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1997, TV Show

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May 02, 1999 Season 3 Episode 22 watch on

Eugene defends a rabbi accused of rape.


Apr 25, 1999 Season 3 Episode 21

Bobby represents a man whose wife died after undergoing plastic surgery.
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Home Invasions

Apr 18, 1999 Season 3 Episode 20

Gamble faces humiliation when a witness in a high profile case changes his testimony.
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Closet Justice

Mar 28, 1999 Season 3 Episode 19

A judge forces Lindsay to defend a man who brutally murdered a nun.
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Mar 14, 1999 Season 3 Episode 18

Eugene and his wife battle for custody of their son.
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Target Practice

Mar 07, 1999 Season 3 Episode 17

A couple sues a gun manufacturer after their daughter is murdered with an assault weapon.
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End Games

Feb 28, 1999 Season 3 Episode 16

Ellenor is charged with murder after police find a bloody knife in her desk drawer.
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Lawyers, Reporters And Cockroaches

Feb 21, 1999 Season 3 Episode 15

Bobby represents a restaurateur who went out of business.
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Judge And Jury

Jan 17, 1999 Season 3 Episode 13

Gamble prosecutes the executive producer of a television news magazine who allowed footage of an assisted suicide to air on his program.
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A Day In The Life

Jan 10, 1999 Season 3 Episode 12

Bobby aids a friend whose daughter may have accidentally smothered her newborn.
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Split Decision

Jan 03, 1999 Season 3 Episode 11

The attorneys debate whether or not to represent an asbestos company.
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Swearing In

Nov 29, 1998 Season 3 Episode 8

Tommy Silva (Tony Danza) begins to build a case against Bobby's firm; Bobby defends a woman accused of a vicious crime; Rebecca questions her career choice.
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Trench Work

Nov 15, 1998 Season 3 Episode 7

Steve Robin sues the firm for defamation of character.
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One Of Those Days

Nov 08, 1998 Season 3 Episode 6

Ellenor and Eugene's lack of a strong defense strategy in the George Vogelman murder trial causes them to resort to desperate tactics.
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The Battlefield

Oct 25, 1998 Season 3 Episode 5

Lindsay appeals the verdict in the Pearson case.
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