Meet the Cast
03:25 — Take a sneak peek at The Pauly D Project and get to know the guys!
The Pauly D Project Season 1
"The Pauly D Project" gives viewers an inside look at Pauly D's life away from Seaside Heights, NJ, as cameras document his transition from world-famo (more…)
Toilet Paper
01:01 — Biggie refuses to use the hotel toilet paper and he locks up his personal rolls so that no one steals it.
Remote Control
01:12 — Jerry has a rough fall when Biggie tries to hit him with a remote control car.
Pauly D Everything
00:43 — The guys arrive back to Las Vegas and find that The Palms hotel is covered in Pauly D photos. Episode airs Thursday at 10:30/9:30 c.
Prank Wars
01:10 — Jerry's prank backfires when Pauly D and Biggie give him a rude awakening.
High School DJ
01:08 — Pauly D makes a surprise visit back to his high school and DJ's at the school dance.
00:58 — Jerry gets defensive when he believes that someone has tampered with his eyelash curler.
The Morning After
01:23 — The gang expresses their disappointment to Biggie for not going out the morning after their strip club night.
Pickle Pocket
02:27 — After the boys gang up on Jerry, he plays a prank on Ryan by putting a pickle in his jacket.
Meeting With 50 Cent
01:50 — Pauly D meets with 50 Cent to sign a recording contract to be on his label.
Passing Gas
00:58 — Ryan and Pauly D can barely breathe after Biggie disobeys the rules and passes gas.
02:32 — Jerry becomes a human target when the boys gang up on him with paintballs and grenades.
01:21 — Biggie and Jerry take one for the team when they choose to sleep in beds that are not 'Fat Man Friendly.' Episode airs Thursday at 10:30/9:30c.
Pauly And Angel
01:09 — While in Rhode Island, Pauly D gets advice from his ex-girlfriend, Angel.
Lap Dance
01:14 — Pauly D gets a surprise lap dance from Britney Spears. Episode airs Thursday at 10:30/9:30c.
Mommy Day
00:47 — Pauly D takes his mom out for a bonding mani/pedi day.
Dinner With The Boys
00:54 — In this deleted scene, the gang jokes around at dinner and Pauly D expresses his gratitude for their support.
00:48 — Pauly D leaves his mark on an old locker he used to have in high school.
01:43 — Biggie gets frustrated of always having to be the babysitter of the group.
Pauly D The Date Mentor
01:30 — Pauly D gives Jerry some love advice for his hot date. Episode airs Thursday at 10:30/9:30c.
Cardigan Problems
00:53 — Ryan has cardigan issues when trying to get ready for the club.
Ready For G-Unit
02:09 — Pauly D is requested to fly to New York immediately in order to meet with G-Unit. Episode airs Thursday at 10:30/9:30c.
Record Deal Party
00:39 — 50 Cent throws a party to introduce Pauly D as a new artist on his label.
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