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Latest Episode: The Mauro Family

Nov 06, 1996 Season 4 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Dad, Ed, rules with an iron fist while mom, Kara, can't leave her kids alone for a second. The three kids are in full rebellion mode all day long, including angry nine-year-old Anthony who knows just how to push his father too far. Nanny Deb must diffuse Dad's anger and bridge the growing gap with his children before it's too late.

Silcock Family Special

Mar 16, 1994 Season 1 Episode 17

Married for seven years and on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Ann and Jim are the adoptive parents of 32 kids.
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Nanny 911: The Dickson Family

Mar 09, 1994 Season 1 Episode 16

Kirsten, a recently widowed young mother of two, Jacqueline (8) and Colin (7), has found that she needs to fill the role of both father and mother. She has tried to give them the appropriate time and space to mourn but at the same time keep the discipline and structure in the house. Somewhere along the way, while also dealing with her own grief, she has lost control of both. Nanny 911 has been called to the rescue and will show this family that they must be a loving team now more than ever.
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The Amico Family

Feb 09, 1994 Season 1 Episode 14

Shortly after the birth of their first child, Sal, David and Dawn decided it would be nice to have one more baby -- and ended up with quadruplets.
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The King Family

Feb 02, 1994 Season 1 Episode 13

A couple lives in cramped quarters with their five mischievous children, three dogs, three cats, two rabbits and a hamster.
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The Cubbison Family

Jan 19, 1994 Season 1 Episode 11

After 15 years of marriage, Neil and Amy have fallen out of sync. Meanwhile, their 7-year-old and 3-year-old love junk food and getting into mischief.
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The Sterneman Family

Dec 29, 1993 Season 1 Episode 9

Nanny Deb visits John and Roxanne Sterneman in Southern California, who have three children: Tyler (10), Dana (6) and Lauren (3).
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Nanny 911: The Lorimor Family

Dec 17, 1993 Season 1 Episode 7

Nanny Stella might just have her hands full with the Lorimar Family. Her family plan includes 'no hitting or biting' and teamwork on behalf of the parents. Will congratulating the children when they behave and disciplining them when they don't actually work?
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The McRoberts Family

Dec 15, 1993 Season 1 Episode 6

With support from Nanny Lillian at Nanny Central and one of her family plans being "brothers for life," can Nanny Deb help the McRoberts family?
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Nanny 911: The McKelvain Family

Dec 08, 1993 Season 1 Episode 5

Nanny Yvonne finds herself faced with the McKelvain family. Consisting of a seven year old daughter and three boys aged six, three and two. When the kids aren't fighting to get their parents attention, they're battling each other. From kicking, screaming, shoving and wrestling, Hurricane McKelvain is out of control. Meanwhile, Stevi and John barley have time to spend alone with one another. But has Nanny Lillian assigned the right nanny for the job?
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The McCray Family

Dec 06, 1993 Season 1 Episode 4

Craig, a New York City cop, indulges his kids' every whim to the point of going behind their mom's back; Tracey is exhausted by the kids' behavior.
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The Paul Family

Nov 24, 1993 Season 1 Episode 3

Nanny Deb finds Cindy and Tim Paul at their wits' end, with an 8-year-old daughter and a set of 4-year-old triplets ruling the roost.
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The Rock Family

Nov 03, 1993 Season 1 Episode 1

The premiere episode finds Nanny Deb, a 20-year veteran of the nanny wars, answering the cry of help from the Rock family.
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