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The Office Episode: "Crime Aid"

Season 5, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: After thieves prey on the office, Michael takes a bite out of crime by holding an auction to raise funds to replace the stolen items. Elsewhere, Pam aims to land a part-time job at corporate to pay for art school; and Michael and Holly anticipate their date night.
Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2008

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Season 5, Episode 5
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Aired: 10/23/2008
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The Office Episode Recap: "Employee Transfer" Season 5, Episode 5

Why so serious, Office? After all the Halloween festivities were said and done, it was time to get down to business on The Office this week, and what business it was. Pam tries to bond with Jim's big bros, Dwight devises the perfect big red way to taunt Andy, while Michael and Holly face the consequences of their smooch in front of David Wallace. What becomes of Michael and Holly? Does Pam fit in? Did Andy retaliate? Let's find out!

Before we begin, I wanted to let y'all know I'm filling in for Shahzad this week while he's on paternity leave. That's right! So make sure to congratulate him on his new little lady!

Normally, I'd say nothing can top a birth, especially a real-life one, but the cold open proved me oh so wrong. Let's just call it Awesomeness from now on. It's Halloween and everyone's decked out in a costume. Dipped in bubblegum pink and a blonde wig, Kelly tumbles into the office on her heels, telling Phyllis (Raggedy Ann) that she's Carrie Bradshaw. Phyllis offers to help her walk, but Ryan intervenes. Hair slicked back and draped in suspenders, he says he's none other than Gordon "Greed is Good" Gekko. The irony is lost on Kelly, who thinks he's from the Geico commercials.

And then we get the Best. Costume. Ever. Creed, invoking the spirit of Heath Ledger's macabre Joker, dashes up to Oscar (Uncle Sam) and hauntingly teases, "Let's put a smile on that face." Positively epic! Creed is officially the creepiest guy ever, but he wins at life. Oscar is impressed, but Kevin is peeved; he had been up at 4 am working on his Joker look, and what a lovable Joker he was. Keeping in line with is cat lady, Andy, in fur-lined lionness garb (where can I find that fur diaper?) asks Jim what his "sweet 'stume" is. Jim's "Dave." He guesses Andy's a cat. Wrong. "We were looking for kitten." Pam phones Jim to tell him of her dilemma. Turns out stuffy corporate doesn't do Halloween and Pam didn't get the memo (get it?), so she has shown up to work in Charlie Chaplin regalia. She can't even take off her hat because then she'll look like Hitler.

And it doens't end there. We have a third Joker on our hands, this time courtesy of Dwight, who needs two mistimes his elevator cue. "Wanna see a magic trick? I'm gonna make a pencil disa-"

Cue credits. And now the main three storylines:

Praise the lord. We got more Pam screenage this week than since the season started combined, I think. Jim's heading to New York to meet for lunch with Pam and his older brothers, Tom and Pete, to celebrate the engagement. Pam decides it'll be fun to prank Jim with his brothers, and comes up with an idea to tell him she lost her ring in ceramic class. They think it's lame and propose they goof about how artists will never make bank in their careers. Pam reluctantly agrees, and the hits just kept coming ("How much money does an artist make?"), causing Jim's face to contort in every which way possible. The two finally confess they were pranking him and Pam gives Jim a solemn "got you."

The scenes were awkwardly painful to watch since Tom and Pete came off as the biggest d-bags ever, but it all makes sense at the end. At least to me. Jim receives a text from them welcoming Pam to the fam. The prank wasn't on Jim - it was on Pam. They wanted to see if she can take it and hang with the Halperts. So they're not complete asses, right? Hopefully. It's nice to see where Jim learned all his pranking skills from too. Speaking of pranks...

So Andy's won Angela (for now). Dwight still knows where to hit him where it hurts. Opting to "go casual," Dwight shows up in a Cornell sweatshirt, vexing Andy to no end, who states that non-Cornellians shouldn't be allowed to wear the sacred colors. Oh, but Dwight is! Or he will be. He's applying to Cornell to "better myself through higher education, and if it makes Andy angry, so be it." He continues to torment Andy by trying to make small talk, hanging a Cornell flag over his desk, busting out the Big Red Bear bobblehead (next to the Dwight one, natch) and asking him which a cappella groups to join. Attempting to put an end to things, Andy says he'll conduct Dwight's interview on behalf of the school, which Dwight gladly accepts.

