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Dec 14, 1974 Season 5 Episode 13 watch on Hulu (Free)

Felix has a big commission riding on a new diet pill promotion but the model, "the fattest man in the world," suddenly decides he won't take the job.

Oscar in Love (aka Oscar Remarries)

Dec 12, 1974 Season 5 Episode 12

Oscar Madison falls in love with a beautiful woman who has two children he adores and before he knows it, he's engaged to be married and Felix prepares to lose a roommate.
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The Big Broadcast

Nov 28, 1974 Season 5 Episode 11

Oscar Madison takes a job as a sports radio talk-show host but doesn't tell anyone until he finds out whether the station is going to make it permanent.
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Our Fathers

Nov 21, 1974 Season 5 Episode 10

Felix discovers that his father and Oscar's knew each other in the old days and that Oscar's father was responsible for Felix's father's downfall.
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Strike Up the Band or Else...

Oct 17, 1974 Season 5 Episode 6

Oscar loses money in a poker game and when he can't pay the debt in cash, he donates Felix's band, the Sophisticados, to Billie Joe as payment instead.
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The Dog Story

Oct 10, 1974 Season 5 Episode 5

Felix Unger, hired to photograph a dog food commercial featuring "Silver, The Wonder Dog," feels the animal is being maltreated, so “accidentally" lures him away to save him.
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The Hollywood Story

Oct 03, 1974 Season 5 Episode 4

Oscar gets a chance to appear as himself in a Hollywood movie and Felix nearly botches everything by accompanying him as a self-appointed agent
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To Bowl or Not to Bowl

Sep 19, 1974 Season 5 Episode 2

Felix and Oscar's bowling team, the "Bon Vivants," battle the “Kingpins" for the championship in a game which marks the first time in five years the Bon Vivants have a chance to win.
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