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Apr 13, 2014 Season 6 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

It's just days before the debut of Kandi's musical, and ticket sales are far from booming. Meanwhile, Kenya must say goodbye to her beloved family member and pet, Velvet. One chapter in love ends for Porsha and Kordell, while another one scorches as Cynthia turns up the heat for Peter. NeNe returns from her travels experiencing unusual pains, causing her to seek medical attention. As Phaedra nears the end of her mortuary science journey, Apollo reveals his concern for their marriage. At Kandi's musical rehearsal, Porsha seems unfocused, causing Kandi to worry if she'll be able to pull off her performance. To make matters worse, the semi-autobiographical story could be quite the showstopper for Kandi’s biggest critic in the audience...Momma Joyce.

Mess Rehearsal

Apr 06, 2014 Season 6 Episode 21

With one week left until opening night of Kandi's musical, "A Mother's Love," Porsha heads to the studio to record her own single, leaving Kandi to wonder if she made the right choice in casting Porsha in the first place. Momma Joyce also stops by rehearsals and ends up having an open conversation with Todd on the future of their relationship. Cynthia can't shake the rumors that Bar One is in foreclosure, leaving Peter unable to reassure her that she won't lose her precious Industry location. NeNe travels to LA and New York hoping to get her career back on track, while a shocking loss hits Kenya causing her to put aside all of the drama and realize what's important in life.
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With Friends Like These

Mar 30, 2014 Season 6 Episode 20

Peter, Gregg and NeNe's explosive confrontation in Mexico continues to escalate, leaving the entire group in shock and dismay. Upon their return to Atlanta, Cynthia begins to seriously question whether her friendship with NeNe will survive this latest test. Meanwhile, Kenya meets with Marlo to dish the dirt post-Mexico, and also takes the next steps to prepare herself for motherhood. Kandi settles back into the grind of her musical -- but after dealing with Porsha's over-the top contract demands and missed rehearsals, she begins to wonder if casting her in the musical was the best decision after all.
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Mar 23, 2014 Season 6 Episode 19

As their Mexican vacation continues, Phaedra discovers Apollo having a private post-midnight moment with Kenya and confronts them. Apollo makes a surprising decision on whether to stand by his wife. In her continued quest to clear the air with the group, Kenya decides to "re-do" Nene's messy Pillow Talk event, and stunning opinions on cheating come to light. As the men retreat for some quality time alone, Gregg reveals a grudge he's been quietly holding against Peter - causing a shocking confrontation. Once the women join the fray, NeNe enters into another heated argument with Peter.
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Flirting With Disaster

Mar 16, 2014 Season 6 Episode 18

Soaking in the beauty of Mexico, Kenya downloads Lawrence on her thoughts on Porsha and Kordell's complicated relationship and also reveals lingering issues she has with Apollo. Later, the group leaves the resort and heads into the Mexican jungle ending with an erotic swim that raises a few eyebrows. In her continued quest for motherhood, Kenya asks NeNe, Cynthia, and Kandi to join her on a visit to a Mexican Shaman specializing in fertility. Meanwhile, Porsha and Phaedra relax poolside and question why NeNe and Marlo's recent Bailey Bowl altercation is being swept under the rug. Later that evening, Kenya crashes the guys' night out and confronts Apollo one-on-one regarding their troubled history, but the conversation is cut short when an unexpected guest shows up.
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He Said, She Said

Mar 09, 2014 Season 6 Episode 17

With the Bailey Bowl fiasco behind them, Kenya thinks the ladies and their partners could do with some little rest and relaxation and organizes a trip to Mexico. However, not everyone is excited about the trip, as both NeNe and Phaedra voice their displeasure. Kenya checks in on her new good friend Marlo and learns the jaw-dropping truth behind the Bailey Bowl drama with NeNe. Meanwhile, Porsha learns that Peter has his own tea to spill, leaving Cynthia caught in the middle and Porsha feeling tormented by her marital past.
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Twirling With The Enemy

Feb 23, 2014 Season 6 Episode 16

Still reeling from Peter and NeNe's argument at Kenya's masquerade ball, Cynthia is worried their conflict will have repercussions on her friendship with NeNe. With his surprise birthday party looming ahead, it's unclear if NeNe will be a no-show. Meanwhile, Kenya seeks answers from Marlo after NeNe's over-the-top display at her charity event, and decides to confront NeNe about her actions. As Porsha prepares for her role in Kandi's musical, NeNe offers her acting tips and also begins to question Kenya and Marlo's new friendship. Hoping to move on from all the recent drama, Kenya invites the girls to a couples trip "do-over" in Mexico. At Cynthia's "Bailey Bowl" fitness event, the light-hearted day turns dark when Marlo and NeNe square off in front of a packed crowd - leaving a confused Kenya caught in the middle of their shattered friendship.
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Dropping the Ball

Feb 16, 2014 Season 6 Episode 15

Ready to move on from the pillow talk saga, Kenya plans a grand masquerade ball and, extending the olive branch, anoints NeNe the guest of honor. Kenya also ropes her new friend Marlo in to help find bachelors to be auctioned off at the masquerade for NeNe's favorite charity. However, her event is sent into a tailspin at the 11th hour when she learns that NeNe may not even show up. Meanwhile, Porsha pins her hopes for a future career as an actress on her make or break audition for Kandi's musical. Unsurprisingly, Mama Joyce's meddling returns with a vengeance, forcing Kandi to face what may be the biggest challenge yet to her already fragile relationship with Todd.
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Peaches Divided

Feb 09, 2014 Season 6 Episode 14

NeNe's fun couples night turned melee continues. In the light of the next day, everyone tries to make sense of the drama with each person remembering a slightly different account of what actually happened. When Kandi arranges for all of the women to get together at a spa to smooth over their differences, NeNe's anger towards Kenya explodes.
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Pillow Talk Or Pillow Fight?

