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The Real Housewives of Orange County - Hawaii 5 Uh-Oh

Episode #414 - Reunion Special

Feb 24, 2009 Season 4 Episode 14

Hosted by Bravo programming executive and "Watch What Happens" host Andy Cohen, the ladies of Orange County reunite to dish on all drama and give their side of the story on what really went on after the cameras stopped rolling.
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Episode #413 - Bling Bling

Feb 17, 2009 Season 4 Episode 13

Jeana Keough has her first real date since kicking her ex-husband, Matt, out of the house. Lynne Curtin's daughter, Raquel, loves her new BMW but hates to pay for gas. Raquel is constantly borrowing money from Lynne. Lynne?'s done being ?Mrs. Nice Guy.? It'?s time for Raquel to get a job. Vicki Gunvalson's daughter, Briana, has a new plan for her life that leaves Vicki stunned. It?'s the end of summer and all the Housewives, past and present, get together.
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Episode #412 - Are We There Yet?

Feb 10, 2009 Season 4 Episode 12

Jeana Keough and her daughter, Kara, drive to up to Berkley to move Kara into her apartment and find themselves strangers among the ?bums? and ?hippies.? Tamra Barney visits her dad in Iowa and puts it all on the line, spilling her heart out to her estranged father, while Gretchen Rossi does Dallas, reuniting with her four best friends from college. Lynne Curtin and her husband, Frank, take a romantic getaway to San Diego leaving their teenage daughters, Raquel and Alexa, home? with Grandma.
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Episode #411 - Vegas Baby!

Feb 03, 2009 Season 4 Episode 11

With her wild 18-year-old daughter, Alexa, running circles around her, Lynne Curtin seeks her mom?s advice about how to be a better parent. After four years away from home, Jeana Keough travels back to Wisconsin to see her family, only to be reminded of all the reasons she moved to California to begin with. Vicki Gunvalson comes to a surprising decision regarding the purchase of the million-dollar yacht she so badly wants and after two grueling months in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy, Gretchen Rossi's fiancé, Jeff, returns home. Later, the housewives blow off some steam with a girls? overnighter in Las Vegas.
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Episode #410 - The Girls Want to Come Out and Play

Jan 27, 2009 Season 4 Episode 10

Vicki Gunvalson and Jeana Keough take a road trip to Chicago to visit Vicki?'s friends from high school and former housewife Kimberly Bryant. With Jeff still in the hospital and her future uncertain, Gretchen Rossi looks to secure her financial well being. Tamra Barney invites her brothers over and they address their feelings towards their parents'? divorce. Meanwhile, Tamra?'s mother finally undergoes her facelift. Lynne Curtin decides to throw a cocktail party for the ladies, where her unruly teenage daughter, Raquel, helps herself to the bar.
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Episode #409 - Why Are You Being So Mean to Me?

Jan 20, 2009 Season 4 Episode 9

With Tamra Barney's formal seven-course dinner winding down, Tamra's son Ryan sees an opportunity to make his move on a very drunk Gretchen Rossi, leaving the rest of the ladies to worry and wonder about Gretchen?s well-being. Lynne Curtin works on her budding jewelry design business, but when businesswoman Vicki Gunvalson accuses her of not knowing how to work, Lynne goes out of her way to prove Vicki wrong. Jeana Keough finally moves her ex-husband, Matt, out of the house, but she struggles with how to get on with her new life. The ladies travel to Santa Monica for a trendy shopping day. Over lunch, when Gretchen confides in the women about her finances, it sparks a heated argument between Lynne and Vicki.
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Episode #408 - Naked Wasted

Jan 13, 2009 Season 4 Episode 8

Vicki Gunvalson visits her family in Chicago and once again tries to get validation from her less than affectionate mother. Lynne Curtin and her husband, Frank, canoodle over dinner and fret about some wine missing from the house. Now that Lynne'?s daughter, Raquel, is driving, Lynne worries about her drinking and getting behind the wheel. Gretchen Rossi is taking care of her gravely ill fiancé, Jeff, and reaches the end of her emotional rope. With Simon'?s urging, Tamra Barney takes an etiquette class and hires a top chef to prepare a formal seven-course dinner for all the housewives, which includes premium tequila tasting. When the tequila shots are served, Tamra and Vicki set Gretchen up for a major fall.
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Episode #407 - And They're Off?

