The Outer Limits

2001, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Human Trials

Jan 18, 2002 Season 7 Episode 22 watch on Hulu (Free)

A test to find the right soldier for a secret mission pushes the limits of loyalty of each of the candidates.

Feasibility Study

Jul 11, 1997 Season 3 Episode 17

The residents of a suburban neighborhood have their lives turned upside down when a four block section of their subdivision is ripped from the earth by a mysterious force and transported to a distant planet.
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Bodies of Evidence

Jun 20, 1997 Season 3 Episode 16

When an incident at a space station leaves three people dead, the captain of the ship returns to Earth to face murder charges and a court martial--but all is not what it seems as the drama and intrigue in the courtroom unfold to reveal the "truth."
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Revelations of Becka Paulson

Jun 06, 1997 Season 3 Episode 15

A dowdy housewife communicates with a photograph after shooting herself.
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Music Of The Spheres

May 09, 1997 Season 3 Episode 14

When a seemingly harmless audio signal from space causes physiological changes in Earth's youths, a young scientist races against time to discover what exactly is happening and why.
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Dead Man's Switch

Apr 04, 1997 Season 3 Episode 13

When it is not known if aliens coming to the Earth are friend or foe, five people are placed individually in secret underground bunkers to man switches that if not pressed at specified intervals will set off mass destruction.
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Double Helix

Mar 28, 1997 Season 3 Episode 12

A university geneticist, believing he's discovered the keys to our evolution, injects himself with an untested chemical material.
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New Lease

Mar 21, 1997 Season 3 Episode 11

A remorseless, uncaring scientist and his partner discover a way to regenerate cells and bring life back to the recently deceased.
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Mar 14, 1997 Season 3 Episode 10

A woman, Beth Carter, is unable to experience emotion until Dr. Steven Molstad gives her an implant that grants her the ability feel love, happiness and fear. However, things appear to go bad when Beth begins to hear voices and she is abducted by aliens.
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Mar 07, 1997 Season 3 Episode 9

Attempting to deliver serum to a plague stricken planet where his wife and son live, a space pilot and his crew crash land on an unknown moon.
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Heart's Desire

Feb 28, 1997 Season 3 Episode 8

A strange preacher arrives in an 19th Century old west town and 'bestows' upon four local criminals the power to turn mass into energy. When the men use their new power for evil means, the preacher reveals his true identity and his mission on Earth.
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The Camp

Feb 21, 1997 Season 3 Episode 7

Mankind is now enslaved by an extremely powerful alien race in concentration camps. Although the foe seems unvanquishable, one woman dares to rise and challenge her Commander. Her example does not remain without an echo, but what will be the final result?
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Dark Rain

Feb 14, 1997 Season 3 Episode 6

A biochemical war leaves the majority of humanity unable to produce healthy children. When a couple, Sherry and Tim McAllister, produce a healthy newborn, a mysterious government agency seeks to use their child to repopulate Earth.
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Stream Of Consciousness

Feb 07, 1997 Season 3 Episode 5

When the Stream develops a virus causing people to die, Ryan, being the only one that is immune, must use the knowledge he has gained from books to save the world
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Last Supper

Jan 31, 1997 Season 3 Episode 4

Danny Martin falls in love with Jade, a girl from college. However, when he brings her home for supper, his father is shocked as Jade is identical to a woman that he saved from cruel experiments when he was a private in the army 20 years ago.
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Jan 24, 1997 Season 3 Episode 3

Rebecca Highfield and her husband, politician Graham Highfield, get a second chance at happiness after Justin, their four-year-old son, died in a household accident.
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Second Thoughts

Jan 19, 1997 Season 3 Episode 2

A scientist who is dying transfers his mind into Karl Durand, a 30-year-old male who has the mind of a child. Karl is in love though. Suddenly brilliant, he hopes to gain the affections of Rose, his social worker.
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Bits of Love

Jan 19, 1997 Season 3 Episode 1

The lone survivor of a war has an affair with a holographic woman.
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