Jan 26, 2014 Season 6 Episode 13

In her continuing quest to motherhood, Kenya meets with a fertility doctor who gives the hard truth about her chances of becoming pregnant. Undaunted, she decides to explore all of her options - even if it means having a baby in an unconventional way. Weeks away from giving birth to her stage musical, Kandi secures a major performer to the cast, but faces resistance in asking Porsha to audition. Meanwhile, Phaedra teams up with her old friend Dwight to plan an inauguration for her infant son "Mr. President," which will serve as his proper introduction to Atlanta society. Cynthia downloads Peter on Kandi's recent revelation about his past, fueling Peter to want to confront Kandi. NeNe invites all of the couples to a sexy pajama party for a little pillow talk. However, the lighthearted frivolity turns into an unforgettable, all-out brawl, leaving relationships changed forever.
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Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches

Jan 19, 2014 Season 6 Episode 12

After their blowup at Cynthia's trunk show, NeNe visits Porsha in her new home to begin working on their friendship. Cynthia and Peter go out on the town with old friends Christopher and Natalie Williams, who divulge some shocking information about Kandi's fiancé Todd. When Kenya holds a family dinner, she drops a bombshell that leaves everyone at the table speechless. Meanwhile, Kandi finds the perfect venue for her musical, forcing Todd to make a decision about his potential new job. As the ladies enjoy a day trip to a local wine vineyard, things quickly turn from sweet to sour grapes when Natalie and Kandi butt heads over her accusations against Todd, leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
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Crunk In The Trunk

Jan 12, 2014 Season 6 Episode 11

As Phaedra downloads Kandi on her trip to Athens and Chuck's allegations, Kenya receives a long overdue but stressful visit from her Dad. Cynthia and Peter begin to mend their relationship after their big blow-up, while Porsha's divorce from Kordell marches on after the two meet with their lawyers to hash out a possible settlement. Kandi receives shocking news from Todd about the musical, and Nene makes a decision about whether or not to partake in it. A visit to Porsha's new house has Phaedra and Kandi questioning Porsha's financial smarts, causing not only the ladies but her family to worry as well. The ladies come together for Cynthia's sister, Malorie's jewelry trunk show, but tensions flare between Kenya and Malorie. NeNe is hit with unexpected news and emotions reach a boiling point when one of the ladies makes a dramatic exit.
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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Jan 05, 2014 Season 6 Episode 10

Porsha returns to Atlanta with a new found independence regarding Kordell, and is ready to move out of her mom's safe nest. Cynthia's sister Malorie pops back in town unexpectedly and quickly places herself in the middle of Peter and Cynthia's relationship by announcing her extended stay. When Peter gets wind of his sister-in-laws intentions, this adds an unnecessary strain on an already shaky foundation. Kandi and Momma Joyce catch up after weeks of not speaking, and Momma Joyce reveals her health may be in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Nene and Phaedra are summoned to dinner by Mynique's husband Chuck Smith, who asks the ladies to return with him to their hometown of Athens for an event. Once there, Phaedra and Chuck have a war of words over the true story behind their past relationship – leaving the visit on a surprisingly sour note.
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Midnight In The Garden Of Tea And Shade

Dec 29, 2013 Season 6 Episode 9

With the ladies still enjoying their time in Savannah, things quickly take a left turn when NeNe and Cynthia come to a heated disagreement about parenting, causing Cynthia to have a major breakdown. Comforted by Kenya and Porsha, Cynthia opens up about worrying for her daughter while Kenya and Porsha bond over their shared desire for children. Porsha debates putting her divorce on pause and reaching out to Kordell, and receives surprisingly stern advice from NeNe. Meanwhile, Kenya pulls aside Phaedra in hopes of settling their differences once and for all. After attending an outrageous drag show, the ladies enjoy one last home-cooked Savannah dinner together - but an unwelcomed guest creates a huge commotion, causing the meal to end on an unexpected note.
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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Dec 22, 2013 Season 6 Episode 8

After a rocky start, the ladies along with NeNe's friend Mynique finally get on the road to their rumored haunted mansion in Savannah. NeNe's frustration reaches an all-time high after Kandi takes her newfound kindness for weakness and commands the master bedroom. Early tensions spark between Mynique and Phaedra, while Mynique and Porsha become kindred spirits. After a day of sightseeing in historical Savannah, the ladies gather for cocktails only to learn the truly juicy history actually lies between Mynique's husband Chuck and a couple of the ladies. Porsha and Mynique's honeymoon is short-lived, as they end up in a heated battle with a surprising twist.
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