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Dec 16, 2014 Season 30 Episode 1 watch on (Paid)

Seven strangers move in to start new lives together, but they have no clue that visitors from their pasts will soon be moving in with them. After an explosive first night reveals secrets about the roommates, two steamy romances spark in the house.

The Big Finale

Apr 01, 2009 Season 21 Episode 13

As the roommates pack to leave their Brooklyn home, the girls plan to give the Chet, Ryan, and Scott a taste of their own medicine by planning one last prank. When the boys suspect JD to be the instigator rather than the girls, the initially playful prank turns into a huge fight that threatens to cause a schism between the boys and the girls for good.
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Atlantic City, Baby!

Mar 25, 2009 Season 21 Episode 12

Ryan copes with the news of his redeployment to Iraq, crushed about having to put his goals, plans, and girlfriend Belle on hold. The Roommates take a trip to Atlantic City. Devyn acquires a puppy and gets a crash course in responsibility.
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Saving a Private Ryan

Mar 18, 2009 Season 21 Episode 11

When Ryan begins to enjoy his life away from the military and the war, he starts opening up to the roommates about his issues only to find out at the last minute that he's being redeployed to Iraq. With Election Day 2008 nearing, the roommates take passionate political stances. Chet gets a cardboard cutout of himself only to have it defaced during an Election Night prank.
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Pole Dancing and Pedro

Mar 11, 2009 Season 21 Episode 10

When Katelynn's money problems lead her to take a cage dancing job and think about leaving the House, Scott challenges her to reassess her priorities. When the roommates receive an invitation to organize a screening for the new film about Pedro Zamora's life, they compete over who should control the project. SS starts aggressively pursuing his future as a Calvin Klein underwear model.
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Dilators, Dresses and Bow Ties

Mar 04, 2009 Season 21 Episode 9

Chet struggles to prepare for an MTV hosting interview. When Katelynn starts feeling disrespected by Chet, she throws herself into an advocacy project and visits with her transgender friend, Jamie. Devyn gets an internship as a human hanger with the Jovani dress company.
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Angry Boys and Dirty Girls

Feb 25, 2009 Season 21 Episode 8

JD starts a new war in the house when the girls talk trash about the guys and refuse to do housework. Ryan decides to pursue his interest in filmmaking and starts taking classes at the NY Film Academy.
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Of Mice and Devyn's Men

Feb 18, 2009 Season 21 Episode 7

When Devyn's semi-fiancé visits, the guys convince her it is time to get real. When JD fails to resolve his differences with Devyn and Sarah, he teams up with the guys to pull a rat prank on them. Ryan's girlfriend, Belle, visits and the possibility of him getting redeployed for the Army resurfaces.
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The Battle of the Sexes

Feb 11, 2009 Season 21 Episode 6

When JD takes the roommates to Gettysburg for an AIDS fundraiser, a modern day civil war breaks out between the guys and girls. Ryan shows off his hometown to his roommates. After finding out that she hasn’t been "passing," Katelynn finally opens up to Ryan.
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Friends & Enemies

Feb 04, 2009 Season 21 Episode 5

Ryan attends memorial services at ground zero on 9/11.  When Chet realizes that his dream of hosting TRL Live is impossible, he starts looking for other ways tp promote his hosting career. When Scott breaks up with his girlfriend and starts playing the field, he has Devyn to answer to.
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Daddy Dearest and the Dueling Divas

Jan 28, 2009 Season 21 Episode 4

When JD tries to embarrass Devyn in a public singing contest, she questions his loyalty and starts pursuing her performing career more seriously. An unwanted call from Sarah's dad breaks her happy façade and forces her to get real. Chet romances Scott's model friend, Alex. Katelynn tries to keep JD from outing her to the other guys.
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The BFF-O-Meter

Jan 21, 2009 Season 21 Episode 3

As Ryan starts pursuing his music career, he tries to resist an attraction to his biggest fan, Baya. When Katelynn's boyfriend becomes distant, she starts flirting, drinking and trying to find herself. Devyn sets her sights on Scott only to realize that he may already be taken. Chet starts flirting with Scott's friend Alex.
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The Outs & Ins of Brooklyn

Jan 14, 2009 Season 21 Episode 2

JD and Chet's personalities clash over and over again, causing tension in the house. Baya auditions for the Hip Hop Conservatory and is forced to reassess her dream. Ryan wins points with his more liberal roommates when he lets loose at a gay bar. Having come out to two of her roommates, Katelynn feels more comfortable in the house and comes out to Baya.
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Brooklyn Bridging

Jan 07, 2009 Season 21 Episode 1

The Brooklyn cast moves into the house and gets to know Red Hook. As the roommates struggle to figure out Katelynn’s secret, JD slowly comes out to roommates and tries to create a gender friendly house. Ryan struggles to overcome his outsider status and open up to the roommates.
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