And the interview! Dwight names his role models as Dane Cook, Jack Bauer and Eli Whitney. Duh! But unimpressive to Andy. He asks for Cornell's eighth president, whom Dwight names, but Andy says it's wrong because that wasn't the seventh president. Jotting down notes, Dwight says he's evaluating interviewers for Cornell, which leads to overlapping bickering. "Applicant blackmail." "Suspect motives." "Head shaped like a trapezoid." Dwight ultimately announces he's withdrawing and will apply to Dartmouth, "ever heard of it?" Oh, snap.

No pranks needed here...unless the whole show was punking us in the end. Due to their smooch last week, Holly is transferred back to the Nashua, NH branch. There are about 57 things wrong with that statement. My biggest complaints? First of all, I still don't understand why by-the-books Holly Flax would make out with her colleague in front of her superior. Secondly, when Holly joined Scranton last season, she basically told Michael it was a new job, not a transfer. Thirdly, this only means the inevitable since we all know Amy Ryan was only signed on for a few episodes - Michael and Holly break up. Michael and Darryl shepherd Holly back to Nashua, all happy-go-lucky at first because they're totally going to do the long-distance thing and visit each other every weekend. Their content is punctuated with a "Life is a Highway" sing-along. But things slowly start to go south.

Midway (four hours in), Holly beings to sob. Michael asks if it's allergies and the most fantastic inquiry ever: "Did Darryl touch you?" Amazing! No, he didn't, by the way. At the gas station, Holly tells him she doesn't think it's going to work, but Michael is determined to follow Tim Gunn's mantra because Holly is so far above the four women he's dated in the past decade. Trying his best to sway Holly, he suggests talking on Bluetooth en route to and from each other, and claims they belong together like Romeo and Juliet or peanut butter and jelly. Nevertheless, he breaks down and says they can't break up because he'll go back to Jan and he hates Jan. Not even Rascal Flatts can light things up. Once in Nashua, everyone unpacks silently. Darryl hands Michael the last bag - his - but Michael tells him to put it back. He's going to ride back with him. He then walks into the house and embraces Holly in a hug. Heartbroken, Michael speaks nary a word on the way back. "Breakups hurt," Darryl says. "We didn't break up," Michael responds, a single tear rolling down his cheek. Darryl tells him to sing the blues, and that they do.

And finally the tag:

Andy decides it's his turn to go casual and shows up decked out in a straw hat, overalls (nothing underneath) and a crate of beets, from "Bernard Farms," which grows the best beets in the states. He tries to take a bite. "You're supposed to cook these, aren't you?" "Cornell," Dwight scoffs, and chomps on his raw beet.

After such a fantastic high in the opening, the rest of the ep felt a little, well, low. Not in a bad quality way, just a sad way. The Dwight/Andy stuff was great, and look at that dedication! You'd think Dwight would've been all about controlling the office in Michael's absence. He's clearly learned a lot from Jim, who's clearly learned a lot from his bros. And Michael and Holly. Sigh. So perfect in this unperfect world. But perhaps a perfect match isn't everything since neither of them could step up to move for the other.

What did you think? Does Christopher Nolan need to give Creed a call? Did you cringe like crazy during Tom and Pete's "prank"? Will Michael and Holly get back together? Is "Life is a Highway" your car jam too? And why are there, like, no talking heads this season?! What did we get, a handful?

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Why so serious, Office? After all the Halloween festivities were said and done, it was time to get down to business on The Office this week, and what business it was. Pam tries to bond with Jim's big bros, Dwight devises the perfect big red way to taunt Andy, while Michael and Holly face the consequences of their smooch in front of David Wallace. What becomes of Michael and Holly? Does Pam fit in? Did Andy retaliate? Let's find out!
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