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1993, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Mauro Family

Nov 06, 1996 Season 4 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Dad, Ed, rules with an iron fist while mom, Kara, can't leave her kids alone for a second. The three kids are in full rebellion mode all day long, including angry nine-year-old Anthony who knows just how to push his father too far. Nanny Deb must diffuse Dad's anger and bridge the growing gap with his children before it's too late.

The Hanley Family

Dec 11, 1995 Season 3 Episode 13

James and Alice Hanley are family therapists who can't handle their own kids.
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The Kramer Family

Nov 27, 1995 Season 3 Episode 11

Jessica and Ted Kramer have four kids and no clue.
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The Mills Family

Nov 20, 1995 Season 3 Episode 10

Kenny and Jennifer Mills may be Nanny 911's nuttiest parents yet.
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The Brogdon Family

Nov 13, 1995 Season 3 Episode 9

Dave and Angelia Brogdon have three year old triplets and a constant soundtrack of whining.
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The Dirk Family

Nov 06, 1995 Season 3 Episode 8

Although they have every toy known to man, the kids in the Dirks family are holy terrors.
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The Mcdowell Family

Oct 23, 1995 Season 3 Episode 7

Eileen McDowell nags her three sons constantly.
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The Landsberger Family

Oct 09, 1995 Season 3 Episode 5

Mom Melissa mercilessly henpecks her husband and three daughters, then can't understand why they ignore her. Four year old Paige sucks her thumb and won't let go of her smelly blankey.
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The Mccafferty Family

Oct 02, 1995 Season 3 Episode 4

The McCafferty family dad, a former sergeant with the NYPD, says there is no organization or schedule in place and the only routine they seem to have is complete chaos.
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The Elgin Family

Sep 11, 1995 Season 3 Episode 1

Rich and Suzie Elgin have a big communication problem in their house.
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