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Episode Recap; We Have a Winner!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody! My Christmas gift to you is that you can now leave your house on a Friday night. Just kidding. I’m looking forward to going out to eat with my wife again, but at the same time I’m really going to miss this show. Admittedly the show was not progressing very well near the end, but it was still entertaining. I guess could talk about the cheesy Christmas medley featuring many of bands that got cut this season or I could talk about how the other band members in Northmont must feel to once again essentially be told, “you suck” while the singer gets praised. Then again, I could talk about The Likes of You opening the show with the best song I’ve heard in the past three weeks or the weird editing that put Sheila E. saying “Thank you, goodnight” in the middle of the show. Maybe even the fact that Jesus got a heck of a lot of props from Ashley’s wife or the awkward way of telling Denver and the Mile High Or... read more

Guest Columnist Ashley Clark Sounds Off on His Next Great American Band Win

The Clark Brothers, The Next Great American Band

When we made the finals of The Next Great American Band, I was in shock, because our goal was to make the top five. When we made the top four, I was like, "No way!" Then we made the top three and we were like, "It can't get any better than this." But to win... I just can't believe it! All I remember is my legs giving out when they said, "The Clark Brothers." All of the stress and the months away from home and the work just hit me at once and I fell down, you know? This was our first gig playing as a three-piece. We'd only played in the living room at the house before. Honestly, we sent in the video on the very last day and didn't think much of it. Next thing you know, we were flying out to Vegas to play for the judges. So when we won, it was crazy. We were freaking out, which is pretty much why I fell to the floor. We've always wanted to play together, but we didn't have time. We read more

Top 3 Perform

We’re almost there friends! Next week is the finale and we now have three bands to choose from. I believe Dominic Bowden said that there were 3,000,000 votes last week. At least I think that’s what he said. I had to go get some Q-tips and clean out my ears after that, as I swore he said that a show that averages less than 3 million viewers each week got more votes than people watching. I suppose it’s possible, but if he’s telling the truth I will um…I will buy the Dot Dot Dot CD when it comes out. This week we have to do some serious predicting as well. The website I visit to follow the off-season baseball moves, always gives predictions on where a player will sign, how much money they will get and what their chances are to be worth the money. So I thought it might be fun to do something like that this week. Denver and The Mile High Orchestra“September” by Earth, Wind & Fire should have been perfect for them to showcase their exciting side and ... read more

Message for the Final Four: Change Is Good!

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday on set so that was a nice distraction. John and Dicko got me a cake and the audience started singing "Happy Birthday" to me before they even brought it out. It was overwhelming and kind of caught me off guard but it was very sweet!There are four bands left and each one had to learn three songs this week. They had to pick their favorite original song, a song picked by the producers, and a song picked by us judges.I chose four songs from four different artists for The Clarke Brothers because I wanted to give them different options but, at the same time, something they could have fun with. Each judge chose a song for a different band. There were a lot of great moments but I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say the top three blew me away.I really hope this whole experience has been enlightening for them. I remember the Old #7s saying, “We never would have thought we’d be playing different types of music from these arti... read more

Top Four Perform

So how many of you were like me tonight and turned on the TV at the normal time, only to see Wayne Brady instead of kids playing metal? OK, so I admit it’s a little sad that I work at TV Guide and I didn’t know the timeslot moved, but I think it’s understandable that I was a little thrown off. I mean, sure, I suppose Fox thinks moving it to 9 pm near the end of the show will get more viewers — but on a Friday? Actually, I expect the ratings to be lower. The later you move it on a Friday night, the more people have already went out to start their weekend.That doesn’t really matter though. What matters is this question I’m about to pose to you. What the heck show am I watching? Seriously, am I watching a different show than the voting public? A different show than the judges? I watch American Idol every season and I can usually predict that pretty well. I’ve watched and blogged Rockstar and was able to do a pretty good job figuring out who was going ... read more

Expect Some Queen-size Surprises!

