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Latest Episode: The Not-So-Grand Opera

Apr 13, 1969 Season 2 Episode 26 watch on Hulu (Free)

At auditions for the lead role in their club’s opera production, would-be divas Eve and Kaye smugly approach their competition, Marni Nixon, who they mistakenly believe is an amateur.

The Charge of the Wife Brigade

Apr 06, 1969 Season 2 Episode 25

When the men cancel their wives’ charge accounts, the mothers decide to overcome their forced recession by getting jobs as department store saleswomen.
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Show Business Is No Business

Mar 30, 1969 Season 2 Episode 24

Eve and Kaye cause a string of calamities as they both try to wangle a spot in Don Rickles’ act for the lodge benefit show.
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Take Hers, He’s Mine

Mar 23, 1969 Season 2 Episode 23

Eve and Kaye resort to domestic spying when they become jealous of the gorgeous new secretary their husbands hired to work at home: Kaye bugs Roger’s den and Eve listens to Herb’s sleep-talking.
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Two On the Aisle

Mar 16, 1969 Season 2 Episode 22

The Hubbards and the Buells, battling over two theater tickets they got in the mail, carry their feud to the theater, where their antics provide a livelier show than the one on the stage.
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Every in-Law Wants to Get Into the Act

Mar 02, 1969 Season 2 Episode 21

The mothers arrange for the debut of Jerry’s nightclub act, which features a Jimmy Durante impersonation, but when he comes down with the flu, the Hubbards and Buells take his place. Jimmy Durante makes a cameo appearance.
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Guess Who’s Coming Forever?

Feb 23, 1969 Season 2 Episode 20

Eve and Kaye try to dissuade a black lawyer from renting the kids’ apartment after the kids change their minds about moving, prompting faux pas and foot-in-mouth comments that make the adamant man lecture them about fair housing.
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Void Where Prohibited by in-Laws

Feb 09, 1969 Season 2 Episode 19

To win money for the babies’ college fund, Eve and Kaye enter a contest to guess the number of Blimpo cereal bits in a barrel. To eliminate the guesswork, they plan to construct a duplicate barrel and fill it with cereal at their own expense.
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Double Trouble in the Nursery

Feb 02, 1969 Season 2 Episode 18

Suzie and Jerry go away for a weekend of rest, and their mothers gladly abandon their own homes for nursery duty – which isn’t as simple as they expected.
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Nanny Go Home

Jan 26, 1969 Season 2 Episode 17

When meddling mothers-in-law double Suzie’s problems in caring for twins, Herb and Roger hire a stern nanny, who bars Eve and Kaye from the nursery, and they try hard to get rid of her.
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And Baby Makes Four

Jan 19, 1969 Season 2 Episode 16

Eve and Kaye torment the hospital staff by crashing the maternity ward in various disguises to see Suzie, and when she has twins, fights erupt over the babies’ names.
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Haven’t You Had That Baby Yet?

Jan 12, 1969 Season 2 Episode 15

With the baby due momentarily, a mood of jittery expectancy grips everyone, especially the mothers, who mistake a trial run for the real thing, and then lose Suzie on the way to the hospital when it’s really time.
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Make Room for Baby

Jan 05, 1969 Season 2 Episode 14

Confusion reigns as the Hubbards and Buells decide to save money by taking on a do-it-yourself project: Adding a nursery to the kids’ apartment.
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Didn’t You Used to Be Ozzie Snick?

Dec 22, 1968 Season 2 Episode 13

Producer Owen Sinclair – alias bandleader Ozzie Snick – is in town, and the Hubbards arrange a surprise visit between him and Kaye, who’s been bragging for years about her singing success with his old orchestra. Eve, Kaye, and Ozzie Nelson sing “North Dak
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Hail, Hail, the Gang’s Still Here

Dec 15, 1968 Season 2 Episode 12

In hopes of spending a quiet evening, the Hubbards tell the Buells that they’ll be away. Instead, they’re stuck hiding under the bed when the Buells invite friends over to watch the Hubbards’ color TV.
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