The Mystery Files

  • 2016
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Two kids and their aunt Aunt Tilly investigate history's mysteries.

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Abraham Lincoln: Sneak Peek
00:46 — Over time, Abraham Lincoln's status has risen to almost mythic proportions, but what's the real story behind the legend? From: MYSTERY FILES: Abraham (more…)
Predicting September 11th
02:26 — After the attacks of September 11th, many claimed that Nostradamus had foretold the event. But further research reveals that his so-called prediction (more…)
The Many Layers of the Mona Lisa
03:14 — With a high tech camera, we can now deconstruct the Mona Lisa to reveal Da Vinci's process. And while his reputation as an inventor may be inaccurate, (more…)
The True Father of Flight
02:25 — Long before Da Vinci was credited with being the first to understand the principles of flight, Eilmer of Malmesbury was testing his own theories of fl (more…)
Lincoln Learns from the Low Road
02:38 — Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, young Lincoln was a natural fit for cruel frontier politics, but when the verbal battles turned physical, he discovere (more…)
Can Religious Faith Reduce Physical Pain?
03:06 — New scientific research into the relationship between faith and pain could explain Joan of Arc's miraculous recovery after being wounded in battle. F (more…)
Marco Polo the Imaginary Governor
02:49 — Becoming the governor of a small town in China is a major part of Marco Polo's tale; his existence, however, is never noted in any Chinese records. F (more…)
Are These Ruins Part of the Rumored Second Taj Mahal?
03:24 — The rumor of a never-completed second Taj Mahal dates back to the days of the mausoleum's construction. But new archeological research may put the rum (more…)
Joan of Arc's Inner Voices
02:25 — Joan of Arc heard voices inside her head, but whether they were sent from God, a mental illness, or simply her unconscious mind is up for debate. Fro (more…)
Knights in Not-So-Shining Armor
03:23 — The shining armor and jousts of King Arthur's knights only date back to the 1400s - but the round table, the chivalrous Lancelot, and the legend of Ar (more…)
The Personal Root of Lincoln's Anti-Slavery Stance
02:01 — Famous for his anti-slavery stance, Abraham Lincoln's political position may have been rooted in the trials and tribulations of his youth. From: MYST (more…)
The Real Excalibur
02:57 — According to blacksmiths and historians, King Arthur's legendary sword may have been a roman pattern-welded longsword. From: MYSTERY FILES: King Arth (more…)
Hidden in the Sand
02:56 — With almost no archeological evidence of the Great Arab Revolt, researchers take to the air to get a new perspective on the timeworn battlegrounds. F (more…)
Did Newton Have Asperger's Syndrome?
02:33 — According to some researchers, Isaac Newton's brilliant work, obsessive tendencies, and lack of social grace may be signs of the psychological develop (more…)
Lincoln's Poisonous Pills
02:58 — Prone to depression during his presidency, Lincoln took blue mass, a medical treatment that contained what we now know to be dangerous amounts of merc (more…)
Zorro's Prison Break
02:59 — Unjustly imprisoned by the Inquisition, William Lamport proved himself to be a real-world Zorro by staging a miraculous escape. From: MYSTERY FILES: (more…)

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  • Premiered: January 21, 2016
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: Two kids and their aunt Aunt Tilly investigate history's mysteries.

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