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Latest Episode: The Mauro Family

Nov 06, 1996 Season 4 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Dad, Ed, rules with an iron fist while mom, Kara, can't leave her kids alone for a second. The three kids are in full rebellion mode all day long, including angry nine-year-old Anthony who knows just how to push his father too far. Nanny Deb must diffuse Dad's anger and bridge the growing gap with his children before it's too late.

The Scharnitzky Family

Nov 28, 1994 Season 2 Episode 13

Jennifer and Jay Scharnitzsky's three little soldiers are marching to the beat of a different drummer. Jennifer fights the war at home every day.
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The Morris Family

Nov 21, 1994 Season 2 Episode 12

Heidi and Craig Morris have a lot of work to do with their three selfish little ones. This stay-at-home mom has had enough of their tantrums.
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The George Family

Nov 14, 1994 Season 2 Episode 10

Theresa and Jeff George's lives are about to change forever. At least, Theresa's is. Dad is going back to work.
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The Delaney Family

Nov 07, 1994 Season 2 Episode 9

Janice and Kerry Delaney have turned their house into a pigsty. Literally. Mom spends more time with her pal, Porky, than her two messy little tykes.
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The Graham Family

Oct 31, 1994 Season 2 Episode 8

Steve and Jeanine Graham have tuned out their four rambunctious boys -- when they're not fighting, they're playing violent video games.
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The Moore Family

Oct 30, 1994 Season 2 Episode 7

For lawyers Barbara and Darryl Moore, raising their kids is always a trial.
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The Spaulding Family

Oct 24, 1994 Season 2 Episode 6

Brent and Vicky Spaulding have a lot to learn about raising six kids. Mom shelters them so much and schools them at home.
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The Race Family

Oct 17, 1994 Season 2 Episode 5

Tracy and Kevin Race have no idea how to raise their four little terrors.
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The Abner Family

Oct 10, 1994 Season 2 Episode 4

Michelle Abner has lost control of her five kids or is it six?
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The Nannis Family

Sep 26, 1994 Season 2 Episode 3

Amy and Brian Nannis have found that six small kids equals six big problems. Mom is spent, but dad spends all of his free time at church.
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The Maucione Family

Sep 19, 1994 Season 2 Episode 2

Dawn and Michael want their little darlings to grow up, but it looks like the parents have some growing up to do themselves.
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The Tieso Family

Sep 12, 1994 Season 2 Episode 1

Andrea and Joe Tieso's kids are so bad that their neighbours contacted Nanny 911.
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