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2008, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Bad Medicine

Oct 14, 2014 Season 8 Episode 2 watch on (Paid)

After a mysterious hooded figure kills a prominent psychiatric researcher, Murdoch investigates the doctor’s former patients.

The Tesla Effect [HD]

Jun 14, 2010 Season 3 Episode 13

Murdoch's old friend Nikola Tesla appears on the scene of a bizarre murder, announcing that his latest invention has been stolen. While Murdoch pieces together the clues, Dr. Ogden seriously considers a career change and a move to the United States.
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In the Altogether

Jun 06, 2010 Season 3 Episode 12

Murdoch delves into the scandalous world of Victorian erotica after a young woman who posed for a series of saucy pictures is murdered. During his investigation, Murdoch discovers photographs of a very unlikely model.
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Apr 27, 2010 Season 3 Episode 11

While Dr. Ogden is examining a suspicious mark on the body of the recently hanged Cecil Fox, the man suddenly wakes, knocks her unconscious, and flees the morgue. The incident forces Murdoch to reexamine other recent cases, with some surprising results.
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The Curse of Beaton Manor [HD]

Apr 24, 2010 Season 3 Episode 10

When a second heir to the Beaton fortune dies in unusual circumstances, Murdoch questions the staff at Beaton Manor. The workers seem convinced that a malevolent ghost haunts the home, but the always-scientific detective remains highly skeptical.
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Love and Human Remains [HD]

May 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 9

Bridge builders at the Don River discover the mummified bodies of a man and a woman. Murdoch and Ogden ascertain that the pair was murdered, possibly, some time ago. Working closely with Dr. Ogden also causes Murdoch to reevaluate his feelings for her.
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Future Imperfect

Apr 29, 2010 Season 3 Episode 8

The great science-fiction writer H.G. Wells makes an appearance as the guest of honor at a secret meeting of the Toronto Society for the Advancement of Eugenics. Murdoch has been invited by the lovely Sally Pendrick, who seems determined to enlist him in the movement.
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Blood and Circuses

May 08, 2010 Season 3 Episode 7

Bedlam strikes Barnett's Traveling Royal Circus when an out-of-control tiger kills its trainer before escaping. Although the animal is later caught, Murdoch suspects the case may be more complicated than it appears and begins investigating the other circus performers.
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This Ones Goes to Eleven

Mar 23, 2010 Season 3 Episode 6

Wealthy James Pendrick enlists the force to guard his priceless Rembrandt, but an audacious thief manages to steal it, killing a man along the way. Murdoch must sort through the clues and fend off the advances of Sally, Pendrick's beautiful wife, to crack the case.
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Me, Myself, and Murdoch [HD]

Apr 12, 2010 Season 3 Episode 5

It seems like an open-and-shut case when local farmer Alexander Reynolds is found with an axe in his chest at his birthday celebration. Reynold's blood-soaked daughter immediately confesses to the crime, but Murdoch believes there are deeper issues at play.
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Rich Boy, Poor Boy [HD]

Apr 09, 2010 Season 3 Episode 4

A tranquil day in the park turns sinister when Inspector Brackenreid's son is abducted while playing with a friend. The detectives work feverishly to find him before tragedy strikes, but the kidnappers may have made a dangerous error.
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Victor, Victorian

Apr 03, 2010 Season 3 Episode 3

Murdoch and the team are introduced to the complex underworld of Toronto's secret societies after a man dies at a Masonic initiation ritual. Dr. Ogden goes deep undercover in an attempt to discover more about the victim's double life.
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The Great Wall

Aug 26, 2010 Season 3 Episode 2

When a policeman is murdered in Chinatown, the force wants to pin the blame on an elderly immigrant, but Murdoch isn't sure they have the right man. Risking his reputation, he begins to investigate his colleagues.
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The Murdoch Identity

Apr 23, 2010 Season 3 Episode 1

A dazed Murdoch wakes up in Bristol, England, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Worse still, it seems he's wanted by British intelligence agents for murder. While evading capture, Murdoch races to reconstruct his memory.
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