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The Office Season 5 episodes

Company Picnic Season 5, Episode 28

Season 5 closes with the staffers attending the annual Dunder Mifflin company picnic, where Michael and ex-flame Holly (Amy Ryan) reunite. Elsewhere, the Scranton branch tries to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition in a volleyball tournament. Idris Elba guest stars. read more

Cafe Disco Season 5, Episode 27

Michael embraces the idea of a "café disco" by introducing dance fever and coffee to the office, resulting in quite a jolt. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam rev up for a secret trip. read more

The Office Episode Recap: "Company Picnic" Season 5, Episode 26

In "Company Picnic," Holly, Michael's soup-snake soul mate returns — and performs a skit with him, no less — while the Scranton branch racks up the wins in the volleyball tournament, until their surprise superstar goes down with an injury.

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Broke Season 5, Episode 25

In his new endeavors, Michael faces mounting financial difficulties and problems with early-morning deliveries. Meanwhile, Angela plays enforcer as the staffers try to finish their expense reports on deadline. read more

The Office Episode Recap: "Casual Friday" Season 5, Episode 24

In "Casual Friday," Michael returns to the Office, and instead of finding fawning co-workers, he faces a full-fledged mutiny from his sales team. Meanwhile, Jim and Creed play chess, and Toby makes the office staff respect his authority. read more

The Office Episode Recap: "Broke" Season 5, Episode 23

In "Broke" — a masterful episode directed by Steve Carell — the upstart Michael Scott Paper Company is siphoning off business from Dunder Mifflin but losing money in the process because their prices are way too low. So this leaves both companies at an impasse, and leads to a high-stakes negotiation between Michael and David Wallace.

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The Office Episode Discussion: "Heavy Competition" Season 5, Episode 22

The Dundler Mifflin/Michael Scott Paper Company war escalates as Dwight's loyalties to Michael are tested. Meanwhile, Jim decides to prank Andy.

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The Office Episode Recap: "The Michael Scott Paper Company" Season 5, Episode 21

In The Office's second new episode, "The Michael Scott Paper Company," it's the first day in the cramped new office for Michael, Pam and Ryan; Andy and Dwight find their new friendship threatened by the new receptionist, and Jim tries desperately to figure out what a "rundown" is.

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The Office Episode Recap: "Dream Team" Season 5, Episode 20

"Dream Team" chronicles Michael and Pam's first, ambitious and predictably uneven day at the Michael Scott Paper company, while Jim finds himself facing off against Charles in a pickup soccer game.

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The Office Episode Recap: "Two Weeks" Season 5, Episode 19

In "Two Weeks," Michael counts down his last days at Dunder Mifflin while the new regional vice president continues to assert his no-nonsense style on the branch. In the first scene, Michael's regaling the DM staff with his dramatic quitting story — so it looks like The Office writers aren't backing down on their dare. There was no dramatic "come back Michael, we need you" moment from David Wallace — this may actually be the last we see of Michael Scott at Dunder Mifflin. read more

The Office Episode Recap: "New Boss" Season 5, Episode 18

In "New Boss" Michael and Jim have major trouble with the new boss, which leads to a shocking twist ending. 

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Lecture Circuit Season 5, Episode 17

Conclusion. Accompanied by Pam, Michael continues his speaking tour of various Dunder-Mifflin branches, with the Utica division offering a valuable life lesson for Michael. Meanwhile, a surly Scranton staff makes party-planning tasks difficult for Dwight and Jim; things get catty over Angela's new feline. read more

The Office Season 5, Episode 16

The Office returns after a longer-than-usual hiatus with a slightly misplaced Valentine's Day episode in March. Michael meets, loses and tries to find the cute girl he met at a blood drive by organizing a Valentine's Day lonely-hearts club meet-and-greet. Meanwhile Jim and Pam's lunch with Phyllis and Bob starts out innocent and sweet but then takes a horrifying, horrifying turn.

