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The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 episodes

Frasier Season 2, Episode 22

Christine worries she's pregnant after sleeping with Richard on a trip and that it will jeopardize her chances of dating Mr. Harris (Blair Underwood). read more

Friends Season 2, Episode 21

Christine, Richard, Matthew and Barb end up in a seedy desert hotel when they follow Ritchie on a school camping trip. read more

My Big Fat Sober Wedding Season 2, Episode 20

Christine goes to a college buddy's wedding with Richard and Barb. Unfortunately, the bride is jealous of Christine because the groom won't stop talking about her. Making things worse for Christine is the fact that she agreed to be the designated driver and can't drink. read more

Faith Off Season 2, Episode 19

Christine fears Richard will mess up a remodeling job at Lindsay's house, thus ruining their reputation at Ritchie's school, so she stops by to check up on him. Of course, she makes things worse. Also, Christine and Richard disagree over which one should talk to Ritchie about sex. read more

The Real Thing Season 2, Episode 18

Christine accidentally sends an embarrassing e-mail about Mr. Harris---which was supposed to go only to Barb---to all of the parents at Ritchie's school. Christine also learns that Richard's friend Tom (Dave Foley) has a crush on her. read more

Strange Bedfellows Season 2, Episode 17

When Christine shows no interest in an election and Richard chastises her about the example that sets for Ritchie, she realizes that she needs to be more politically involved. Audrey: Sandra Bernhard. Edmund: Patrick Breen. Dot: Tara Karsian. read more

Undercover Brother Season 2, Episode 16

Richard's popular brother, Joe (Charles Esten), visits with some surprising news: he is gay and wants to keep it quiet, but coming out to Christine wasn't the best choice for secrecy on the subject. read more

Sleepless in Mar Vista Season 2, Episode 15

Christine takes some sleeping pills that cause her to behave even more irrationally than usual and she ends up rekindling her romance with Burton (Matt Letscher), but finds he is only tolerable while she is on the medication. read more

January 22, 2007: Let Him Eat Cake Season 2, Episode 14

Tonight’s episode was focused on Richard’s 41st birthday. I have to say that whenever anything is focused on Richard, I get a teensy bit bored. He’s the least funny of all the characters. But he’s there because he creates funny situations, and the show wouldn’t be the same without him. I definitely have to thank Richard for bringing New Christine and Christine together because their face-offs, even if they are mostly because of Richard, are hilarious. The hilarious drama occurred, of course, because of Christine’s neurotic need to mark her place in Richard’s life. She is the original Christine, the one who spent 10 years as Richard’s wife, making his birthdays a “national holiday.” She needs to take credit for him, and she has to mark her territory. New Christine asked Christine what to get Richard for his birthday. Christine came up with the perfect birthday present idea, but Christine couldn’t let her take credit for it. She ... read more

January 15, 2007: Endless Shrimp, Endless Night Season 2, Episode 13

I love Hamish Linklater and find him irresistibly adorable, so any time he’s on screen is a joy. Tonight’s episode was particularly enjoyable for me (and fellow Matthew fans), because we got to see him outside of Christine’s world and in his own social environment. We also got to see Christine in Matthew’s social environment. The result was a fresh look at this quirky brother-sister relationship, and Christine’s epiphany that maybe she didn’t focus enough on her brother. The episode started with Christine and Matthew at Red Lobster. Christine is working early hours at the gym, so her “clock” is off. Matthew admits he’s not hungry because he ate lunch earlier. When Christine questions him about it, he looks around and announces that it’s 4:30 in the afternoon, and he’s not sure they’re even open. (Helpful hint: eating at Red Lobster at 4:30 does, in fact, avoid the crowds and long waits, even if it makes you feel slightly ag... read more

January 8, 2007: Ritchie Scores Season 2, Episode 12

OK, so I’m a huge fan of Christine getting with Ritchie’s teacher, Mr. Harris, and it has to happen soon. I know it can’t happen right away and I like how they’re dragging it out, but I’m very excited to see what happens when they actually get together. They’ve had a lot of those almost-moments, and you know those moments are building up to something. There’s a lot of chemistry between them, which is well-played between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Blair Underwood. They’re very good at showing their attraction to each other without giving us so much that we get tired of the two of them together. Every time they’re together, I’m excited to see it and I want them to just put down their walls and kiss each other already. But, alas, there’s Ritchie. They have the whole parent-teacher thing. But I’d really love to see what would happen if Daniel Harris and Christine got together. I’d love to see how the Mean Mommies would react.... read more

December 11, 2006: Crash Season 2, Episode 11

Tonight’s episode was an example of the time-honored battle between little cars and gas-guzzling SUVs. I experience the battle every day when I’m on the road. I have a little car, and I dislike oversized SUVs, especially the kind that take up more than of their fair share of the road. SUVs are so enormous and pompous, like they own the road, and little cars are supposed to bow off in their presence. SUVs are symbolic of the image-obsessed culture that Christine deals with when she encounters the Mean Mommies. So I understand Christine’s anger when Marley’s car wasn’t even dented and hers was completely bent out of shape after she and Marley backed into each other. (BTW, I’m not sure I’ve seen such a complicated security process to get into a school parking lot, but maybe that’s what fancy schools have.) Marley, of course, didn’t think it was her fault. But she told Christine that they would take care of their own repairs and not notify th... read more

