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February 28, 2007: All's Unfair in Love and War

So all of my dreams of seeing Colie get repeatedly shot down came true. Seriously, I hope the slut finally gets it through her head that her policy with men isn't going to pay off, because I actually started to feel a little bad for her this episode. She's just so pathetic. Don't worry; I still think she's a big bitch in a stupid bun.But anyway, she thankfully observed that, to use her own words, Alex will make out with anyone. I don't think she put it together that includes her though, since the moment her tearful goodbye with Corey ended, she was back to her old tricks: getting drunk, trying and failing to get Alex's attention, getting drunker, then literally throwing herself at him. (Not to mention violating and forcing her life story onto that poor girl who didn't know her in the hot tub.) But it looked like Alex, by the end, was really putting his foot down and Colie was getting the message. At least for the moment.I also hope she takes Tyrie's advice to heart (which she won't)... read more

February 21, 2007: Bad Time to Visit

This episode... was so good. There’s almost too much to talk about, but I'll try. First off, can you imagine being Alex’s poor friend Brett? He really picked the worst time for him/best time for us to visit. He had to listen to Colie drunkenly whine about her boyfriend, then an hour later he had to see Colie sitting on Alex's lap begging him to have sex with her, followed the next day by lunch with Colie and her boyfriend as they made out across the table. Fun! Then, of course, he was there for the Brooke freak out (which I’ll get to in a second), then he had to watch Jenn and Alex make out next to him at the bar (which I’ll also get to in a second). I’d actually feel much worse for him if it didn’t look like he was trying to hook up with Colie that night at the bar. I was freaking out — I really thought they were going to on that walk home together (and why did they start running?). I certainly couldn’t put it past Colie.OK, so these are the ... read more

February 14, 2007: Straight to Hell

I still haven’t forgotten that Davis is a freak show. I don’t care that he was drunk; I don’t care that he’s sorry. I just can’t get over it. So needless to say, I wasn’t really looking forward to this Davis-heavy episode.For those of you who didn’t see his and Tyrie’s drunken fight, I actually don’t think I can describe how disturbing and scary-crazy Davis was. (I know I call Colie and Jenn crazy a lot, but this was actually crazy.) I was so disappointed when he didn’t go home. I hate him, and I just never have fun watching him. He has two personalities: the shrieking, racist psycho and the beige, soft-spoken country-club boy. He just sucks. And, of course, the other star of this episode, Stephen, sucks, too.Could Stephen and Davis be any more awkward together? I have trouble believing that it's their idea to hang out as often as they do (I certainly don’t think it was their idea to go on a double date), and I really don’t... read more

February 7, 2007: I'm Not Jealous, I'm Nauseous

Colie... Oh, Colie. You outdid yourself this time. But I have to say, at least you're predictable. Alex, you confused me in new and different ways this episode, and neither of you came out looking great. I’m not sure which one looked like the bigger freak, though, so let’s review.So, this girl that Alex brings home and has sex with, Stacy, uses that oh-so-painful Paris Hilton baby voice and doesn’t seem to have a whole lot going on in the personality department. She's also a little thicky-thick, which is cool, but I had to agree with Colie in her immature bitchiness that the tube-top dress was not a good decision. So, Colie: 0, Alex: -1.But seriously, that night Colie was acting like such a loser, I have to wonder if MTV regretted casting her. (How could I say such a thing?) I loved that at least the drunkies completely missed her stupid, “Oh, Alex, some girls called for you” comment, and I really wanted to smack some self-respect into this girl when she was... read more

January 31, 2007: Not Their Natural Habitat

I’m thinking more and more that this whole... outdoorsy-taking-away-from-valuable-drinking-time thing was not a good choice as a job to force upon a typical Real World cast. Really, what comes to mind when you think about the kinds of people Bunim-Murray casts to be on this show? Not really the wilderness type, and certainly not the camp-counselor Chris type (whom I still really hate for some reason. I guess it’s the voice). The people who are on Real World, the people who are supposed to be on Real World, are incredibly opinionated, ultra-outgoing, horny alcoholics. This cast is no exception, so I really don’t know why MTV thought making them go on nature hikes would work or be at all entertaining. Chris was right in his concern for these people’s health: They may look pretty, but their actual level of physical health probably warrants a stint at rehab. I’m not surprised that they can’t handle physically challenging situations that don’t involve d... read more

