'We are controlling transmission. ...' An eerie, fondly remembered sci-fi series that depicts paranormal paranoia with clever scripts and good (for its time) special effects. The series also benefited from an impressive roster of guest actors, including Martin Landau, Martin Sheen, Bruce Dern, Cliff Robertson, Carroll O'Connor and William Shatner (as an astronaut on a mission presciently called Project Vulcan). A cult hit in syndication, it was revived in 1995 on Showtime.

Guest Stars

Douglas Henderson
Fredericks, Runyan, Tillyard
Robert Culp
Cameron, Leighton, Trent
Robert Duvall
Ballard, Bullard, Louis Mace
David McCallum
Gwyllm, Hobart
Henry Silva
Chino Rivera, Mercurio
John Hoyt
Balfour, Creature