November 27, 2006: What About Barb? Season 2, Episode 10

Matthew's going to medical school was brought up again. I was wondering what had happened to that declaration. He had said he was going, but then nothing happened. On last night's episode, he registered for classes and was told he would soon get a “heart listener and one of those ear looker things.” It should shake things up to see him in school. We’ve primarily seen him around Christine and inside her world. Now, he can go out and make his own world, and it’ll open up possibilities for new stories that involve him. Maybe he’ll meet somebody. It’d be good to see him with a woman. He’s so charming, laid back and adorable. It’s time he got some romance. Maybe Ally, the girl who works at the gym? They could be cute together. She’s funny. She may wear green pants with a purple shirt, but that just makes her interesting. She says to Barb: “I need February off. Personal reasons,” and then makes motions that indicate she’s getting... read more

November 20, 2006: Mission: Impossible Season 2, Episode 9

Well, happy Thanksgiving to everyone. In a few days, we’ll be enjoying Turkey Day with our families and eating lots of good food. There’s no better way to celebrate a special family holiday than to watch Christine try to make her house the Fun House and win a parenting popularity contest that she’s concocted. I’m not a parent myself, but I’ve had jobs where I’ve watched parents ignore their kids and let them run out of buildings in tears without a second glance. I’ve had to run after the kids and get them to stop crying. Whenever I had to do this, I thought to myself that I would never be that kind of distracted parent. Watching tonight’s episode was like seeing examples of what you don’t want to do as a parent, but somehow it ends up happening.I appreciate this episode because it pokes fun at the behavior of parents, taking what they should and shouldn’t do and making it honest and funny.Christine and Richard should not do Richie... read more

November 13, 2006: Woman 'N Tuition Season 2, Episode 8

I absolutely love the fact that Ritchie, Matthew, Christine and the cat all walked into glass doors in tonight’s episode. I also loved Barb’s comment: “What, were you all raised by birds?” I never thought walking into glass doors could be a genetic thing, but that’s what it seemed like. I have to say that Christine kind of annoyed me. I can understand being strapped for cash, but making Richard cancel his vacation when she just bought a cat? I think Richard was right in taking back his check. Christine buys a cat and then tries to convince him that she’s stretched for money. Richard has paid his share of the tuition for the last three months, so I can understand the frustration when Christine assumed he would offer up the check to help his son. Her version of their “divorce” agreement? “Whenever one of us needs something, he gives it to me.” It’s time they separated “teams.” Christine needs to rely less on Richard.I lo... read more

Playdate With Destiny Season 2, Episode 7

Christine's attraction to Ritchie's teacher (Blair Underwood) causes a scene at a school fund-raiser---especially after she wins a playdate with the man. read more

October 23, 2006: The Champ Season 2, Episode 6

I don’t know what it is, but watching Andy Richter as a love interest kind of made me cringe. Maybe it’s because he’s known more to me as Conan O’Brien’s goofy sidekick or the evil guy in the failed Olsen-twin movie New York Minute. Maybe it’s because he’s just not droolworthy. I guess that’s the punch line, though. Here’s this guy who’s not very attractive at all and whose nickname is "Sad Dad," and Christine can’t resist him. I honestly don’t get the attraction. Maybe Andy Richter’s humor is what’s most attractive about him, but his character of Stan is just weird. He’s not Japanese but is going through a Japanese phase. And the best part is that he seduced Christine by taking some mashed potato off her chest and licking it off his finger. Although he did have some good lines. My favorite: “You look hot in a hairnet.” Not something you hear every day. I agree with Richard when he told Christine: ... read more

October 16, 2006: Separation Anxiety Season 2, Episode 5

What I liked about this episode is how it showed two couples faced with divorce and how different it ended up for each of them. Christine and Richard split up, but Barb and Pete ended up back together, although I wasn’t convinced about their reason for getting back together. I think it was mostly because they were used to each other and didn’t want to be alone. But maybe Barb was telling the truth when she said that they tried the separation out and it didn’t take. Either way, it gave Christine a lot to think about. She was happy that her friend was getting a divorce because she would have a “divorce buddy” and she wouldn’t be the only divorced person around. Plus, she wouldn’t be alone as much. You could tell she liked having Barb as her houseguest. She kicked Matthew out immediately and banished him to Ritchie’s room. She tucked Barb in so tightly and then kissed her on the forehead. Which Barb didn’t like and responded by saying: “... read more

Oh God, Yes Season 2, Episode 4

Ritchie goes to church with Richard and new Christine without consulting his mother first, leaving Christine to explain and explore her aversion to organized religion. read more

Come to Papa Jeff Season 2, Episode 3

Christine is shocked to learn that Jeff (Scott Bakula) is a grandfather when he attends “Grandparents' Day” at Ritchie's school, and the news causes her to rethink their relationship. read more

The Answer Is Maybe Season 2, Episode 2

Christine intervenes in Richard's relationship with new Christine in an attempt to reconcile them, then meets a man outside new Christine's apartment and agrees to a dinner date in the spirit of her new “say yes to life” outlook. read more

December 4, 2006: The Passion of the Christine Season 2, Episode 1

Tonight’s episode was a repeat of this season’s premiere, and it was good to revisit all the reasons why Richard and Christine should not be together. Yes, it’s easier for them to hang out with Ritchie and be parents without carting Ritchie back and forth between homes. Yes, they’re comfortable together. Yes, Richard can build fancy laundry rooms. Yes, they can rent movies, eat chili and watch football together, but that doesn’t make a marriage work. They’re missing that sweaty-palms kind of passion that Christine is suddenly feeling from the hunky new fourth-grade teacher Mr. Harris (otherwise known as the gorgeous Blair Underwood). Things would be easy if Richard and Christine just got back together and fell into the same routine they had been in before, but they don’t love each other passionately. They love each more like friends, and they work better as friends. About their routine, Christine said: “I make a few lists, he runs a few errand... read more

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