The Point

  • 2000
  • TV Show
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A series that takes viewers into unfamiliar worlds.

The Point - DOTA Might Ruin Your Life
04:43 — Danny explains why he won't play DOTA, and asks why we play games we don't really enjoy. Features & Reviews - Ga (more…)
The Point - Is Titanfall a Call of Duty Killer?
04:52 — Danny explains why he thinks Call of Duty's time is finally up, and how Titanfall could be the next innovator in FPS multiplayer. Follow Titanfall at (more…)
The Point - Why are gamers so angry?
05:51 — Danny explores his own history of online anger, and wonders what we can all do to make our games communities more tolerant. Features & Reviews - http (more…)
The Point - Why The Xbox Is Losing
04:46 — Danny explores how hardcore gamers are killing the Xbox One and why Kinect may not be in the box after all. Features & Reviews - (more…)
The Point - Should you hold off on next gen?
04:52 — Now that Watch Dogs has been delayed, Danny wonders if you should wait until next year to buy an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. Watch more of The Point (more…)
The Point - Should games try to be films?
04:49 — Danny wonders if games are trying too hard to be movies, or if experiences like Beyond: Two Souls are opening up new avenues for the medium. Features (more…)
The Point - Should I Buy Pokemon?
07:41 — Danny enlists the help of the GameSpot UK office to solve his quandary over whether or not to hop on the Pokemon bandwagon. Features & Reviews - http (more…)
The Point - Should you buy a VITA?
04:47 — Danny explores the uneasy history of PlayStation portables, and wonders if now is the perfect time to get a VITA. Features & Reviews - (more…)
This is a video about GTA V
04:50 — Danny explores the power of the Grand Theft Auto brand, and explains why it gets so much coverage from the press. Follow GTA V at! http: (more…)
The Point - What are you buying?
05:04 — Danny wonders how much influence our friends have over the games we play and the consoles we buy. Watch more of The Point! (more…)
The Point - PS4 Launch: Sony's Best or Worst?
04:28 — Danny takes a look at the history of PlayStation launch lineups and asks if the PlayStation 4's launch is better or worse than previous years. Featur (more…)
The Point - The Lost Art of Replaying Levels
05:01 — A weekend of playing Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has reminded Danny that campaign length isn't the baseline for value, and how replaying levels (more…)
The Point - What happened to Assassin's Creed?
05:53 — Danny wonders how one of this generation's most beloved franchises went from historical fan favourite to apathetic pirating simulator. Follow Assassi (more…)
The Point - Go to a Games Show!
04:16 — Danny explains why attending public games events like Gamescom and PAX is way more fun than E3. Features & Reviews - (more…)
The Point - GTA V: See you in Los Santos!
04:30 — Danny explores how Grand Theft Auto changed the way we feel about game worlds, and why he can't wait to visit Lost Santos. Follow GTA V at GameSpot.c (more…)

Cast & Details

  • Premiered: September 4, 2000
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: A series that takes viewers into unfamiliar worlds.

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