January 24, 2007: It Wants What It Wants

Gather ‘round children, and I will tell you a tale about a faraway place full of fantasy and adventure. Join me, won’t you, in the land of Colie’s Vagina; it’s a magical place where dreams come true and anything is possible! But don’t lose your way. The heavy self-delusion and obnoxious neediness in the air have trapped many a brave adventurer in the past. Now that we’re here, though, I’m confident one day, MTV will take us out… right?Our story begins with Colie’s boyfriend Corey, who’s been mysteriously invisible up until now. But don’t be fooled! He was here all along. Shhh… he still doesn’t know Colie had sex with her new cast mate on national television less than 48 hours after they entered into their “open relationship,” nor that Colie’s calling her new crush Adam immediately after hanging up the phone with Corey.Oh! Look over there. It’s Alex, with whom Colie still shamelessly flirts, even tho... read more

January 17, 2007: To Alcohol, the Cause of and Solution to....

Sometimes I feel hung over from just watching this season. Seriously, can anyone remember the last time this cast was sober? And these alchies are falling into the same pattern again and again. How many times are we going to see two housemates (one usually being Jenn) get incredibly wasted, start insulting and screaming at each other for no apparent reason, and then make up the next morning because neither of them can really remember what happened? First with Davis and Tyrie (which I still haven’t gotten over), then with Jenn and Tyrie. And now Jenn and Stephen and Jenn and Alex. Well, just like I’ve never forgiven Davis for what he said when he was drunk, I don’t think I’m getting over what Alex said in this episode anytime soon. He is actually a horrible person! Telling Stephen not to think of Jenn as a person but as a “fragile thing” to hurt in any way he can seriously creeped me out. And even weirder, when Alex is apparently (I can never tell) drunk... read more

January 10, 2006 Girls Gone Wild

First off, I just want to say that since the Outward Bound job started, there have been way too many vagina references on this show. I still can’t concentrate on anything Colie says ever since she warned the entire car that her vagina was going to get really hairy over the course of the trip and that everyone was just going to have to deal with it. And since most of the drama centered on Brooke’s tad too-public attempt to wipe her vagina with a wet nap, I think I’m ready for an episode that focuses more on the male cast members’ wilderness experiences. OK, so obviously Colie really did get mono, but I had to wonder how severe of a case it really was once she made amazing strides in her lengthy recovery the moment she spotted hottie Outward Bound instructor, Adam. Wouldn’t you know it? That debilitating fatigue seems to be letting up! I don’t know. I just think Colie is so attention-hungry, especially toward Alex (she made sure to let him know about her ... read more

Short Cuts: Wiggles, Snoop Dogg, Sopranos and More!

The Wiggles are expected to announce on Thursday that lead singer/"Yellow Wiggle" Greg Page is leaving the popular children's group due to a serious illness that has caused him to suffer fainting spells and lethargy.... Snoop Dogg and two members of his entourage were arrested Tuesday for investigation of illegally possessing a handgun, coke and weed as Dogg left NBC after performing on The Tonight Show.... A&E has set a Jan. 10 premiere for its semi-sanitized episodes of The Sopranos, to run back-to-back on Wednesdays from 9 to 11:30 pm/ET.... The Nov. 22 premiere of MTV's The Real World: Denver drew just 1.56 million viewers, down a whopping 53 percent from the February debut of the Key West edition. read more

A&E and Bravo have abandoned ...

Question: A&E and Bravo have abandoned the highbrow entertainment they were created to showcase for the more lucrative waters of lowest-common-denominator reality shows, but they are just some of the latest examples of this phenomenon. Niche cable nets start out aimed at a targeted audience, often providing the only example of certain types of programming, but after a few years they start moving inexorably to the mainstream. MTV goes from videos to endless Real World-type shows. VH1 goes from videos to repackaged nostalgia shows. The Nashville Network turns into the National Network then morphs all the way into Spike. The Game Show Network becomes GSN, the Outdoor Life Network (which I hadn't heard of until it made its move) becomes the new ESPN. Even outfits that don't totally change their "mission statement" start adding their own versions of Survivor or American Idol. Is the money in niche programming so lousy that these networks have to make the change, or is it a case of their ... read more

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