Stimpy host a nature show and travel to an island to study other species.

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Sat Jul 2 6:30am
Big Flakes; Pen Pals MTV

Ren goes stir-crazy when he's snowed in with Stimpy. Later, the duo try to get arrested and thrown into a fancy new jail, where the prisoners are treated like royalty.

Sat Jul 2 7:00am
Space Dogged; Feud for Sale MTV

Russian versions of Ren and Stimpy undergo extensive testing before they're sent into space; a salesman is responsible for a feud breaking out between two families: the Nitwits and the Dimwits.

Sat Jul 2 7:30am
Hair of the Cat; City Hicks MTV

Stimpy may be to blame for Ren's allergies; later, the duo moveto the city after their crops are ruined by fruits and vegetables.

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Sun Jul 3 8:00am
Stimpy's Big Day(Season 1, Episode 1) MTV

After Stimpy wins the "Gritty Kitty Litter" contest, he goes to Hollywood to become a star, leaving Ren behind.

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Sun Jul 3 8:30am
Robin Hoek; Nurse Stimpy MTV

Ren dreams he's "Robin Hoek," dedicated to robbing from the rich and rescuing a Stimpy in distress. Also: Stimpy becomes a nurse when Ren takes ill; and Powdered Toastman pays a visit.

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Sun Jul 3 9:00am
Space Madness; The Boy Who Cried Rat MTV

During a 36-year space mission, the duo go crazy from boredom, and Stimpy guards the "History Erase Button." Also: a family hires Stimpy to catch a rat, which closely resembles Ren.

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Sun Jul 3 9:30am
Fire Dogs; the Littlest Giant MTV

After getting jobs as fire dogs, the duo save the residents of a burning building. Also: Stimpy runs away to Thumbsville, where he saves the town from a terrible drought.

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Sun Jul 10 6:00am
Black Hole; Stimpy's Invention MTV

Ren and Stimpy enter a black hole, where they discover missing socks; Stimpy works feverishly to invent useless appliances for an irritated Ren.

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Sun Jul 10 6:30am
Ren's Toothache; Rubber Nipple Salesman MTV

Ren scoffs at Stimpy for his perfect dental hygiene until his teeth fall out of his head; the entrepreneurial spirit captures Ren & Stimpy and they hit the road with Stimpy's newest invention, meeting many interesting people along the way.

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Sun Jul 10 7:00am
Son of Stimpy(Season 2, Episode 12) MTV

The duo catches the Christmas spirit from an unusual new friend, who then disappears, leaving Stimpy simply crestfallen.

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Sun Jul 10 7:30am
Fake Dad; Out West MTV

The duo agree to care for an orphan, not realizing he's a 36-year-old criminal. Later they become horse thieves in the Wild West.

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  • Premiered: August 11, 1991
  • Rating: TV-Y7
  • Premise: A hyperactive Chihuahua named Ren and his brainless cat pal, Stimpy, headlined this cartoon series on Nickelodeon. The duo's zany adventures were accompanied by gross-out humor and outlandish sight gags. Series creator John Kricfalusi provided the original… (more)

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