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2010, TV Show

The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog episodes

The Magician's Wand; False Notes in Gnarly Woods

While playing magician during a storm, Milo conjures up a ball of light, or did he? The flutes for the upcoming school concert are sabotaged. read more

The Mysterious Gold Rush; The Artful Art Thief!

When J.J. thinks he's discovered gold, it triggers gold fever; and Cynthia's sparkly sculpture is stolen. read more

The Mysterious Sneeze; Long Live the Queen

Flu symptoms strike the residents of Gnarly Woods, and Dr. Anna is stumped; and the queen bee goes missing from Arthur's father's hive. read more

Ol' Fingerbone's Revenge!; Who, What, When and How?

A spook haunts hedgequarters; and the kids get upset when a parade float is ruined. read more

Bubble Trouble; The Mysterious Falling Forest!

The town artist's new fountain at Cynthia's house begins to bubble and smell; and a tree falls during a picnic and smashes Milo's birthday cake. read more

The Night of Stars; The Blue Mystery

When their compass goes on the fritz, Milo, Alfred and Camille get lost; later, Camille and Cynthia have the blues when they turn up for the class photo with blue hair and skin. read more

The Mystery of the Big Stink; The Malfunctioning Magical Beans

A foul odor in the classroom disrupts Mr. Rusard's lessons; Cynthia is suspicious when her jumping beans disappear before the class magic show. read more

The Maple Syrup Mystery; The Mysterious Itch

The annual pancake breakfast is in jeopardy due to a lack of maple syrup; Milo wants to try out for a sports team but is itching like crazy. read more

The Baffling Bubbles Mystery; The Mysterious Snow Rolls

Aquatic Day at the town lake is delayed when the water's surface is covered with foam; Cynthia and Milo are upset when their annual sled race is disrupted by strange rolls in the snow. read more

The Mystery of Old Gnarly; The Mysterious Vandal

Lily begs Alfred to save an old tree in town; and Milo and others participate in an endurance test. read more

The Case of the Invisible Visitor; The Mysterious Fog

Alfred investigates when Cynthia blames Milo for ruining her birthday party; and Alfred's house is plunged into darkness after something crashes into it. read more

Cabana Drama; A Three Star Mystery

The grand opening of a lakeside fruit stand is interrupted by a monster; and a TV celebrity arrives in town and is suddenly drenched in water. read more

The Ghastly Ghost Beetles; It's Raining Fish!

The class become frightened while on a camping trip; Milo can't find a topic for the school newspaper, until it starts raining fish. read more

Who Knocked Out Grizz?; The Great Flower Mystery

A lone boat is spotted drifting on the lake; and Alfred's mom is upset that her blue flowers turned purple. read more

Phantom Footprints; Boo Radley's House

Huge footprints lead Alfred to believe there's a giant in Gnarly woods; and Camille glimpses a spooky old house on a hill and an eerie glow nearby and wonders if they are connected. read more

The Case of the Space Invader; The Fur-Growing Tree

Milo thinks he spotted an outer-space invader; and Mr. Remy believes he's discovered a tree that grows fur. read more

Buggy Summer; Trouble at Turtle Pond

Mosquitoes ruin the school picnic; and overnight the turtle pond goes dry. read more

The Glowing Eyes; A Flash of Silver

Lights buzzing around the music teacher's house lead Milo to think they are witches; and Alfred investigates when Oakly the beaver's dam is destroyed. read more

Casting Call; The No Treasure Treasure Hunt

Cynthia insists she was not the one making noise during rehearsals for the school play; and something unforeseen happens during a treasure hunt. read more

The Sleepless Night; Stranger Among Us

Various issues in the forest lead to a sleepless night; and a famous rabbit refuses to sing in the town festival because his fur changed color. read more

The Forest Attacks; The Eyes of a Thief

Milo opts out of a race after thinking he was attacked by something in the forest; and a rash of thefts jeopardize the school fund-raiser. read more

The Mysterious Red Spots; The Mystery of the Heavy Feet

Alfred and Camille becom covered with itchy red dots; and Rudy gets stuck to a rock. read more

The Mystery of Ricardo's Missing Head; The Mystery of the 99 Fish

Ricardo's new statue is vandalized; and Lily is upset about her fish disappearing from the lake. read more

The Case of the Disappearing Painting; The Spirited Pearls

Lily is upset when her painting vanishes; and Lily finds some pearls. read more

The Haunting Sound; The Marsh Mystery

Milo fears there's a ghost and mysterious visitors in Gnarly Woods. read more

The Mysterious Fern; The Go-Kart Mystery

The school garden is going to be photographed and Rudy is horrified that the ferns suddenly died. There's no way he can make things look nice before the photographer arrives; During a go-kart race in the forest something causes Alfred, Camille and Cynthia to lose control and ruin the race. read more

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Premiered: January 09, 2010, on TVOntario
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Premise: A 9-year-old sleuth investigates strange cases in his woodsy neighborhood.

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