The Real Housewives of Melbourne

  • 2014
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

The lives of driven, well-pampered women in Australia are traced in this reality program.

Is Someone Having an Affair on #RHOMelbourne?
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: The Real Housewives of Melbourne premiere gets real as psychic Wife Jackie Gillies reveals someone is stepping out.
Janet Walks Out! (And Isn't Coming Back)
Season 2 Episode 6 Show Highlight: #RHOMelbourne drama spills out onto the Sydney city streets -- and Janet Roach won't be dragged back inside.
Was Gamble Breaux Topless?
Season 2 Episode 9 Show Highlight: Gina Liano gets to the bottom of Gamble's sex party pics! How naughty did this Housewife get?!
#RHOMelbourne's Most Shocking Reunion Burn!
Season 2 Episode 13 Show Highlight: Gamble Breaux has a few choice words on Manuela's aggression. Hint: riding is involved.
#RHOMelbourne Rumors Are Back!
Season 2 Preview: Was someone a stripper?!
Say G’Day To the Housewives Down Under!
Season 1 Preview: The Real Housewives of Melbourne are coming to flip Bravo s world upside down.
Chyka Gets Her Groove on – With Male Strippers
Season 2 Episode 7 Show Highlight: What happens when Housewives Jackie Gillies and Chyka Keebaugh get alone with male strippers? A lot.
Ep 6: Look Out Sydney!
The Housewives head north to Sydney where Gamble introduces them to her aptly-named sister Tempest and high profile friends in the Sydney art scene. S (more…)
Gamble Confronts The Stripper Rumor Source
Season 2 Episode 9 Preview: When the infamous Carlos shows up to Janet Roach's tea launch he reveals that Gamble Breaux's sex party might just be more (more…)
Ep 2: Murder Mystery Party
Gamble hosts her first event for the ladies, a Murder Mystery Party. Despite the 'witches' theme, it s a fun, glamorous night that culminates in a big (more…)
It's New 'Wife Against New 'Wife Down Under
Season 2 Episode 5 Preview: When Gamble Breaux confronts Pettifleur Berenger about calling her dumb, she might be in over her head.
Did Gina Throw Gamble Under the Bus?
Season 2 Episode 8 Preview: Jackie Gilles drops a bomb that might break up #RHOMelbourne allies Gina Liano and Gamble Breaux.
#RHOMelbourne Housewife Down!
Season 2 Episode 13 Preview: Her feud with Gina Liano is just a little too much for Janet Roach at the Reunion.
On The Season 2 Finale of #RHOMelbourne...
Season 2 Episode 11 Preview: It's Pettifleur Berenger's 50th birthday -- and does it go out with a bang! Which 'Wife will walk out?
Who Else Knew About the Gamble Stripper Rumor?
Season 2 Episode 12 Preview: Apparently, Janet Roach wasn't the only one who heard that Gamble Breaux had sex parties!
Ep 4: Anyone For Golf?
Chyka and Bruce collaborate with Mr. Melbourne, Eddie McGuire, on an ambitious new building project, while Gina works on her image in a colorful photo (more…)
Ep 8: Philippines Part 2
The Philippines trip continues and despite Lydia s best efforts to clear the air over dinner, the sniping escalates. Things calm down the next day whe (more…)
A 'Real Housewives' Dog Race
Season 2 Episode 11 Preview: Gamble Breaux's throwing a dog race for the ladies' pups and it's in slow motion. Which 'Wife's doggy will take the pri (more…)
'Everybody in Melbourne' is Talking About Gamble
Season 2 Episode 3 Show Highlight: Get more of Gamble Breaux and Janet Roach's fashion showdown.
Please Call Me Pettifleur
Season 2 Episode 1 Show Highlight: Pettifleur Berenger loves a challenge and isn't afraid to let out 'the bitch in her.'
Ep 10: A Day at the Races
It s a fashion spectacle for the ladies Down Under! First up is Derby Day where the women flaunt their style in black and white. Next up is the launch (more…)
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