The Powerpuff Girls

1998, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Makes Zen To Me / Say Uncle

Apr 22, 2004 Season 6 Episode 2 watch on (Paid)

"Makes Zen to Me" When Buttercup gets a fortune cookie saying that "Peace Lies Within" the most violent of Powerpuffs sets out on a quest for inner peace.

Knock It Off

Jun 28, 2002 Season 4 Episode 10

"Knock it Off" When the Professor's college roommate sees his brilliant creations, he decides to cash in on the popularity of the Powerpuffs. (22 Minutes)
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Him Diddle Riddle

Aug 02, 2002 Season 4 Episode 4

The girls must solve a series of complicated riddles by Him in order to keep the Professor from having to "pay.
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Film Flam

Apr 20, 2001 Season 4 Episode 1

A sleazy film director shows up in town and wants to do a movie about the girls.
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