A pioneering reality series following young strangers who live together in various locales. A new cast is featured each season, with interactions among the diverse roommates heavy on ego, ambitions, anxieties and, of course, sex. What's stressed are dynamic personalities—and personality clashes—and its 'confessional' interviews became a template for countless reality imitators.

Active Cast

Bruno Skeletons
Jason Skeletons
Madison Skeletons
Nicole Skeletons
Sylvia Skeletons
Tony Skeletons

Former Cast

Jamie Chung (Season 14)
Mike (Season 10)
Matt Smith (Season 9)
Irene (Season 7)
Adam Royer Back to Las Vegas
Dustin Zito Back to Las Vegas
Leroy Garrett Back to Las Vegas
Michael Ross Back to Las Vegas
Nany Gonzalez Back to Las Vegas
LaToya Jackson St. Thomas
Ashley C Ex-plosion
Ashley M Ex-plosion