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Whistleblower Season 6, Episode 26

In the Season 6 finale, the heat is on when the media discover that Sabre's printers catch on fire. When Sabre CEO Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) arrives to unmask the whistle-blower, the staffers point accusatory fingers at Andy, who passionately denies that he's the leak. read more

The Chump Season 6, Episode 25

Newbie parents Jim and Pam are sleepless in Scranton, as they learn that it's awfully hard to stay awake at the office. Meanwhile, Michael displays unforeseen maturity when he discovers something negative about Donna (Amy Pietz). And it's the wrath of Angela when Dwight reneges on their most unusual contract. read more

The Office Episode Recap: "Whistleblower" Season 6, Episode 24

That's it folks. The end of the end, and honestly, I don't know where the writers will take this finale. For the first time, this season has included little rolling plots and cliffhangers. I expect something big, hilarious, epic, and mind-blowing. Bring on the funny...
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The Office Episode Recap: "The Chump" Season 6, Episode 23

Brace yourselves America, because you are about to watch one of the funniest episodes in Office history. Will Michael break things off with his mistress Donna? Can Dwight and Angela ever resolve their contract? How long will it be before Jim and Pam can get back into the swing of the office life? All your questions, and more, are about to be answered...

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The Office Episode Recap: "The Cover-Up" Season 6, Episode 22

This week, love is in the air, or is it? We saw Michael finally obtain the girl of his dreams last week, and it may seem too good to be true. Will the boss seal the deal, or will this hottie be another office disappointment?

The episode opens with a typical Jim and Pam prank, Morris Code. In order to talk secretly, and annoy Dwight, the couple invents a secret code full of pen clicking and tapping. It works, Dwight apologizes for the annoying things he has done, accuses them of clicking a detonator, and finally is forced to wear a pair of headphones to block the annoyance. Score one for Jim and Pam.

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The Office Episode Recap: "Body Language" Season 6, Episode 21

Love is in the air at the office, and Michael will finally learn of his fate with the bartender he met a few episodes back. Will he finally score, or as Tila Tequila (now Miss Tequila) would say, "his shot at love will end." Get it? A "shot" at love, because she is a bartender, and pours shots?

The episode opens with Michael (aka Miguel) speaking Spanish with Erin. He reveals that since Mexico is North America's "neighbor to the South," everyone should learn the language. We later find out, as he is going around the office attempting to speak with other employees, that he is going on a trip to Cancun. In order to help the boss, Oscar tries to get Michael to learn how to gender-specify words, but instead, he ends up drawing penis and breast pictures on sticky notes, and taping them to objects. The worst part, Michael can't even say "that's what she said" correctly.

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The Office Episode Recap: "Secretary's Day" Season 6, Episode 20

After a month of trying to find hilarity in our TV Guide office in New York City, watching a new episode of The Office finally relieved me of the gaping hole in my Thursday nights. The gang is back, and this week, they all having something to say. Where will Andy and Erin take their relationship? Will we ever see the return of Pam? Well, this week, all of our questions were answered.

The episode opens as the majority of the office crowds around Oscar's desk in order to see a video he made of Kevin's voiced to the tune of the various Sesame Street characters, including Cookie Monster. Kevin gets a bit insulted, and even Dwight gets in on the fun, especially since he loves the show where the characters live in the "barrio."

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The Office Episode Recap: "Happy Hour" Season 6, Episode 19

On this episode of The Office, It's party time at Dunder Mifflin Sabre! Michael and the gang head out to a club in hopes of cutting loose and dancing the night away, and I couldn't be more excited. After viewing the episode, only one thing came to mind. Oddly enough, it completely resembles when I go out with my NYU friends in the city. Not... read more

The Office Episode Recap: "New Leads" Season 6, Episode 18

Oh, Michael, what are we ever going to do with you? Often, I find our favorite boss' antics more annoying than endearing, but after this week's episode, I can't help but to actually laugh out loud.

In a blatant tribute to the hit film Glengarry Glen Ross (oddly starring the following NBC show's star, Alec Baldwin), Michael creates a game in order to teach the sales team a lesson about spreading the wealth, and being thankful for their client references.

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The Office Episode Recap: "St. Patrick's Day" Season 6, Episode 17

After Cecilia's glorious yet unconventional arrival into the world, it's time for the Dunder Mifflin staff to resume their roles as Pennsylvania's most outrageous office staff.

