Two divorced New Yorkers---a slob and a fussbudget---try to live together `without driving each other crazy' in this classic sitcom based on Neil Simon's hit play and movie. Both Jack Klugman and Tony Randall won Emmys in the leads, the latter in the final year of a five-season run. `Now if I only had a job,' Randall said at the Emmy gala. The show inspired two remakes, one an animated series portraying the main characters as a cat and a dog, and a 1982-83 version with a mostly black cast.


Guest Stars

Brother Ralph, Buck, Cop, Dr. Bates, Florist, Justice of the Peace, Minister
Doyle, Irate Listener, Oscar's co-worker, Soldier Two, Stage Manager
Elmer, Lambretti, Selzer, Super
Arnold / Let It Ride Guy, Burglar #1, Ed, Man in Waiting, Moe
Dr. Gordon, Judge
Arnold, Panhandler, Sonny, the stand up comedian, Stickman
Emcee, Mrs. Osgood, Nathaniel Talbot, Simpson
Dr. Melnitz
Felscher, Henry, Herbert Murphy, Mr. Flescher
Bellboy, Howard, Messenger, Postman
Nino Balbonia, Pat the Bartender, Plaintiff Lawyer
Groundskeeper, Mr. Larson, Sam
Accountant, Burglar #2, Race Announcer
Leif Garrett
Leonard, Leonard Unger
Mr. Bennick, Roger, Tailor
Brother Horace, Mr. Ralston, Parachute Jumper
Barber, Hiccup Man, Humus
Drunk Man, Katleman, Salty
Instructor, Mrs. Ferguson, Woman #2
Aunt Lucille, Page, Woman #1
Dee-Dee, Model, Tracy
Edna, Edna Unger
Agnes, Mrs. Grainger, Vivian
Bum, Chaplain, Man at O.T.B.
Hannah, Judy Skelton, Passenger
Director, Ernie
Belkon Jr., Harvey
Arthur O'Reilly, Clown
Bert, Hooper
Barbara, Lisa
Max, Whitehill
Brother Lou, Waiter
Clove, Lovelace
Man in Subway, Moss
Secretary, The Bride
Mimi, Mrs. Madison
Herman, Mr. Coswell
Barry Fishkin, Lloyd
Albert / Zebra, Brother Samuel
Minister, Sam
Ann, Flight Attendant
Hobart, Nephew
Ed, Side Pocket Sol
Alan, Piano Player
Buzzy, Welk
Bee Handler, Messenger
Mrs. Perkins
Mabel, Mrs. Osgood
Rubber Ducky, Waiter
Nun, Woman Juror / Sister
Bartender, Big Al
Mitzi, Mitzi Ferguson
Man #1, Vern
Happy Greshler
Football Player
Kennel Owner
Man at O.T.B.
Slim Daniels
Buffed Patient
Bill Donnelly
Mrs. Madison
Raymond Cunningham
Art Director
Joey Bernie
Chuk Mai-chin
Bo 'Buff' Buffingham
Old Hippie Dancing
Mr. Twitchell
Dr. Krakauer
Tony Mugucci
Willie Boggs
Roberta Riggs
Girl on Plane
Teri Garr
Insurance Agent
Cemetery Salesman
Miss Rykof
Louie Menninni
Mrs. Lachman
Steve O'Connor
Captain Wyatt
Little Felix
Dr. Arnold
Joe McClusky
Rona Barnett
Himself, Deacon Jones
T.V. Announcer
Miss Jenson / Beautiful Woman
P.A. Announcer
Banquet Host
Verna Turner
Wilfred Albertson
T.V. floor manager