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Latest Episode: The Mauro Family

Nov 06, 1996 Season 4 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Dad, Ed, rules with an iron fist while mom, Kara, can't leave her kids alone for a second. The three kids are in full rebellion mode all day long, including angry nine-year-old Anthony who knows just how to push his father too far. Nanny Deb must diffuse Dad's anger and bridge the growing gap with his children before it's too late.

The Whipple Family

Oct 30, 1996 Season 4 Episode 6

When Linda and Robert met, they both had children of their own from previous relationships. After six years of marriage, they've had another two children, giving them a full house of five kids all fighting to have their voices heard. Nanny Stella gets to the root of the problems as she helps the family battle against jealousy, bullying, favoritism, and resentment.
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The Valenti Family

Oct 16, 1996 Season 4 Episode 5

3-year-old Nicholas and 2-year-old Giancarlo climb like monkeys, fight like tigers and scream like hyenas. They're perfect role models for their 14-month-old brother, Giovanni! Nanny Deb pushes Mom, Deborah, and dad, Nicholas, to their limits as she helps the family find safe ways to burn up their children's wild energy.
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The O'Melia Family

Oct 09, 1996 Season 4 Episode 4

Stay-at-home Mom, Judy, is outnumbered five to one while her husband is working two jobs. Nanny Stella works with mom to bring consistency and determination to her parenting while helping her understand that nothing is perfect and she should feel proud of even the smallest accomplishments she makes.
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The Connolly Family

Sep 25, 1996 Season 4 Episode 3

While Dad is stationed overseas, mom, Kelly, is loosing a battle here at home. Extreme tantrums and disrespect from 4-year-old Kiara and 3-year-old Kayla and 18-month-old Evan keep mom in an endless, sleepless conflict. Emotions overflow as Nanny Deb prevents mom from giving up.
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The Balsamo Family

Sep 25, 1996 Season 4 Episode 2

Nanny Stella has just one week to save the Balsamo family...from itself! Lying and stealing and cussing, oh my! Parents Sergio's and Elaine's family life is like a runaway train with 11-year old Giovanni, the family extortionist, 8-year old drama queen Adrianna, and 2-year old Marco, who has a mouth like a trucker. Sparks fly as Nanny Stella confronts them all and tries to give this family a brighter future.
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The Mazzei Family

Sep 18, 1996 Season 4 Episode 1

Four-year old twins Jack and Ava are double trouble for stressed-out mom Jackie and dad Mark, who's all but given up. With a house of screaming, sugar-obsessed kids, who are still not properly potty trained, Nanny Deb goes right to work on the parents so that they all can focus on the children.
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