Jan 06, 2009 Season 4 Episode 7

Although Jeff remains in the hospital, Gretchen Rossi still has something to get excited about when her new 5K diamond encrusted engagement ring arrives in the mail. While Vicki Gunvalson is attending a convention in Florida, her son, Michael, decides to have a pool party at the house and nosy neighbor Jeana Keough tattles on him. Tired of working for a large real estate corporation, Jeana decides she needs a change and joins Gary, her first ex-husband?s, boutique realty company. The ladies attend the opening day at Del Mar Racetrack where new housewife, Lynne Curtin, looks forward to getting to know the other housewives better. Drama ensues as Vicki and Tamra snub both Lynne and Gretchen.
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Episode #406 - Cut!

Dec 30, 2008 Season 4 Episode 6

Gretchen asks Jeff?'s children to come out from Michigan and rotate visits to their father'?s bedside, while she spends a day in with her friend Jo De la Rosa. Vicki accompanies Briana to the Red Cross to donate blood even though she is terrified of needles. Feeling the financial pinch of being a college student, Kara gets a summer job at a local boutique?and redefines ?manual labor.? Lynne meets the other housewives for the first time at Orange County'?s hip new restaurant, but within minutes of arriving, Lynne makes a misstep that leads to some very awkward exchanges. Before the night is over, Tamra and Gretchen square off over Gretchen'?s treatment of her ailing fiancé - completely derailing their budding friendship.
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Episode #405 -120 In the Shade

Dec 23, 2008 Season 4 Episode 5

All hell breaks loose in Lake Havasu as Jeana Keough, Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney converge on the river for the Fourth of July. But when Jeana brings Vicki'?s nemesis, Frankie, to lunch, Vicki feels betrayed and refuses to speak to Jeana, putting Tamra in the middle. Meanwhile, Gretchen Rossi vacations with her family in the mountains of Bass Lake, CA, but is devastated when she gets the news that her fiancé, Jeff, is not doing well. The new housewife prepares for her daughter's 18th birthday party, and an incident at her home spray-tan party tests her patience when her daughter has a bratty fit.
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Episode #404 - You Just Don't Get It

Dec 16, 2008 Season 4 Episode 4

While her fiancé overnights in the hospital, Gretchen Rossi lifts her spirits by hosting a burlesque party at her home. Vicki Gunvalson and family tour a million dollar yacht that she hopes to buy despite Briana?s protests. Viewers will meet the newest housewife, her husband and two precious teenage daughters. Vicki, Jeana and Tamra have a girl?s night out to get away from the drama in their lives, but a discussion about marriage and ex-husbands turns the situation contentious.
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Episode #403 - Love Tanks

Dec 09, 2008 Season 4 Episode 3

Tamra and Simon Barney celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary with a weekend getaway in Napa, and drama ensues when they invite Vicki and Donn Gunvalson to join them. Although her husband, Matt, is still in her house, Jeana Keough is making an effort to re-build her life post-separation with the encouragement of her family and her trainer, John Ellis. Gretchen Rossi and Jeff attend the Indianapolis 500, where Jeff's status provides access and privilege that very few people have at the races. Meanwhile, a horrible turn of events threatens Lauri Peterson's fairytale life with her husband George.
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Episode #402 - Hold On to Your Daddies

Dec 02, 2008 Season 4 Episode 2

Tamra Barney's husband, Simon, has quit his job at the Mercedes dealership and is now working on his own business start up? (from home). Gretchen Rossi talks her fiancé, Jeff, into going motorcycle shopping at Harley Davidson, hoping to expand the list of things she wants him to buy her. Even though the real estate market is in the dumps in Orange County, Jeana Keough still manages to make money by selling off the distressed properties of her friends. Lauri Peterson checks in on her wayward daughter, Ashley, and learns all about the new skincare business that she is trying to start up. Vicki and Donn Gunvalson take time out from their busy lives to have a date night, but she turns the evening of romance and reconnection into a bitter sparring match over their marriage.
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Episode #401 - Are They for Real

Nov 25, 2008 Season 4 Episode 1

In the fourth season premiere of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Vicki Gunvalson thinks about buying a yacht -? a million dollar purchase and the only way to fund it is to sell the family's beloved Lake Havasu home. Jeana Keough and her husband, Matt, have been separated for a year, but Jeana lets him move back into the house, and he's not leaving any time soon. Tamra Barney is dealing with family issues, both new and old, while the romance continues for Lauri and George Peterson. The newest housewife on the block, Gretchen Rossi, meets with her realtor, Jeana Keough, to view a home in Coto with her much older fiancé, Jeff, who has acute Leukemia.
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