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February 22, 2007: Right Back Where They Started From Season 4, Episode 16

I had been dreading this final episode of The O.C. all week. I was so curious about how it would all end, yet not wanting it to end at the same time. But as the oh-so-wise Sandy said, “Nothing lasts forever.” OK, so if it had to end, I wanted a really good finale. And I’m tough on series finales: They have to be both happy and bittersweet, and look back with nostalgia while they move forward. I’m happy to report that I was not at all disappointed. They hit us with a lot of surprises right off the bat: Ryan and Taylor had broken up; Julie was preggers and about to marry the Bullitt. I loved the “Buffet of Bullitts” — all 12 of his sons, named after (mostly) Texas towns. For a little while, I was afraid this last episode was going to turn into a sap-fest, but The O.C. didn’t let me down. They, of course, piled on the drama: Julie was pregnant with Frank’s son, not Bullitt’s. But Frank wimped out, and Bullitt was there for her to pick u... read more

February 15, 2007: Blood Brothers Season 4, Episode 15

“Dude, it’s bad,” Seth told Ryan. While having a piece of glass lodged in your back is not a good thing, this scenario led to the best scenes of this post-earthquake episode. And not surprisingly, they were all Seth-Ryan scenes. The relationship between these two so very different foster brothers was the initial premise of The O.C., and it has always remained the heart of the show. I was glad they were paired up for this next-to-last episode; I wouldn’t have minded if nearly the whole hour focused on them. From Ryan quietly text-messaging Seth for help, to Seth valiantly letting nothing stop him from reaching his brother, it was all good. Then when Seth, who’s not great in high-pressure situations, began to fall apart, an injured Ryan was there for him, trying to talk him through how to fix a flat (which of course did not go well). But their endless obstacles (including Seth’s shortcut that got them lost) were lightened by moments of humor, a tricky bal... read more

The Shake Up Season 4, Episode 14

In the days before Taylor's birthday party---and a major earthquake---Kaitlin tries to undermine Julie's relationship with Frank, and Summer urges a cynical Seth to believe in something. read more

The Case of the Franks Season 4, Episode 13

Ryan, Taylor and Kaitlin choose sides when Julie is torn between Frank and Bullit; a psychic reading prompts Seth and Summer to think about their future; and Kirsten is preoccupied by a life-changing moment in her past. read more

The Groundhog Day Season 4, Episode 12

Sandy's secret plans for Kirsten's 40th-birthday party are outdone by an even bigger surprise from the guest of honor; Che tests his bond with Seth during a Groundhog Day caper; Taylor seeks professional help to sort out her feelings for Ryan; and Bullit pulls out the big guns in his pursuit of Julie. read more

The Dream Lover Season 4, Episode 11

Ryan is at a loss for words when he thinks he's losing Taylor; Che takes Seth on a spiritual journey of self-discovery; Kaitlin has a revelation about her relationship with Will; Julie goes to extremes to repair her damaged friendship with Kirsten. read more

The French Connection Season 4, Episode 10

Ryan reads between the lines when Taylor's ex-husband (Henri Lubatti) promotes his risqué novel in Newport; Summer gets a glimpse of married life from her socialite peers, while Seth flies to Seattle in search of Dr. Roberts' blessing; and Kirsten investigates Julie's secret business practices. read more

The My Two Dads Season 4, Episode 9

Sandy's paternal instincts kick in when Frank (Kevin Sorbo) is invited for dinner; Kaitlin's report on “The Call of the Wild” might spark a case of puppy love with a classmate (Chris Brown); and Seth and Summer are unsure about the new twist in their relationship, though neither wants to admit it. read more

December 21, 2006: Baby New Year Season 4, Episode 8

Just to clarify: Seth’s not about to become a daddy, but Frank already is one. Let’s start with the main focus of the night, Seth and Summer. Is it wrong for me to sort of wish the pregnancy test had been positive? Purely for the reason of having a good soap-opera story line play out, because Seth’s and Summer’s relationship has been a little...well, boring this season. Not that they were ready to become parents, especially with Seth’s “gimme a high five” reaction when he thought the test was Taylor’s and not Summer’s. Seth, Seth, Seth – I was so disappointed in him. Well, at least he redeemed himself at the end, after he was able to figure out his true feelings for Summer (thanks to Ryan’s help) and propose to her before looking at the test results. The alien ring, Seth’s declaration of his love, Summer’s surprise and acceptance – it was all very sweet, if for just a moment. And then, suddenly, it all felt...wron... read more

