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2011, TV Show

The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog episodes

The Magician's Wand; False Notes in Gnarly Woods

While playing magician during a storm, Milo conjures up a ball of light, or did he? The flutes for the upcoming school concert are sabotaged. read more

The Mysterious Gold Rush; The Artful Art Thief!

When J.J. thinks he's discovered gold, it triggers gold fever; and Cynthia's sparkly sculpture is stolen. read more

The Mysterious Sneeze; Long Live the Queen

Flu symptoms strike the residents of Gnarly Woods, and Dr. Anna is stumped; and the queen bee goes missing from Arthur's father's hive. read more

Ol' Fingerbone's Revenge!; Who, What, When and How?

A spook haunts hedgequarters; and the kids get upset when a parade float is ruined. read more

Bubble Trouble; The Mysterious Falling Forest

The town artist's new fountain at Cynthia's house begins to bubble and smell; and a tree falls during a picnic and smashes Milo's birthday cake. read more

The Night of Stars; The Blue Mystery

When their compass goes on the fritz, Milo, Alfred and Camille get lost; later, Camille and Cynthia have the blues when they turn up for the class photo with blue hair and skin. read more

The Mystery of the Big Stink; The Malfunctioning Mysterious Beans

A foul odor in the classroom disrupts Mr. Rusard's lessons; Cynthia is suspicious when her jumping beans disappear before the class magic show. read more

The Maple Syrup Mystery; The Mysterious Itch

The annual pancake breakfast is in jeopardy due to a lack of maple syrup; Milo wants to try out for a sports team but is itching like crazy. read more

The Baffling Bubbles Mystery; The Mysterious Snow Rolls

Aquatic Day at the town lake is delayed when the water's surface is covered with foam; Cynthia and Milo are upset when their annual sled race is disrupted by strange rolls in the snow. read more

The Mystery of Old Gnarly; The Mysterious Vandal

Lily begs Alfred to save an old tree in town; and Milo and others participate in an endurance test. read more

The Case of the Invisible Visitor; Mysterious Fog

Alfred investigates when Cynthia blames Milo for ruining her birthday party; and Alfred's house is plunged into darkness after something crashes into it. read more

Cabana Drama; Three Star Mystery

The grand opening of a lakeside fruit stand is interrupted by a monster; and a TV celebrity arrives in town and is suddenly drenched in water. read more

The Ghastly Ghost Beetles; It's Raining Fish!

The class become frightened while on a camping trip; Milo can't find a topic for the school newspaper, until it starts raining fish. read more

Who Knocked Out Grizz?; The Great Flower Mystery

A lone boat is spotted drifting on the lake; and Alfred's mom is upset that her blue flowers turned purple. read more

Phantom Footprints; Boo Radley's House

Huge footprints lead Alfred to believe there's a giant in Gnarly woods; and Camille glimpses a spooky old house on a hill and an eerie glow nearby and wonders if they are connected. read more

The Case of the Space Invader; The Fur-Growing Tree

Milo thinks he spotted an outer-space invader; and Mr. Remy believes he's discovered a tree that grows fur. read more

Buggy Summer; Trouble at Turtle Pond

Mosquitoes ruin the school picnic; and overnight the turtle pond goes dry. read more

Glowing Eyes; A Flash of Silver

Lights buzzing around the music teacher's house lead Milo to think they are witches; and Alfred investigates when Oakly the beaver's dam is destroyed. read more

Casting Call; The No Treasure Hunt

Cynthia insists she was not the one making noise during rehearsals for the school play; and something unforeseen happens during a treasure hunt. read more

The Sleepless Night; Stranger Among Us

Various issues in the forest lead to a sleepless night; and a famous rabbit refuses to sing in the town festival because his fur changed color. read more

The Forest Attacks; The Eyes of a Thief

Milo opts out of a race after thinking he was attacked by something in the forest; and a rash of thefts jeopardize the school fund-raiser. read more

The Mysterious Red Spots; The Mystery of the Heavy Feet

Alfred and Camille becom covered with itchy red dots; and Rudy gets stuck to a rock. read more

The Mystery of Ricardo's Missing Head; The Mystery of the 99 Fish

Ricardo's new statue is vandalized; and Lily is upset about her fish disappearing from the lake. read more

He Case of the Disappearing Painting; The Spirited Pearls

Lily is upset when her painting vanishes; and Lily finds some pearls. read more

The Haunting Sound; The Marsh Mystery

Milo fears there's a ghost and mysterious visitors in Gnarly Woods. read more

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Premiered: September 06, 2011
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Premise: A 9-year-old sleuth investigates strange cases in his woodsy neighborhood.

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