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We've got all new cast interviews and amazing unseen footage of the stuff that never made air. Bathroom wars, Super sloppy nights, secret pranks, new uses for bear costumes and did someone say cute raccoons?

It's a Wrap!

Jul 09, 2008 Season 20 Episode 13

A visit to the set of Entertainment Tonight and anticipation of the final improv benefit show bring out Kimberly’s insecurities. Joey wonders if he made the right decision to leave the house and returns for a visit. Brittini tries to get signed with LA Models. Will starts seeing Janelle again. Dave gets a black eye. The roommates perform their final show together (starring Brianna) and bid Hollywood a fond farewell.
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Jul 02, 2008 Season 20 Episode 12

When the roommates go to Cancun for vacation, Will and Brittini cross the line and jeopardize their relationships, while Sarah and Kimberly gang up on Brianna, causing a rift in the house.
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Them Chicks Is Fo' Self

Jun 25, 2008 Season 20 Episode 11

When Kim, Nick and Sarah get an internship with, Nick hopes to bond, but Sarah’s professional insecurities lead to problems. After Alex Band tries to pigeonhole Brianna's singing, she decides to break out and record a demo of her own.
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Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Jun 18, 2008 Season 20 Episode 10

When two new roommates move in, Will tries to resist his attraction to Brittini in order to stay faithful to his girlfriend, Janelle. Dave becomes motivated to start hosting comedy shows and prove that he deserves to be in Hollywood.
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Joey's Decision

Jun 11, 2008 Season 20 Episode 9

Joey struggles with sobriety and questions his decision to come back to the house. Meanwhile, Brianna begins working harder on her music and performs at the Hard Rock Hollywood.
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Saints and Sinners

Jun 04, 2008 Season 20 Episode 8

Joey returns to the house after rehab only to find that his roommates won't stop partying for him. Greg blows off the roommates' first improv show for another modeling opportunity. Will starts pursuing a relationship with Janelle from the Real World Key West.
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Grumpy Young Men

May 28, 2008 Season 20 Episode 7

When Greg pulls another prank, Will and Dave blow up. The roommates visit Joey in rehab and prepare for his return.
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Panties, Pranks and Thieves

May 21, 2008 Season 20 Episode 6

When Greg invites too many loose girls over to the house, he stirs up trouble with all of the roommates. When someone steals Sarah’s panties, she turns the house upside down trying to out the thief and Will romances Greg’s girl for revenge. Sarah’s boyfriend Ryan visits.
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Music and Messes

May 14, 2008 Season 20 Episode 5

When Dave brings another girl home, his relationship with Kim is put to the test. Greg gets a modeling gig and blows off Improv for the second time. Sarah struggles to understand and accept Brianna’s promiscuous lifestyle. Will starts working on his music and encourages Brianna to do the same.
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The Party’s Over

May 07, 2008 Season 20 Episode 4

Joey hits rock bottom and the roommates have an intervention. Brianna goes to court in Philly to deal with the domestic abuse charges with her ex.
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The Devil Inside

Apr 30, 2008 Season 20 Episode 3

When Joey breaks down after partying again and reveals his struggle with addiction, Brianna blows him off for another guy. When the roommates start their job – an Improv acting class - Greg has a bad attitude and starts pulling pranks on the roommates. Dave and Kim start hooking up and try to establish a “friends with benefits” relationship.
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Just Say No

Apr 23, 2008 Season 20 Episode 2

Joey struggles to resist Brianna and the party lifestyle. When Kimberly and Sarah challenge the way Brianna uses her body, it threatens to expose their own prejudices. David’s true player goals come out and he and Kimberly get closer. Sarah tries to set some boundaries with Will in order to protect her relationship.
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Welcome to Hollywood!

Apr 16, 2008 Season 20 Episode 1

When Seven strangers move into a house in Hollywood, CA, the internet winner Greg immediately alienates himself from the roommates. Will develops a crushes on Brianna and Sarah. Brianna finds out there is a warrant out for her arrest, and struggles to let go of her ex.
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