The Outer Limits

2001, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Human Trials

Jan 18, 2002 Season 7 Episode 22 watch on Hulu (Free)

A test to find the right soldier for a secret mission pushes the limits of loyalty of each of the candidates.

In Our Own Image

Dec 18, 1998 Season 4 Episode 26

An android goes on a killing spree and takes Celia hostage.
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Black Box

Dec 11, 1998 Season 4 Episode 25

A man has horrifying flashbacks from his days as a member of a covert branch of the military.
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Phobos Rising

Dec 04, 1998 Season 4 Episode 24

Rival military bases on Mars get into a stand off after an explosion on Earth.
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The Origin Of Species

Nov 27, 1998 Season 4 Episode 23

A university geneticist’s son and six students join him on an alien spaceship. The aliens promise the group that they will be part of a great experiment in hope, but the students feel they have been led astray when they wake up on a dead planet.
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Balance Of Nature

Sep 04, 1998 Season 4 Episode 22

A doctor develops the technology to reverse aging and disease. Sounds too good to be true? That is because it is. Mother Nature should never be toyed with.
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Promised Land

Aug 21, 1998 Season 4 Episode 21

A family of aliens try to protect their food and farm from a group of hostile humans.
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Aug 14, 1998 Season 4 Episode 20

A voice interrogates aliens' captives and probes their weaknesses.
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Aug 07, 1998 Season 4 Episode 19

An Alaskan archaeological team discovers what appears to be a burial mound containing an alien's remains.
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Jul 10, 1998 Season 4 Episode 18

Four people in a top-secret research facility seem at first to have nothing in common. What brought them together is their telekinetic ability and a CIA project head hopes to exploit their talent through the use of devices that amplify that power.
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Jul 03, 1998 Season 4 Episode 17

A man who was cryogenically frozen awakens in a world populated only by women.
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Final Exam

Jun 26, 1998 Season 4 Episode 16

A city is held hostage by a disgruntled student with a nuclear device. His demand is that the Government kill five of his enemies.
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Mary 25

May 29, 1998 Season 4 Episode 15

A robotic nanny becomes involved in a love triangle.
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To Tell The Truth

Apr 24, 1998 Season 4 Episode 14

A discredited scientist tries to convince colonists to evacuate their planet before they're destroyed by radiation.
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The Joining

Apr 17, 1998 Season 4 Episode 13

A scientist experiments with adding Venusian DNA to his own.
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Fear Itself

Apr 10, 1998 Season 4 Episode 12

Treatment for crippling phobias alters a man's brain.
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The Vaccine

Apr 03, 1998 Season 4 Episode 11

Only three vaccines are available for the dozen quarantined survivors of a genetically engineered doomsday virus. Who shall get the life saving serum? Therein lies the dilemma.
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Identity Crisis

Mar 27, 1998 Season 4 Episode 10

A soldier's intellect transfers to an android.
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Mar 20, 1998 Season 4 Episode 9

A health official goes to a small town to investigate a mysterious plague.
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Right Of Passage

Mar 13, 1998 Season 4 Episode 8

In a society controlled by aliens, two teens rebel when their baby is taken away.
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Mar 06, 1998 Season 4 Episode 7

A TV reporter and military officers encounter a being who may be a benevolent god, or a dangerous alien.
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Relativity Theory

Feb 27, 1998 Season 4 Episode 6

Astronauts seeking minerals on another planet annihilate seemingly primitive aliens who are actually from a superior culture.
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In the Zone

Feb 20, 1998 Season 4 Episode 5

With deadly lasers and hand-to-hand battles, The Octal is a combat sport for a new generation; but Tanner Brooks is no longer a young man. He's promised his wife Jessica that this will be his final tournament, but Tanner is desperate to go out a winner.
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Hearts and Minds

Feb 06, 1998 Season 4 Episode 3

Engaged as soldiers on a distant planet to prevent a race of alien bugs from stealing the minerals that provide the Earth's energy, a woman and her troops accidentally discover that the enemy is not at all as advertised.
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The Hunt

Jan 30, 1998 Season 4 Episode 2

After animal hunting is banned, sportsmen hunt androids which are no longer useful.
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Criminal Nature

Jan 23, 1998 Season 4 Episode 1

A cop battles genetically mutant children who are destroying a city.
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