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Stress Relief---Part 2 Season 5, Episode 15

Conclusion. The staffers continue their efforts to secretly view a bootleg Hollywood flick at work. And the joke's on Michael when he throws a comic roast of himself. Jack Black, Jessica Alba and Cloris Leachman guest star. read more

The Office Episode Recap: "Lecture Circuit" Season 5, Episode 14

In "Lecture Circuit," Michael and Pam hit the road and visit the branch where Jim's old flame Karen works; Jim and Dwight try to make amends to Kelly for forgetting her birthday; and newly single Andy hits on a girl way beyond his league. As the follow up to the awesome "Stress Relief," does "Lecture Circuit" continue the momentum?

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Prince Family Paper Season 5, Episode 13

Michael and Dwight go undercover to snoop on a paper-company rival. Elsewhere, the staffers engage in a debate over the beauty of actress Hilary Swank. read more

The Duel Season 5, Episode 12

Thanks to Michael's running mouth, Andy finally learns that his beloved Angela had an affair with Dwight, a discovery that incites the two romantic rivals to square off. Elsewhere, Michael is on edge about a corporate appointment with bigwig Wallace (Andy Buckley). read more

Moroccan Christmas Season 5, Episode 11

The staffers jingle all the way at a Moroccan-themed holiday bash, but tensions flare when Meredith's hair catches fire. Dwight's fired up as well: He becomes consumed with the hottest toy of the holiday season. read more

The Surplus Season 5, Episode 10

Tensions flare in the Scranton branch when staffers disagree on how to spend a $4300 surplus. Meanwhile, Angela and Andy visit Schrute Farms to work on their wedding plans. read more

Frame Toby Season 5, Episode 9

Dirt is dished over a dirty dish: Tension boils over when a mysterious someone leaves a culinary mess in the office microwave. Meanwhile, Michael has trouble accepting that personnel changes were made without his knowledge. read more

Business Trip Season 5, Episode 8

Dunder-Mifflin bigwig David Wallace (Andy Buckley) sends Michael on a business excursion to Canada with Andy and Oscar, who form an unlikely bond. Meanwhile, Jim eagerly anticipates Pam's return from art school. read more

Customer Survey Season 5, Episode 7

The annual customer-survey report delivers shocking results, particularly for Dwight and Jim. Meanwhile, a separated Jim and Pam try to spend all their time together via their phones. And Angela and Andy's wedding plans move forward, as they choose an unlikely destination for their big day. read more

Employee Transfer Season 5, Episode 6

Halloween gets tricky for Pam when she's the only one at corporate wearing a costume. Meanwhile, corporate delivers shocking news, and Dwight harasses Andy. read more

Crime Aid Season 5, Episode 5

After thieves prey on the office, Michael takes a bite out of crime by holding an auction to raise funds to replace the stolen items. Elsewhere, Pam aims to land a part-time job at corporate to pay for art school; and Michael and Holly anticipate their date night. read more

Baby Shower Season 5, Episode 4

In preparation for Jan's delivery, Michael practices various potential birthing situations with Dwight. For Jan's benefit, Michael also gives the false impression that he dislikes Holly (Amy Ryan). read more

Business Ethics Season 5, Episode 3

Holly presides over a business-ethics meeting in the wake of Ryan's corporate scandal, but the seminar breaks into chaos when Michael allows the staffers to opine openly about workplace malfeasance. Elsewhere, Jim coerces Dwight to adhere to Dunder Mifflin's "time theft" policy. read more

Weight Loss Season 5, Episode 2

Conclusion. The desk jockeys' efforts to shed pounds in a corporate weight-loss challenge progresses. Meanwhile, Michael continues to build an awkward friendship with Holly; and a geographically separated Jim and Pam agree to meet one another. read more

Weight Loss Season 5, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. The Dunder Mifflin staffers participate in a weight-loss program, only to become overly consumed with shedding pounds. Elsewhere, Michael works on building a friendship (and more?) with the new HR worker (Amy Ryan). And Pam attends art school in New York, leaving behind a pining Jim. read more

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Premise: NBC version of the hit British mockumentary about lackluster daily life at a paper-supply company in Scranton, Pa.



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