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The Office Episode: "The Cover-Up"

Season 6, Episode 24
Episode Synopsis: When Michael concludes that his girlfriend (Amy Pietz) is cheating on him, he enlists Dwight to snoop. Elsewhere, Andy receives a customer complaint and grows frustrated when none of his fellow staffers seem to care.
Original Air Date: May 6, 2010
Guest Cast Amy Pietz: Donna
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Season 6, Episode 24
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Aired: 5/6/2010
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The Office Episode Recap: "Whistleblower" Season 6, Episode 24

That's it folks. The end of the end, and honestly, I don't know where the writers will take this finale. For the first time, this season has included little rolling plots and cliffhangers. I expect something big, hilarious, epic, and mind-blowing. Bring on the funny...

We open with Michael talking to the local news station about Sabre printers catching on fire. It just so happens that our favorite boss is now a local celebrity and has the second most-watched news clip for the day. Naturally, this isn't good enough, and he encourages his employees to watch the bit "11 times" instead of working. During the attempt, Jim, Pam and the gang are drawn toward the most-watched clip, which contains a baby otter trying to stand up. Even Michael thinks it's cute. Guess Dunder's boss will have to settle into the second-place chair.

Kathy Bates is back as Jo (thank God), and she is mad beyond belief. Sabre is taking a drastic hit due to their printers flaming up, literally, and she paces around the office screaming, shouting and plastering bad newspaper articles on the wall. Jo believes that some of the Dunder Mifflin employees are speaking badly of the company to the press, but Michael assures her that he knows his people well enough, and they wouldn't do such a thing. He even knows "when their birthdays are, what their favorite flavor of cake is, what color streamers they like."

Regardless of his thoughts, Jo is determined to catch this "whistleblower." Michael, trying to impress the company head, says he will throw the culprit "into Montego Bay, where they keep the Al-Qaeda." Meanwhile, as the IT guy approaches Dwight's desk, he puts the employee in a neck-hold in order to stop him from accessing the computer. In reality, Oscar informs his peers that the IT geek was sent by corporate in order to search the employee's computers for the possible leak to the media. Everyone is now fed up and they tell Michael that Andy is the one with the big mouth.

Jo is busy interrogating the workers, and during Dwight's, she convinces him to buy property in order to "turn money into more money." He seems perplexed yet intrigued. Out in the jungle of cubicles, Michael quizzes Andy, and he passes due to swearing on his parent's undead graves. Darryl seems suspicious, and ends up admitting to spilling the beans. He was at a bar, talked to a cute girl, and in the end realized she was a copy editor for the local paper. Michael is petrified because he "swore up and down" that none of his employees committed the crime. Guess it's time to tell Jo and her hilarious dogs (those dogs makes me laugh out loud).

In a weird turn of events, Pam confesses to Jim that she was the leak. During daycare, Pam opened her mouth and spilled secrets during an awkward conversation with another mother (whose husband ended up being a reporter). She notifies Michael, and he realizes that the count of "whistleblowers" is now at two. Our boss calls a meeting in Meredith's van of his two fat-mouths, and the count goes up to three once Kelly announces that she tweeted, texted, iChatted, and "Woofed" (Ryan's new social networking start-up) the Sabre information. The Mensa meeting ends in Michael trying to convince Jo that the criminals should still retain job security, but of course, the head won't have this, and she realizes that Michael knows exactly who did it.

Jo takes Michael onto a private plane in order to get the juice, and due to his "rights," he plays hardball. Jo tries to dig into his psyche, and Michael ends up discussing all the disappointing things that happened to him over the course of the past year (such as his favorite restaurant closing down, his new favorite restaurant sucking, and missing Holly). Back at the office, Dwight is trying to buy the Dunder Mifflin building while the Sabre HR rep tries to frame Andy and close down the investigation. Nick, the now-named IT guy, comes into announce his resignation, and informs the crew that he found letters to newspaper editors in Andy's computer, proving once and for all that he is indeed a "whistleblower."

In the end, Jo speaks her mind to Michael and tells him how she is petrified of ruining her reputation by issuing a public apology for the printer debacle. He understands and offers to do the "sorry" for her instead. Andy is taunted by his coworkers, packs up his things and even gets a bit of sympathy from Erin (she really does love him). Michael goes through with the apology and even says the funniest line of the season: "There will be no questions. Do I have any questions?"

So America, what have we learned in this season's final episode? Don't buy a Sabre printer, don't Tweet gossip, and download "Woof" immediately because that company is going strong. It has been my pleasure to recap The Office for all of you this season, and hope to see all of you "whistleblowers" next year. Cheers.

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That's it folks. The end of the end, and honestly, I don't know where the writers will take this finale. For the first time, this season has included little rolling plots and cliffhangers. I expect something big, hilarious, epic, and mind-blowing. Bring on the funny...
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