Phaedra’s Ready to Kill Apollo
00:18 — Find out what’s got Phaedra so angry with her husband.
Riley’s Thoughts On Todd
02:31 — Kandi finds out how her daughter really feels about her fiancé.
“You Don’t Sleep With Your Father”
02:07 — Through therapy Porsha Stewart learns that Kordell may have been more of a father to her than a husband.
Phaedra Talks ‘Textgate’ With Apollo
02:02 — In an attempt to put the Kenya scandal to rest, Phaedra Parks puts Apollo in check.
The Bling Kandi Has, the Bling Kandi Deserves
02:02 — Kandi’s fiancé is brought near-to-tears by learning of yet another slight made against him by his soon-to-be mother in-law.
Is Porsha Ready to Live Alone?
01:44 — Porsha tours a glamorous pad, but is unsure she’s ready to move away from her mom’s pancakes.
Joyce Comes for Todd
00:44 — Phaedra may be giving Apollo the silent treatment, but Joyce has a lot to say to Todd.
Phaedra: “I Might Have to Kill Him.”
03:00 — Relive Phaedra and Apollo’s awkward dinner date.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
After months of overcoming numerous hurdles to conceive, Kandi and Todd are ecstatic to welcome their first child together. However, Kandi is faced wi (more…)
Phaedra and Porsha Makeover Kim
Season 8 Episode 21 Show Highlight: Can they update her mama meets Bohemian Rhapsody style?
Peter’s One-on-One Talk with Noelle
Season 8 Episode 21 Show Highlight: See what happened when Peter sat down with Cynthia s daughter, Noelle, to explain the infamous video.
Porsha Explains the Incident at Phaedra's Party
Season 8 Episode 20 Show Highlight: Porsha Williams opens up about what really happened the night of the Christmas party.
Unseen Footage: Porsha's Anger Management Class
Season 8 Episode 20 Exclusive: Go inside Porsha Williams' session.
Andy Reads Kenya's Apology
Season 8 Episode 20 Show Highlight: Andy Cohen gets real with the ladies about their comments concerning Kim's husband.
Kenya Moore Calls Kim Fields Duplicitous
Season 8 Episode 21 Preview: Kenya and Sheree confront Kim for being condescending, and it doesn't go over well...
Charlotte Comes Between Cynthia and Peter
Season 8 Episode 21 Preview: Things get tense between Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas when he mentions wanting to buy a house in Charlotte.
Ep 21: Secrets Revealed
The Georgia peaches continue to throw shade with never-before-seen footage from Season 8 including Porsha and Phaedra's makeover of Kim, as well as ju (more…)
Shop the Look: Claudia's Closet Tour
Season 7 Exclusive: Go Inside Claudia Jordan s and check out her most fab items.
Shop the Look: Cynthia's Closet Tour
Shop: Check out what Cynthia Bailey has in her closet!
Todd Tucker and Phaedra Parks Hash Out Their Issues
Season 8 Episode 20 Preview: Things boil over between Todd and Phaedra over Apollo and the workout video.
Shop the Look: Porsha's Closet Tour
Season 6 Exclusive: Check out what Porsha Stewart has in her closet.
#RHOA Goes Hard on Penis Insults
Season 8 Episode 19 Show Highlight: The reunion scene you have to see to believe...
Kim Fields' Husband Confronts Kenya Moore
Season 8 Episode 20 Preview: The ladies address the rumor about Chris.
Your First Look at Reunion Part 3
Season 8 Episode 20 Preview: NeNe Leakes joins the Wives!
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