Hello America. I am Adam Mersel,'s resident Intern/Sitcom Enthusiast/Assistant Regional Manager, and I will be taking over as official recapper of The Office

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The Office Episode Recap: "The Delivery" Season 6, Episode 16

In one of the most momentous episodes The Office has given us, Pam and Jim's baby finally arrives, though they do try to put off the moment as long as possible. Meanwhile, Michael tries to make a new Jam coupling in the office after thinking he's the mastermind behind the first. Let's get started, shall we?

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The Office Episode Recap: "Manager and Salesman" Season 6, Episode 15

In this week's episode of The Office, Sabre's CEO Jo Bennett comes to Dunder Mifflin Scranton and institutes some major changes, including naming only one manager. As Jim and Michael figure that one out, Andy accidentally makes Kelly believe he has a crush on her.

The episode opens on Michael Scott checking his Vancouver reservation for the Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn't seem to have him on the books. Dwight tries to help him find it in his email ("You did get the evite to my bar-b-que!"), but it seems as though Michael is just trying to get a last minute hook-up despite the hotel being fully booked for months. Just when you think all is lost, Dwight finds the confirmation code only to have Michael cancel his reservation moments later.

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The Banker Season 6, Episode 14

When a potential buyer arrives at Dunder Mifflin, Michael, Dwight, Andy and Pam team up to win his favor by highlighting their top-drawer contacts. Meanwhile, Michael reflects on memorable moments at the office. read more

Secret Santa Season 6, Episode 13

There aren't many ho-ho-hos at Dunder Mifflin when Phyllis and Michael square off for the honor of playing Santa at the office holiday party. Meanwhile, Jim and Dwight try to spread holiday cheer---despite the not-so-jolly uncertainty of the company. read more

Scott's Tots Season 6, Episode 12

The kids won't be all right. Michael must inform a group of youths that he can't fulfill a promise he made to them 10 years earlier. Elsewhere, Jim steps up to maximize office morale by launching an employee-of-the-month plan. read more

Shareholders Meeting Season 6, Episode 11

Corporate bigwig David Wallace (Andy Buckley) summons a jubilant Michael to attend a shareholders meeting in New York City. Michael invites Andy, Dwight and Oscar to tag along. Meanwhile, Jim clashes with a lazy Ryan back at the office. read more

Murder Season 6, Episode 10

Vicious rumors spread about Dunder Mifflin and have a powerful impact on Michael, who leads the office into a bizarre day of diversions and distractions, perturbing Jim and causing the staffers to question Michael's mental state. Meanwhile, Andy's nerdy bumbling prevents him from successfully wooing Erin. read more

Double Date Season 6, Episode 9

Jim and Pam, finally having run out of excuses, agree to go out on a double date with Michael and Helene (Linda Purl). Meanwhile, Dwight deviates from the norm, performing good deeds for his coworkers. read more

Koi Pond Season 6, Episode 8

It's a scare fare for Halloween when the branch organizes a haunted house for community children. Meanwhile, Michael literally plunges into an important business meeting: He falls into a koi pond. And Pam and Andy use cold-calling methods to pull in more business. read more

The Lover Season 6, Episode 7

Jim and Pam return from their honeymoon, only to get walloped with stunning news regarding the identity of Michael's newest sweetheart. Meanwhile, Dwight delivers a bizarre peace offering to Jim in an effort to make amends for years of torment. read more

Mafia Season 6, Episode 5

When an insurance salesman visits the office, Dwight and Andy believe he's a Mafia man and set out to convince Michael of their suspicions. read more

Niagara Season 6, Episode 6

Conclusion. The staffers celebrate Jim and Pam's nuptials in Niagara Falls, but a cascade of twists, turns and complications ensues. read more

Niagara Season 6, Episode 4

Part 1 of 2. The staffers travel to Niagara Falls to celebrate Jim and Pam's nuptials---but no one must mention Pam's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Michael, Dwight and Andy seek lusty liaisons with wedding guests. read more

The Promotion Season 6, Episode 3

Corporate honcho David Wallace (Andy Buckley) floors the staffers with news that not all will receive raises for the year. Elsewhere, Jim pushes Dwight too far, so Dwight sets out to form office alliances. And Pam focuses on her wedding-gift wish list. read more

The Meeting Season 6, Episode 2

It's an undercover mission at the office when Toby and Dwight lurk in the shadows to investigate a workers'-compensation claim filed by warehouse denizen Darryl. Meanwhile, Pam gets busy on a guest list for the wedding; and Michael feels defensive following a request from Jim. read more

Gossip Season 6, Episode 1

In the mock-doc's Season 6 opener, the Dunder-Mifflin staffers share gossip about the summer interns. Michael, feeling left out of the fun chatter, desperately goes hunting for the next big rumor to spread. Meanwhile, sexual-identity issues rattle Andy. read more

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