Fri Sep 4 2:05am
Secrets Revealed(Season 7, Episode 23) BRAVO

Previously unseen footage from Season 7 is featured.

Sat Sep 5 7:00am
Secrets Revealed(Season 7, Episode 23) BRAVO

Previously unseen footage from Season 7 is featured.

Sun Sep 6 12:12pm
Secrets Revealed(Season 7, Episode 23) BRAVO

Previously unseen footage from Season 7 is featured.

Thu Sep 10 9:00am
Reunion Part 1(Season 7, Episode 20) BRAVO

Part 1 of 3. The Big Apple ladies reunite. Included: The wives recall their reactions to Bethenny's return; tensions resurface when the women remember their Atlantic City antics; and Sonja's partying behavior is addressed.

Thu Sep 10 10:00am
Reunion Part 2(Season 7, Episode 21) BRAVO

Part 2 of 3. The Big Apple ladies reunite. Included: LuAnn and Carole's feud continues with no resolution in sight; Kristen and Heather recall their conflicts with Dorinda; and Ramona apologizes for her past behavior.

Thu Sep 10 11:00am
Reunion Part 3(Season 7, Episode 22) BRAVO

Conclusion. The Big Apple ladies reunite. Included: Sonja defends her fashion line and business sense; Carole and Dorinda discuss their bond as widows; and the wild trip to Turks and Caicos is recalled.

Thu Sep 10 12:00pm
Secrets Revealed(Season 7, Episode 23) BRAVO

Previously unseen footage from Season 7 is featured.

Mon Sep 14 11:00am
Secrets Revealed(Season 7, Episode 23) BRAVO

Previously unseen footage from Season 7 is featured.

Tue Sep 15 6:00am
The B Is Back(Season 7, Episode 1) BRAVO

Season 7 opens with a returning Bethenny Frankel dealing with divorce issues and trying to find her place in the world. Meanwhile, LuAnn invites the ladies to her new home in the Hamptons; Ramona tries to adapt to the single life; and Carole feels pressure (more…)

Tue Sep 15 7:00am
New House, Old Grudges(Season 7, Episode 2) BRAVO

The ladies go to the Hamptons, and LuAnn shows off her new home at an informal party. Meanwhile, Dorinda and Sonja finally meet one another at Ramona's house; Ramona reaches out to LuAnn to address the past; and Carole flirts with LuAnn's personal chef.

Tue Sep 15 8:00am
Battle of the Brunches(Season 7, Episode 3) BRAVO

Dueling brunches are held by Bethenny and Ramona. The ladies first attend Bethenny's brunch, highlighted by mimosas and gossip, then arrive late to Ramona's event. Meanwhile, Dorinda reconnects with her boyfriend; and two very opinionated women clash at a (more…)

Tue Sep 15 9:00am
The Art of Being a Cougar(Season 7, Episode 4) BRAVO

Carole discusses her dating life with Heather in the wake of a wild night. Then, Carole woos LuAnn's young chef; Bethenny hosts her own birthday dinner, featuring Sonja and LuAnn and their much younger dates; and Bethenny and Heather clash at dinner.

Tue Sep 15 10:00am
Mind Your Own Business(Season 7, Episode 5) BRAVO

Bethenny has lunch with Sonja after having been warned about her questionable business aspirations. Meanwhile, Kristen has a photo shoot for her fashion blog; and Dorinda hosts a cocktail party, where Carole makes a confession and Sonja feels attacked.

Wed Sep 16 6:00am
Double Down on Delusion(Season 7, Episode 6) BRAVO

The ladies take a limo ride to Atlantic City to celebrate Ramona's birthday, her first without Mario. A lavish dinner, raucous gambling, dirty dancing and dramas surrounding Sonja are in the cards.

Wed Sep 16 7:00am
Family Matters(Season 7, Episode 7) BRAVO

Ramona's birthday festivities continue after a return from Atlantic City. Meanwhile, the women attend a boxing match; Bethenny journeys to Miami to meet a friend and connect with her estranged stepfather; and LuAnn also lands in Miami for her daughter's ap (more…)

Wed Sep 16 8:00am
The Cavi-Art of War(Season 7, Episode 8) BRAVO

Bethenny visits her therapist after reuniting with her stepfather. Also: Ramona makes a revelation about Mario; Bethenny reveals that she won't be able to attend Dorinda's planned birthday bash in the Berkshires; LuAnn and Ramona face off at a dinner.

Wed Sep 16 9:00am
Birthday in the Berks(Season 7, Episode 9) BRAVO

The women take a trip to the Berkshires to celebrate Dorinda's birthday. Here, a comment sets Dorinda off, the women talk about Bethenny during dinner at a local inn, the boyfriends and husbands arrive, and one surprise guest shows up as well.

Wed Sep 16 10:00am
Pop of Crazy(Season 7, Episode 10) BRAVO

Dorinda's birthday dinner takes a sour turn when Bethenny and Heather have a screaming showdown, capping a conflict-packed Berkshire weekend. Also: Ramona hopes to connect with Avery; and drama surrounds Bethenny at Ramona's party at her new sports bar.

Thu Sep 17 10:00am
Lord of the Manor(Season 7, Episode 12) BRAVO

LuAnn hosts a launch party, but drama peaks when Kristen and Bethenny have another showdown. Later, the ladies journey to Turks and Caicos. The fun in the sun turns shady and dark when accusations fly about Sonja, leading to a fiery confrontation.

Thu Sep 17 11:00am
Sonja Island(Season 7, Episode 13) BRAVO

Ramona and Bethenny have an emotional discussion. Meanwhile, Dorinda advises Sonja to stand up for herself, and Sonja is a no-show for a luxurious yacht outing, during which the other ladies forge bonds.

Thu Sep 17 12:00pm
Conch Blocked(Season 7, Episode 14) BRAVO

Bethenny plans to make lunch for the women, but Ramona stirs up tension when she wants everyone to go out to eat instead. Later, Ramona's antics interrupt the ladies' night of dancing, and Sonja plans a fun day at a hotel.

Thu Sep 17 1:00pm
Don't Be All, Like, Uncool(Season 7, Episode 15) BRAVO

A profanity-laced dinner continues, with Dorinda storming off and Heather dashing after her. Later, Heather tries to confront LuAnn and Ramona for their late-night antics. Also: Grievances air and tensions rise at Kristen's decorating dinner.

Thu Sep 17 2:00pm
Awfully Charitable(Season 7, Episode 16) BRAVO

Carole visits Bethenny and fills her in on the dramas at Kristen's denim-decorating bash. Meanwhile, tension surrounds Ramona at a charity event; Bethenny is called out for her arrogance; and Carole and Dorinda face their past when they head to London.

Thu Sep 17 3:00pm
London Calling(Season 7, Episode 17) BRAVO

Carole and Dorinda arrive in London and bond over losing their husbands. In New York, Sonja tutors Ramona in the art of dating when both are invited to a party, which becomes a fiery affair featuring Ramona on the prowl. Also: Carole and Dorinda have a coc (more…)

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