December 14, 2006: It's a Wonderful Chrismukkah Season 4, Episode 7

‘Twas the night before Chrismukkah,when people worried through The O.C.Because Ryan wasn’t stirring,stuck in a coma was he.Chrismukkah is always very special on The O.C., and this installment didn’t disappoint. This year they borrowed a popular page from the TV Christmas Handbook and did their own “alt-universe” spin on It’s a Wonderful Life. George Bailey stand-in Ryan was able to see what life in Newport would have been like if he never arrived there, and it wasn’t pretty. But it was funny. Funniest of all had to be Summer, Chester’s “mindless bimbo” of a bride-to-be. Every time the clueless, bling-loving junior Newpsie was on screen I cracked up. And although the save-the-earth Summer that we have come to know the past few months can be a bit of a downer, this episode showed how things would have been much worse if Summer had gone in the opposite direction.Likewise, it showed Sandy going in a direction that strayed far from the et... read more

December 7, 2006: Blog Smog Season 4, Episode 6

So it’s really no surprise that Taylor keeps a blog, one that no less details “the erotic memoirs of a soulful college girl” (even though technically she’s not in college at the moment). What is surprising is how this show manages to keep Taylor and Ryan’s budding relationship so refreshingly adorable. I love how Taylor doesn’t even realize that Ryan’s asking her out at first, and gets all apologetic about their kiss (“I’m a lip-biter... sometimes I draw blood”). She’s self-deprecating, while he’s inadvertently insulting, calling her “weird” and “strange.” She stages elaborate soap-opera schemes (“What if I did rent a homosexual for the evening, and pay him with rare collectibles from Asian cinema?”), while he has fantasies involving roller skates and soapy window-washing that Seth deems “pedestrian” and “average.” This opposites-attract plotline isn’t an original conce... read more

November 30, 2006: Not the Most Obvious Couple Season 4, Episode 5

Sure, Taylor was enamored with Ryan for rescuing her from her loveless marriage. And she appreciated the beauty of the sight of a shirtless Ryan. But what was the telltale sign that she had truly fallen for the guy? She actually thought the king of brooding was funny. And while Ryan’s far from Seth when it comes to witty retorts, Taylor has no problems in the humor department. Becoming someone’s uncertified sleep therapist is definitely a novel way to go about seducing someone. And she gets bonus points for the elaborateness of her approach: 50 candles, flannel pajamas and an offer to be a warm body. Her false denial when Ryan finally asked her whether she liked him was priceless, as well as somewhat believable. I can’t say that I fault him for not picking up on things initially — Taylor is a little bit kooky, and she’s always jumped into projects (like high school committees) with tremendous gusto, so attacking his insomnia with such tenacity wasn’t ou... read more

The Metamorphosis Season 4, Episode 4

Summer does some soul-searching during a visit from Seth; Taylor pleads for a reluctant Ryan's help with an international crisis; Sandy longs for a guys' night out; and Julie vows to turn over a new leaf. read more

The Cold Turkey Season 4, Episode 3

Thanksgiving provides a cornucopia of less-than-appetizing situations, including Ryan's reaction to Sandy's latest legal maneuver and Taylor's explanation of her whereabouts to her mother. Meanwhile, Dr. Roberts is frustrated by Julie's distant behavior, and Seth and Summer surprise Kirsten with uninvited dinner guests. read more

November 8, 2006: Angry Nudfo Chocolate Love Season 4, Episode 2

Ryan wasn’t going after Volchok to kill him. He was going to tell the cops where Volchok was.... He just needed to see him first. As Seth explained, “No offense, but like nobody believes that.” Seth may not be stealth, but he has good instincts, and he knows Ryan all too well. And he was quite the James Bond last night, albeit in his own comic-book way. First he stumbles onto Ryan’s secret plan when overhearing his phone call, then he leaves coded messages for his parents to find. (How could Sandy not figure out the anagram?!) But Ryan, likewise, knows Seth too well, hence the cell-phone casualty. However, Seth didn’t let that nor 18 tequila shots slow him down, and he wound up saving the day by giving Ryan a decoy address for Volchok. I was so proud of Seth for doing that and for trying to convince Volchok to turn himself in. He really reminded me of a mini Sandy in that scene. True, he had to pull a “Judas” move and betray Ryan to Sandy and Kirst... read more

The Avengers Season 4, Episode 1

Julie and Ryan are finding it difficult to cope with Marissa's death. Meanwhile, Summer has turned into an activist at Brown; Seth is toiling in a comic-book store in Newport; and Kaitlin confronts her stepfather about his extracurricular activities while positioning herself as the leader of a Harbor pack. read more

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Premise: A slick hit about a troubled L.A. teen taken in by an idealistic lawyer and his family in affluent Orange County. The series filled the youth-soap hole left by the departed '90210,' but quickly proved itself far more gritty---and witty. In addition, early plots set up an appealing balance between the kids and grown-ups, who were portrayed as real people with real problems, instead of sounding boards for the unblemished Romeos and Juliets. From the directors of 'Go' and 'Charlie's Angels.'



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