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The Office Episode: "Casual Friday"

Season 5, Episode 26
Episode Synopsis: A conflict erupts in the new sales group, with mediator Michael landing square in the middle of the dispute. In other developments, the office drones take a relaxed attitude to new heights during "casual Friday."
Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2009

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Season 5, Episode 26
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Aired: 4/30/2009
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The Office Episode Recap: "Company Picnic" Season 5, Episode 26

In "Company Picnic," Holly, Michael's soup-snake soul mate returns — and performs a skit with him, no less — while the Scranton branch racks up the wins in the volleyball tournament, until their surprise superstar goes down with an injury.

"Chicken Pot Pie"
As the episode opened with an ambience of low lights and hushed tones, I was reminded of nap-time during my kid's day care. And that's exactly what was going on: Michael was in a food coma after ingesting a full family-sized chicken pot pie. While Michael dreams his sweet dreams, Jim masterminds a prank that all the employees get behind: fooling Michael into thinking it's five o'clock when he wakes up so everybody can punch out early. Even Dwight's in on the joke — which may mark the first time Jim and Dwight have worked in tandem on a prank. Of course, it works like a charm. Which leads me to think ... maybe I'll bring in a delicious yet heavy meal for my boss tomorrow ...

Splendor in the Grass
In the middle of a company-wide picnic, Michael and Holly steal away to a secluded and semi-romantic spot so they can talk about their "How Dunder met Mifflin" skit. Michael produces chocolate-covered strawberries seemingly out of his back pocket, and the scene is set for a seduction ... which never happens. You can sense Michael looking at Holly longingly, and even feel that Holly, despite her new beau, still has an attraction to Michael. But the topic of their past or their possible future never comes up. Instead they focus on the present, and very specifically on the skit. While they're coming up with some pretty funny false starts "Back to the Future" ("Can we get a Delorean?") and "Jaws" ("Dunder ... Dunder"), I'm practically screaming at the TV for Michael to kiss her already. Which of course he doesn't do.

So who knew Pam was such an athlete? She turns out to be the star of the Scranton team, which despite a slow beginning gains momentum once Beasley unleashes her unbeatable service game. Scranton plows through the competition like Michael through that chicken pot pie, and we're left with a finals showdown between Scranton and Corporate.

Slumdunder Mifflionaire
For my money, the funniest sequence in the episode was the Slumdog skit. From Michael's weird Indian accent as he's answering the questions, to the use of random dental hygiene products as the answer for every "D," to the fake torture scenes, I was cracking up through the skit. Amy Ryan and Steve Carrell's chemistry is amazing, and I also loved how they took a bow after announcing to everyone that the Buffalo branch is closing.

After their skit, Michael and Holly steal another private moment to discuss how "Slumdunder" went over, and there is another moment when Michael could tell her how he feels, but doesn't. He instead just says that they will have great material for next year, and in the next scene he says goodbye to Holly and AJ, who walk away hand-in-hand, while Michael walks back with his hands in his pockets.

The interview with Michael right afterwards is poignant and full of Michael Scott logic. I'm just going to reprint it here since it was so well written:

"I didn't find the perfect moment because today was just about having today. And I think we are one of those couples with a long story when people ask how we found each other. I will see her every now and then ... and maybe one year she's with somebody, and maybe another year I'm with somebody, and it's going to take a long time. And then it's perfect."

I can only say that I really hope Michael ends up with Holly at some point in the series. They truly are soup-snakes.

The Ankle Injury
And now back to the Corporate v. Scranton showdown, where Charles reveals his douchebaggery in full glory, not only by taunting Jim, but by forcing Pam to leave the game on the premise of a "liability" to the company. I just want to punch him in the face, except that he's a) much stronger than me and b) fictional. 

Jim and Pam head off to the hospital to get medical clearance while Dwight gamely tries to hold off the game from starting (the second time they've conspired together, and they share a man hug too ... what's going on here?).

At the hospital, Jim and Pam find out her ankle is ok, but they can't play because Pam's pregnant! And so the season ends with the promise of a little Dunder-Mifflin-ite on the way!

The Bullets
"I'll give him the message when he gets up — gets back"

"I'm just kidding, he's just a regular doctor who shoots your horse in the head when it's leg is broken"

"Yeah, you don't grab these for balance." " ... Eh"

"Homemade?" "Of course. Do you think the EPA would ever allow that much deet?"

"I'd love an iced tea, actually." "You can go to hell"

"Must be nice to get a rest from all your rest"

"Are you blind? Can you see things with your eyeballs?"

"Reminds me of the HR convention last fall." "Oh yeah, with Bernie and Ephraim." "That was hilarious."

"Welcome Scranton's Michael Scott performing with Nashua's Holly Flax." "I have not seen this."

"How did you know that? Agggh! I was a tour guide at Dartmouth College!"

"There have been talks about closing the Buffalo branch." "And?" "We're closing the Buffalo branch."

Also these two "elephant in the room" quotes stood out for me between Holly and Michael:

Holly to Michael: "So what do you have planned for us today?"

Holly: "We haven't found our great idea yet." Michael: "We're circling it."

The End

Well, thanks everyone for reading and contributing to these recaps. Season 5 was a blast, the finale was very satisfying, and I had a lot of fun recapping the episodes and reading your very informed and insightful comments. Everybody have a great summer (but don't forget to keep coming to!) and for the last time this year ... let me know what you thought of this episode!


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In "Company Picnic," Holly, Michael's soup-snake soul mate returns — and performs a skit with him, no less — while the Scranton branch racks up the wins in the volleyball tournament, until their surprise superstar goes down with an injury.

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