A funny thing happened this week while we were taping the show. It was John [Rzeznik]'s birthday and everybody really made an effort to bring him presents. Everywhere he turned, it was cake and choruses of "Happy Birthday." Little did we know, he absolutely hates his birthday! He was trying to be as polite as he could be but he just wasn't handling it well. Fortunately, the bands had better luck than he did. This week, they're doing songs from Queen, a heavy rock act that morphed into this huge global pop act. I don't want to ruin anything but there are a couple of whopping surprises. One of the bands has a change in their line-up, and another one really embraces theatrics in their performance.We have a small but loyal audience so, regardless of the size, we're dedicated to making this show as good as it can be. I've done some TV shows where I feel a bit embarrassed afterwards but I'm actually proud of this show. If it had been a lot of the same bands, it would have been a bit tedio... read more

Top 5 Perform

A long, long week has taken its toll on me. The long weeks usually mean that I can’t sit at work with my iPod on listening to my favorite (and some not so favorite) songs to get me through the day. So naturally I was looking forward to this week’s American Band to get my musical fix. Apart from his hits, I didn’t know Rod Stewart before the 80s. I don’t think I ever listened to him growing up, but I’ve learned to enjoy a lot of his 80’s hits through my collection of tunes. And the one thing you really can’t forget about Rod Stewart is that voice of his. Very unique and very recognizable. So I was looking forward to hearing what these bands would pick. I honestly thought Dot Dot Dot would pick “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” but when I think back, I can’t picture Adam singing that. I think musically though it would have been an awesome choice. But “Young Turks” was a better call. Just like Sheila, I thought it was a little fas... read more

I Don't Want Anyone to Go Home

This week is Rod Stewart week. I love Rod Stewart! I think all of the bands did a really great job with his songs. I don't want to spoil the surprise but one of the bands performed "You're in My Heart" and we all just cried. It reminded me of my first time playing music with my dad so it made me really emotional. It's hard to do somebody else's song but that's what's so great about this show. Everyone did a really good job and I think they're doing that every week. Right now, it's getting to the point where I do not want anyone to go home. It's like, "Can't they all get a deal?I think everyone's getting nervous now. We're almost done so nobody wants to go home. But, from what I hear, the bands all really love each other. In their clips, they've all said they feel like family. I do too and I'm not even in a band!It's hard to believe there is only four more shows left. We don't know what the future holds but I wish much success to all of the people that came out and auditioned. I'm ho... read more

Top 6 Perform

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all decided not to take a vacation this week simply because chatting with me is way too important to miss. No, no, no. Instead I’m hoping that Sunday night you’ll pull it off the DVR and comment Monday morning. The first thing I must say is holy cleavage batman! Sheila E. got them out and up to the chin this week. It was even the first thing my wife noticed. Apart from Sheila, this was an odd week for me. For the first time this season, I thought the overall show was pretty boring. As a rock fan, I have loads of respect for The Rolling Stones (I guess I should say “Mick Jagger and Keith Richards” since that’s how the show labeled every song). I understand how talented they are, but overall they never really excited me. But that’s not at all why I thought this was boring because aside from “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” I enjoy all the originals. In fact, I simply thought it was dull because no one chose “... read more

How Did Franklin Bridge Fall Down?

I'm sitting here looking at the Sydney skyline waiting for my flight to America to judge The Next Great American Band [Fridays at 8 pm/ET, on Fox]. I fly back-and-forth every week because I'm also judging Australian Idol at the moment. I was putting on a brave face at first but, luckily, I'm never in America long enough to get jetlagged!Like Idol, this show deals with people's aspirations and dreams. I was really disappointed last week when Franklin Bridge was voted off. I don't know what happened! They blew us away when they first played so I don't know why the public didn't embrace them. It's a little frustrating because, at the moment, it appears that I'm the only person in the world who loves the show. I'm a pretty honest person and, if we were making bad television, I'd be the first to admit it. But the thing that makes it worth it is the fact that I get to judge some incredibly talented bands. Nobody can take that away from me.The biggest advice I've got for these guys is to i... read more

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