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The Office Episode: "Heavy Competition"

Season 5, Episode 24
Episode Synopsis: The bizarre bond between Dwight and Michael faces a great challenge when Dwight begins to regard bigwig Charles (Idris Elba) as his newest hero. Meanwhile, Andy comes to Jim's emotional rescue.
Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2009

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Season 5, Episode 24
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Aired: 4/16/2009
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The Office Episode Recap: "Casual Friday" Season 5, Episode 24

In "Casual Friday," Michael returns to the Office, and instead of finding fawning co-workers, he faces a full-fledged mutiny from his sales team. Meanwhile, Jim and Creed play chess, and Toby makes the office staff respect his authority.

Before I dive into the episode recap, we had a fascinating one-on-one this week with the one and only Creed Bratton. Read about Creed's theory on his Office screen time (or lack thereof), his feelings on Ginseng Suppositories, and more.

And now on to the main event.

Kevin's Famous Chili

In the cold open, we're introduced to Kevin's calm and soothing voice-over expounding on the subtleties of making the perfect chili, while we see Kevin stumble, bumble and spill the big tub of chili all over reception. Come on — fess up -- if you guys had slaved for hours the night before making the perfect chili, only to have it all spill, you too would have at least thought of scooping it back in the tub, especially if no else was around. I think we used to call that the three-second rule.

Casual Fridays

Both Creed and Toby received ample, and welcome, air-time in "Casual Friday." Not only did the casual Friday subplot allow us to see Toby, the HR rep, in action, we also were surprisingly privy to his back-story, where we learn that Toby dropped out of Seminary School (a fully quaffed Toby Flenderson in monk robes — what an awesome picture) because he wanted to have sex with a girl. The seminary training also explains his Zen-like state in reaction to Michael's irrational hatred of him.

Toby also asserts himself by cancelling Casual Fridays. Creed's in pajamas. Kelly is dressed like J-Lo. Pam and Phyllis are dressed like each other. Oscar's got no socks. And Meredith flashes all parts of her anatomy by wearing a too-short dress with nothing underneath.  What's a lapsed-priest-in-training-turned-divorcee-and-HR-rep to do? Cancel Casual Fridays, of course, and I can't blame Toby Flenderson one bit.

Like a Dream

While the sales mutiny plays out (more on that below), a compromised Jim heeds Creed's advice and stays on the sideline. There's some special Jim-Creed bonding moments here as they avoid the fray by playing chess and Scrabble.  Creed also tries to set up Jim with his daughter, even though Creed thinks Jim is gay.


Michael returns, only to find a mutiny on his hands. The salesmen are furious that their "stolen" clients have been given to Pam and Ryan. Michael demands an apology from them, but Phyllis brings the hurt home when she says, "You always said we were a family Michael, and then you went after us."  That's when Michael realized that his revenge on corporate had real-life consequences for his friends.

When the salesmen reject his apology but accept getting back their clients, Michael has to make a very difficult decision, like when he had to choose between watching The Devil Wears Prada and Sophie's Choice: there are only enough clients for either Pam or Ryan to stay, but not both.

Michael calls in Pam, and tells her that he's decided to go with Ryan. Just as she's about to walk out the door, he lets out a smirk — and, it's a joke! Pam is in, Ryan's out (though he might be back as a temp). Pam's evolution is complete: from receptionist to salesman, she's been promoted.

The Bullets

Kevin: "It's probably the thing I do best" (as he slips on the spilled chili).

"It's a man you have missed with all your heart. It's a man who has ruined all other men for you."

"So yeah, you could say that HR is not my passion."

"Meredith, we can see your boob!"

"Am I going to ask them to slit their wrists for them? No. I just want a tiny, microscopic version of that"

"Don't fall in love with me, kid"

"Close your mouth sweetie, you look like a trout"

"I was in seminary for a year and dropped out because I wanted to have sex with this girl Kathy"

"Do not ask me to reveal the invisible ink. Urine.  It was Urine."

"Oh it is on, like a prawn who yawns at dawn."

"I am not to be truffled with"

"You gotta go down to that warehouse and crack some skulls, Chiklis-style. Yeah, the Commish. Yes, but Chiklis-Shield style, not Commish-style."

"I'm going to have this meat sandwich. It's a pony."

"You're dressed like an amorphous blob of khaki."

So, what did you guys this of this episode?

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In "Casual Friday," Michael returns to the Office, and instead of finding fawning co-workers, he faces a full-fledged mutiny from his sales team. Meanwhile, Jim and Creed play chess, and Toby makes the office staff respect his authority. read more

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